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The Mastery of Meditation website has been steadily evolving after its birth early this year.  As it has grown I have been adding features that I feel would be helpful to the readers in their spiritual growth.  One such feature that has now started to take shape and is becoming more popular is the Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter.  I actually published the first newsletter when MOM (Mastery of Meditation — BTW: That MOM thing just happened spontaneously, maybe it will stick :-) turned 6 months old, in July.  The plan currently is to publish one monthly.  Thus, the second edition was sent out in August 2007.  The feedback, so far, has been very positive regarding the newsletter, so I wanted to bring this feature now to your attention.

If you already subscribe to the MOM newsletter thank you very much for being a part of us, if you are considering subscribing, here are some sample sections to give you a feel for what it currently offers.  I am sure the newsletter too will mature and grow over time, but, its overall intention will always be to Give rather than to Take.  Instructions to subscribe at the bottom on this post.


Sample Sections from the August 2007 Free Mastery of Meditation Newsletter:  The comments in red text in parenthesis are not part of the newsletter, they are just my thoughts about these items and why I included them in the newsletter.  Anything in italics is from the newsletter.


(Following section gives the readers my views on the newsletter’s purpose and what I hope for it to accomplish)

Purpose of the Mastery of Meditation Newsletter: 

The purpose of the newsletter is to keep all of you updated on the newest developments, free offerings and upcoming events on the Mastery of Meditation blog and Silent Mind Yoga & Meditation Center.  As the newsletter evolves, its purpose will remain consistent with the overall goal of the website, which is to help you achieve your highest potential and discover the True Nature of Reality.

(Although I know my readers devour every article I write ;-), the following section is to bring your attention to those articles that created the most stir and generated the most interest for that particular month.  So at least you don’t miss the best stuff :-)

Most Interesting Articles from the Mastery of Meditation Website in July:

(This is the most popular article in terms of views for the month.  I have noticed that the readers of MOM — this acronym really might stick :-) — are really very smart and the article that ends up being the most popular, almost always, is among the best and most helpful I have written.)

Most Popular Article in July:

By far the most popular article last month was, “The 4 Key Universal Laws for Manifesting Desire If You Absolutely Must.”  There were several factors leading to this being the most read post in July.  This post was submitted and made popular on the Stumble Upon Social Bookmarking Website by you all.  Thank you for helping to share the knowledge.  For those who are new to the Social Bookmarking concept, every article has below and above it buttons which can be used to submit the post freely to various Social Networking Sites (Stumble Upon, Digg, Netscape & Delicious).  By doing so you help share the article with other like minded readers who browse those sites looking for valuable content.  I really appreciate your help in this and please continue to help spread the word about Meditation and Yoga by bookmarking the articles you enjoy.

(This section is for meditation techniques, breathing exercises / pranayamas or kundalini yoga kriyas that I found were most helpful to fellow practitioners.  A lot of my interaction with readers and practitioners takes place via email, which is unfortunately not visible to the readers (I know I need a forum :-P ), so in this section I want the readers to know what techniques others are really finding of benefit and which are ACTUALLY HELPING THEM SIGNIFICANTLY IN THEIR LIFE.)

Best Meditation Technique from July:

Several newly offered meditations were found to be of great benefit by fellow Yogis.  Here is the reaction from one Yogi who has just begun practicing the Infinite Energy & Prosperity Meditation Technique

Carl says, “The energy change by doing only 2 mins. of the prosperity meditation twice a day, once on waking up and once around 8pm has made a great difference (according to my friend who is clairvoyant)”

(Laughter is the best medicine — Enough said.)

Funniest Article in July:

The funniest article in July bringing joy and wisdom to you was, Embrace Reality & Let the Universe Fulfull Your Desires. This is a post about a race to get the Gold Medal Seat on the NY-NJ PATH train.  Who will win –  Mr. Commentator, Mr. Feisty or Poor Ol’ Me? 

(MOM articles that received accolades from around the web, which you may not want to miss.) 

Articles That Received Recognition in July:

Several Articles received recognition from around the web. “Today I Finally Passed the Test and Have Officially Become a Man,” received the Badge of Honor award at the Carnival of Craziness.


Well there you have it.  A sample of the Mastery of Meditation monthly newsletter.  There are other sections as well, but, the above should give you a feel for the newsletter and its content.  TO SIGN UP JUST ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE TOP UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE, IN THE SUBSCRIBE TO THE MASTERY OF MEDITATION NEWSLETTER SECTION AND SELECT SUBSCRIBE.  You will receive a confirmation email (it might go to your bulk folder so please check that).  Once you click the confirmation link it will bring you back to the Mastery of Meditation website and in the top right corner you will see the confirmation notice.  You can unsubscribe anytime and it is completely free, I hope you decide to join us.

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