Brain Health Benefits of Meditation Making the News

Meditation Benefits for the Brain

Health Benefits of Meditation

Recently I came across an article in mainstream media that caught my attention and I thought it would be worth sharing with all of you.  The article was titled “6 Natural Cures that Actually Work,” and was filed under the Alternative Medicine section at  Of the 6 natural cures the article listed, meditation as one of them, and here is what it had to say about the health benefits and medical application of meditation.

The article suggested that meditation had proven effective for combating stress and anxiety, and it was also good for the health of the brain.  With regard to the brain, the article indicated that meditation was good for enhancing memory and mental focus.  For proof regarding these claims, the article cited the following research…

Ongoing research at Emory University in Atlanta suggests meditation can reduce feelings of anger and stress. And researchers using brain imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston learned that the cerebral cortex — a brain region associated with attention and memory — was thicker in meditators. The cerebral cortex thins with age, which could be linked with memory loss.

In the article Top 10 Benefits of Meditation, I gave my view of all that meditation can do for you, and it is nice to see science and mainstream society starting to get on board and realize the enormous benefits of this incredible spiritual practice. 


Meditation undoubtedly is excellent for brain function and several brain researchers are now listing meditation as a must if you want to ward off all kinds of brain health issues as you age.  Meditation can help with everything from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, memory problems, concentration, awareness, etc, and the sooner you start the better it is for you.

To help you get started, or to enhance your practice, here are 2 free resources available on Mastery of Meditation: Learn How to Meditate | Beginner’s Meditation Course and The Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-book.  No more excuses, just begin!

If you are interested in reading the original article and learning about the other alternative cures they listed, here is a link to that article: 6 Natural Cures that Work.

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  1. Blessed Herbs
    Blessed Herbs says:

    Thanks for sharing all those links! The articles were really very helpful. I’ve been doing meditation for several years now and it really helps unload stress. Meditation is also a healthy habit.

    All the best!


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