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Tools for Greatness Overview:

I am very happy to announce the launch of the Tools for Greatness series here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.  This series is going to consist of FULL LENGTH yoga sets, breathing exercises and guided meditations to help you really learn and benefit from these profound spiritual sciences.  Many of you have requested such a product, as in essence this would allow you to enjoy a full yoga and meditation class online, with complete step-by-step video instruction and demonstration.

Yoga & Meditation ToolsThis Tools for Greatness products are going to consist of the very best yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques with the goal to help you achieve Personal Greatness and Spiritual Mastery.  To help you live your life at your highest potential.  These sets and techniques are what comprise my personal spiritual practice and they are not limited to any one type of yoga.  These are the more powerful techniques I have come across and the sequences are those that I have discovered to be most effective and potent.  In this series I will share with all of you this profound knowledge and wisdom, so you too can enjoy the amazing benefits they bestow.

The series is going to have beginner and advanced versions of yoga and meditation sets.  They are going to be full length videos, where each are divided into the following 3 parts for easy use.  The first part will introduce the set or techniques of that video, the second part will teach you step-by-step how to practice the exercises and finally, the third part will be an entire online video class where we practice the full set together.

Best Beginner’s Yoga Breathing Exercises Set – Anmol Pranayama 1:

The first video of this series is a set of yoga breathing exercises for beginner’s and it is now online .  As this is the very version that I would do early in my practice, I simply call it Anmol Pranayama 1.  My current pranayama practice is mostly an advanced version of this set, which I will simply call Anmol Pranayama 2, when I launch that video.  You can get complete details for this video on the following page: Best Yoga Breathing Exercises for Beginner’s, but below you will find a general overview of all the wonderful aspects of this set.

Video of Yoga Breathing for Beginner’s:

As I mentioned above, this video consists of 3 sections, and below you will find the Introductory section of this video.  All 3 sections combined the video is over 50 minutes long, as it consists of a 20 minute section for the pranayama training for beginner’s, and the online class (the set itself) is 30 minutes long, which we do together in the final section of this video.  So when you download this entire product, please be patient .

Anmol Pranayama 1 Introduction Video

(Please note this is loaded from YouTube, so any performance issues won’t be experienced when you play the vidoes from your computer after download)


Benefits of Anmol Pranayama 1:

The vast benefits of yoga breathing exercises are fast being recognized world over and rapidly being acknowledged by the mainstream medical community as well.  There ability to bestow a wide and profound range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits is hard to match via any other system or practice.  Even though I am calling this a beginner’s pranayama set, this set is very very good for you, and is certainly not lacking in value or potency.

Here are some quick highlights of how this set will benefit you:

  • Detoxify Your Entire System
  • Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat
  • Increase Your Energy & Vitality
  • Help Cure Illnesses and Give You Optimum Health
  • Uplift You Emotionally & Mentally
  • Raise Your Level of Consciousness & Awareness

Tools for Greatness Summary:

I really hope you all enjoy this new series of videos and it helps everyone live their life at their very best.  The combination of yoga, pranayama and meditation is unsurpassed for those interested in spiritual mastery and personal greatness.  You will find yourself and your life transforming spontaneously, as you simply commit to a daily practice.  These sciences allow you to realize all your inner potential, and as this potential is unleashed, your life starts to dramatically transform.  Wishing you all the very best on your journey back to the Source.  God Bless You! 

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2 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Great to hear you are enjoying and benefiting from the beginner pranayama series. Thanks for sharing your feedback as well :-).

    All Good Wishes,

  2. kelly
    kelly says:

    Greetings, I have bought the beginner pranayama tools for greatness and since practicing the 5 begginer pryanama for a week, I am more at peace with myself and my surrounding. Thanks so much Anmol for the great product.


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