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Amazing Meditation Certification Program Reviews and Testimonials

Meditation Certification Program Reviews

Best Online Meditation Certification Program

The Meditation Teacher Training and Certification Program has now been online for a little over a year and over this time I have received a ton of incredible feedback regarding the course from the graduating students.  This feedback and the reviews have been one of the most rewarding aspects of running this program, and was a key element in inspiring me to create the Online Yoga Teacher’s Training program as well.

So today I want to share with you all a small sample of the testimonials and reviews from the graduating students.  As you will see from the feedback, the program delivers on it’s promise to not just help you transform your life, but also help you to become a successful meditation teacher and instructor.

meditation certification

I have picked testimonials from different students to reflect the broad range of benefits of the training program.  I hope these reviews give you more insight into what the certification program can offer and that if you are interested in becoming a meditation teacher, it can help you in making that decision.

(Update: New website with more testimonials for program can be found here: Meditation Teacher Training and Certification Program).

Graduates Successfully Teaching Meditation:

One of the main objectives of the Certification program is to give you the skills, tools and knowledge to start your own meditation center and teach meditation classes.  Towards this end, the program has sections that teach you step by step on how to set-up your center, how to build a high traffic website and how to teach a meditation or gentle yoga class.  Many successful teachers would not share such knowledge, but I am really interested in spreading the light of meditation, so I am truly interested in creating great and successful teachers.

Here are some students expressing how their teaching endeavors have progressed as a direct result of doing the Mastery of Meditation Certification Program…

Christine writes:

I graduated from your mastery meditation certificate course last year around the end of June or early July.  I am currently teaching yoga and meditation in my yoga home studio in Dubai and I opened my website as well.  Thank you for your support and offering me a tremendous course and certificate. It really let me get going into personal development and pursuing teaching yoga sharply with a great foundation from your great program.

Particia writes:

I received my certificate today and it is so beautiful and the lovely letter that wrote with it.  Thank you so much.  Last Sunday I gave my first meditation class to a group at the yoga studio in Dorking.  At the end of the class one of the students said to me, ‘That was the best money they had spent in their whole life’.  I am so grateful to you for helping me to become a tool through which this precious knowledge can be passed on to others.

Christofer writes:

Even one who has had a meditation and a yoga practice for as long as I have can benefit from new knowledge. Indeed I have benefited and continue to enjoy your materials.  Thank you. In just a few weeks you have offered insights and methodologies that I have integrated into my personal meditation and yoga practices. You have provided some new tools to offer my students. You have offered myriad opportunities and directions for continued and deeper study. Namaste.

Meditation Program Changing Students Lives:

A key aspect of meditative and profound thinking is understanding that changing the world begins with changing yourself.  Until you understand, digest and live this Truth, you will be unable to make any radical to human consciousness.  The change that meditation brings to your consciousness, creates a ripple affect, which then affects the world around you.  This is how true change happens.  Of course, you benefit vastly from the transformation that takes place within as well.  So the success of a meditation training program is if it is helping to raise your level of awareness and being.

I am thrilled with how much feedback I get from the students with regard to how helpful this program has been to their lives.  Below is a very small sample of these testimonials and in the future I will be happy to share more such inspiring stories with you as well.

LJ writes:

I will be starting week 5 of your Mastery of Meditation Teachers Training Program.  As I was reading the weeks material, I realized I am where I need to be in my life and the tools you have shared have helped me greatly on my journey (of self discovery). I have always been on what I term as a spiritual path but somehow allowed circumstances to overshadow what I should be doing.  I am thankful I have found your program and have had opportunity to explore as I am doing. Thank you for putting this material out for the public.

D. Nelson writes:

I started the teacher’s training course a week ago and thought I’d share an experience. During the fifth day of the sound meditation I had my first experience of non-duality!  This comes after 6 years of yoga practice and 1 year of near daily meditation and after less than a week of your instruction, a glimmer of dhyana :).  Tomorrow I’ll start week two and on to So Hum meditation which I’m sure will be equally as rewarding if not more so. Thank-you for putting together such a terrific course, your insights have been essential to deepening my practice.

The Training Program is Clear and Fun:

This program contains a mountain of information and wisdom, and one of the big challenges I faced when creating it was how to structure it so it would be easy to follow, enjoyable to do and properly balanced.  Being able to cleverly leverage technology I think played a key role in making this happen.  The e-book, online videos and website all work together to make this program simple to follow, yet comprehensive in it’s content.  In addition, it is structured such that you move systematically from basic techniques and knowledge, all the way to the highest meditations and true wisdom.

Here are what some students had to say about their overall experience with the training program.

Paty Writes:

I want to thank you for your amazing program, since the first lesson I was surprised with all the clear information, the great videos, the time and effort  you take in making this available to all the people that is interested in serious learning.  Thank you very much and your support is also first class.

Suzzane writes:

Very informative and wonderful program. I feel fully equipped to be able to teach and instruct others in the area of Meditation. Thank you.

Meditation Teacher’s Training Program Summary:

I know that the next step for humanity is to embrace spirituality and meditation more and more.  As I look around the world, I see this happening slowly but surely.  No doubt, we are still in the dark ages in many respects, but beacons of light are starting to pop up in all corners of the world, and they are beginning to show the way to others.  I hope you will choose to make meditation an integral part of your life and then you will help others do the same.  There are no material equivalents to the benefits of meditation, it is the path to ultimate freedom.

If you are interested in joining the Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program, here are 2 links with more details on how to do that.

Click to Register for Meditation Teacher’s Training Program

Meditation Certification Program More Information

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5 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Dear Anand,

    Great to hear you are thinking about taking the meditation training and certification program, and thank you for stopping by the website as well.

    This is an 8 week course. The cost is as follows…

    $47 – Full Course + Certificate and Letter of Recommendation
    $77 – Above + Listing in the Certified Teacher Directory
    $97 – Above + Website Listing as well.

    More Info:

    This program captures the core of all the great teachings in my view. It is designed to teach all the major meditation techniques from the various different spiritual disciplines. It includes Chakra Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Zen Meditation, Mind Meditation, Concentration Meditation and of course, Kundalini Yoga Meditation as well. In addition, the program includes the best pranayamas to use for meditation, and yoga that helps supplement and support a meditation practice. It also teaches you how to run a meditation center, and set-up a website if you so desire. Finally, it includes the components needed for living at the highest level.

    I have designed it as a self-study course. With the syllabus including material on the website and some additional material as well, which you receive upon registration. Essentially, you follow the program at the given pace or faster/slower depending upon your level. I am available for support throughout of course, and when completed you have an open book exam to pass for the certification.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.


  2. crystal
    crystal says:

    Meditation Teachers Training Program is more than one could hope for in an educational forum. The most valuable part of this presentation is Anmol’s gift for teaching. A very comprehensive text with many detailed videos and references make subject matter very clear. Our gratitude to you, Master Mehta, for sharing this knowledge and making the world a better place! Namaste


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