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Here it is… the final part of the Free Yoga DVD that I was converting to online videos and uploading for you all to enjoy and learn from.  As you will recall this is a DVD of a live Kundalini Yoga class taught by me and was filled with some of the best yoga exercises and poses for beginners to do.

In the previous articles of this series, I presented the other parts of this DVD and explained the exercises contained in them in some detail.  Although, for your convenience, in this article I have included all the parts of this DVD, please do read the respective articles if you need additional details on the exercises being taught.

Yoga DVD Now Online

This DVD series is designed to give you a flavor of a complete Kundalini Yoga class, and it also teaches many fundamental yoga techniques, incorporating which can greatly enhance your personal practice.  Some of the most important yoga bandhas (locks), mudras (hand positions) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) are taught in this video, in addition to some of the best yoga warm-up exercises and core yoga poses.

Here are the links to the previous 3 parts which have the details of those videos:

Free Yoga DVD for Beginner’s – Part 1
Free Kundalini Yoga DVD – Part 2
Free Online Kundalini Yoga Video – Part 3

The kriya (set) being taught during this class was for Nerve Strength, and this part of the DVD includes one of the best yoga exercises to expand and strengthen your nervous system.  Other details of the contents of this DVD are below as well.

For more information on Kundalini Yoga Sets and Exercises, check out the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas E-book and the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises e-book.  In addition, the Free Online Yoga Videos collection is a great place to see more videos of such sets to enhance your own practice with.  As usual you should follow the guidelines for Kundalini Yoga practice detailed in the following article:

10 Important Guideline so Kundalini Yoga Practice

For Yoga and Meditation Certification Students:

If you are enrolled in the Online Meditation Certification Program or Online Yoga Certification Program, these videos will be invaluable to you.  They show you step by step how to teach such a class and you will notice that the class follows the phases as detailed in the following 2 articles:  How to Teach a Yoga Class (Chapter 67 of the Yoga Training Manual) and How to Teach a Meditation Class (Chapter 71 of the Meditation Training Manual).


Free Yoga DVD:

Below you will find part 4 of this DVD along with the other videos as well.  I have included direct links to the YouTube videos, in case you have trouble viewing the videos directly from my website.

Free Yoga DVD – Part 1

Free Yoga DVD – Part 2

YouTube Link:

Free Beginner’s Yoga DVD – Part 2




Free Yoga DVD – Part 3

YouTube Link:

Free Online Kundalini Yoga Video


Free Yoga DVD – Part 4

YouTube Link:

Free Online Yoga Class Video – Part 4


Free Online Yoga DVD Part 4:

1. Yoga Rowing:

This part of the DVD begins with the fantastic yoga rowing exercise.  This is the first exercise of the Best Beginner’s Yoga Exercise Set, and is a wonderful way to stretch and exercise the body.  It works on your hamstrings, shoulders, abs, hips and back.

Here is the article for this set, which has the entire video for the Best Beginner’s Yoga Exercises as well.

Yoga Positions for Beginners – Morning Wake-up Series

2. Yoga Forward Bend:

The next exercise in the DVD is perhaps the most important yoga stretch there is – The Forward Bend.  Here is the article with all the details about this pose:

Best Hatha Yoga Pose for Healing

3. Single/Double Leg Lifts and Yoga Pop Corn:

One of the most important regions to workout everyday is the core abdominal region.  This is perhaps why Kundalini Yogis have ripped abs :-).  The DVD moves into this abdominal section and does several exercises from the Ab Exercises for Shaping Stomach Set.


4. Best Nerve Strength Yoga Exercise:

Finally the class reaches the most important exercise for the Nerve Workout and this is taught next in the DVD.  This exercise is much more about mental power than it is about physical power.  Often Kundalini Yoga exercises challenge your willpower and mental fortitude and this particular exercise is one of the best such exercises in yoga.

Free Online Kundalini Yoga DVD Summary:

So there you have it.  A complete yoga dvd of a live Kundalini Yoga Class.  Although I know you will be able to learn much from these videos, I do hope you will get a chance to try a real life Kundalini Yoga class with a good teacher.  That will certainly be a memorable experience for you I am sure.

Until then, you can of course continue to learn and do Kundalini Yoga from all the various resources that are freely available on the website.  One of the best places to start is the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Class.

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    zumba songs 2013 says:

    This sweeping vision echoes the essence of Zumba culture: FEJ,
    ” which is pronounced fedge” and stands for Freeing,
    Electrifying Joy.

  2. Johan Sweden
    Johan Sweden says:

    Hello I bought your two yoga courses and have done them. Now when finding this DVD and making it -it really uplifts my practice and adds a lot! What a gem – Thank You for the Courses and your site What a good work you do.

  3. Karen Koontz
    Karen Koontz says:

    You and your work are an answer to my prayers — literally. Thank you and God Bless. Please keep it up and I will try to do the same. Your kindness, generosity and and straightforwardness in your articles is amazing and and your stories compelling. Thank you Love and light, Karen. p.s. I woke myself up the other morning (and my husband as well) while doing breath of fire in my sleep! Funny, hun? What a way to start the day!!! Namaste. kk

  4. lina
    lina says:

    i’m from italy and i’m so happy to find this site because i like yoga and here in Sardinia it’s difficult to find yoga lessons. When i lived in Mexico i had the excellent opportunity to know this discipline and i love it!!
    I am doing Hatha yoga at my home and it’s perfect to find your material and in that way to fix my body, my inside again i need a lot!!
    4 months ago i had my baby and during my pregnancy i could practice yoga, so… i became to exercise my inside with hatha yoga!!! First i tried here in Sardinia, i went to Kundalini yoga but i didn’t like the way to teach and show the lesson, so i’m here in your site and i’m happy, very interesting!! any doubt i’d like to ask you if i have. Bye!!


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