Yoga Positions and Exercises

Best Yoga Positions and Exercises – Part 2

Top 10 Yoga Positions

Best Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Positions

In part 1 of this series Best Yoga Exercises and Poses, I provided the first 5 yoga exercises and positions of the top 10 list.  Although, I will briefly summarize those 5 poses for you here, I suggest reading that part as well, as it has a lot of yoga tips and guidelines to help you with your practice.  In this part of the series, I will present the next 5 top yoga positions and in the next and final part of this series, I will give you some suggestions on how to sequence these positions and exercises for a complete and effective yoga workout.

Yoga Positions and Exercises

Here briefly are the first 5 yoga exercises from part 1.  All the titles below are links to the fully illustrated documents which have all the details on how to practice these poses.

1. Kundalini Yoga Spinal Warm-up Series – Kundalini Yoga Grind

2. Best Beginner’s Kundalini Yoga Set – Yoga Rowing Exercise

3. Forward Bending Yoga Pose for Healing

4. Yoga Stretch Pose Core Abdominal Power    

5. Yoga Bow Pose

Best Yoga Positions – Poses 6 – 10:

Below you find poses 6 through 10 of this list.  Again, for beginners please use the modifications provided for any difficult positions.  Also, please follow the guidelines for yoga practice detailed in the following 2 articles: 10 Important Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice and Essential Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Practice.

Yoga Position #6: Plough Pose:

Remember that warning I keep giving to beginner’s that they ought to use modifications for any difficult positions?  Well here is when you must heed it.  This is not an easy posture to come into and if you rush it or force it, you can injure yourself.  So approach this one with caution.  Having said that, Plough Pose is an excellent posture to learn and practice.

This position puts pressure and massages several important regions of the body simultaneously and thus, works on the associated chakras in these regions at the same time.  It is very good for the sexual systems and works on the Sex Chakra, it is good for the digestive system and works on the Navel Chakra, it is good for heart health and works on the Anahata Chakra, it is good for thyroid function and work on the Throat Chakra as well .  I do suggest reading the detailed document for this position and using the practice tips that are provided there.

Hatha Yoga Position Picture

Yoga Plough Position Picture

Yoga Position #7 – Kundalini Yoga Archer Pose:

Archer Pose for Confidence and Self-Esteem is simply a great yoga position.  If you need to expand in any way this is the pose for you.  Expand your energy, expand your nervous system, expand your lung capacity or expand your confidence, courage and self-esteem.  The danger… yes it will expand your ego too if you do too much, so watch out for that, and balance it with Baby Pose if necessary .  Don’t forget to breathe powerfully when you are in this posture, to get maximum benefit from it.

Hatha Yoga Position Picture

Yoga Archer Position Picture

Yoga Position #8 – Mountain Pose

As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, not only am I picking for you the top 10 yoga positions and exercises, but am also picking them such that they cover all aspects of your body and systems.  And so we have Mountain Position (or Downward Facing Dog Pose) to work on your arm strength, nervous system and overall flexibility, which were yet to be targeted.

Hatha Yoga Position Picture

Yoga Mountain Pose Picture

Yoga Position #9 – Yoga Frog Exercise

If you thought you were going to get away from doing Yoga Froggies for Legs you were wrong Kundalini Yoga Position Picture.  Students in my class know it is time for hard work when we get to this exercise, but they also know that to have strong legs, firm buttocks and toned thighs there is no better exercise than this.  In addition, froggies get your heart rate going and thus, work on your fitness and stamina as well.  Remember to be careful with your knees, and take frequent breaks in between as well.  The goal is to build up to 108 repetitions!

Free Yoga Position Picture 2

Kundalini Yoga Frog – Starting Position Illustration

Free Yoga Position Picture

Kundalini Yoga Frog – Ending Position Illustration

Yoga Position #10 – Eagle Pose

The great thing about yoga, is that not just does it work on the obvious aspects of your body, such as the muscles and internal systems, but it has exercises to work on the more subtle aspects of your being as well.  Kundalini Yoga Eagle Pose for Powerful Aura, is just such an exercise.  It is designed to strengthen and charge your magnetic field.  So if you want to be charming, magnetic, influential and protected from the hidden forces of the Universe, it is time to come into Eagle Position and fly using the Breath of Fire.

Kundalini Yoga Position Eagle Pose Picture

Yoga Eagle Pose Picture


Stay tuned for the final part of this series where I will put everything together for you and suggest sequences on how best to use these 10 great yoga positions and exercises.

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  1. Find yourself with a smile...
    Find yourself with a smile... says:

    I’m loving this series, Anmol!

    The plough was another posture that used to be regular for me… it still feels good, although I’m not quite as pliable as I was before… practice, practice, practice.

    I also played with the Yoga frog… Ouch! This surprised me a bit, because I regularly do quite a few body weight squats… this must be working something a little differently… it’s neat how you never get the subtleties until you actually do the drill!

    As for the Eagle pose… if I’m sitting in a chair, should I still cross my legs? This exercise seems very similar to others I have learned for strengthening the subtle body, expanding the aura, improving psychic self defense, etc… and most of these make use of ‘energy cross-over’… from one side of the body to the other.

    keep smiling,



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