break free from endless

How to Break Free from Endless Materialism and Outwardly Seeking

Welcome to a new article by our regular contributor, Dr. Bina Nangia. Dr. Nangia is a long-time spiritual seeker who works with children.

The world is beautiful with names, forms and everything around. We are gifted with this wonderful instrument of body, mind and intellect to transact and enjoy God’s glories.

There is endless variety, and our senses are driven day in and day out moment to moment with so much variety to choose from. The variety in variety is mind boggling. With social media and TV having great importance in our lives, we cannot but be exposed to sense stimulation and pleasures.

break free from endless

In the relative sense if we are able to discriminate and use available resources and enjoy, then it is not a cause for concern. But if we are following herd instinct and running after all that the world is running after, then there is only unhappiness.

If by God’s grace the thought, that materialism is a wild goose chase, and cause of misery, enters our minds, then serious reflection can take place.

Happiness is not inherent in objects, beings per se. If it was so then a cigarette which gives someone so much pleasure, would not give headache and breathlessness to another who just inhales the smoke. Or when a person is ready to divorce someone, another person is ready to marry the same one.

Happiness is not fulfilling endless desires, because if it were so, then once we have as though fulfilled, seemingly all desires, then few more simultaneously crop up. Why is this so? It happens because no desire in its absolute sense is meant to give complete happiness.

So then what is the solution? Our sense organs are designed to face outwards. So they will perceive and interpret all external stimuli. Following a path which shows us how to direct our attention inwards lessens the stronghold that the senses have on us. In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna describes the senses as powerful horses, which drag our mind. The reins of the horses which are five in number are the five senses, while the reins are in the hand of Lord Krishna. He is the intellect, which helps us to discriminate between what is needed by me versus what my wants are.

This subtle understanding will direct my attention inwards, towards developing a strong intellect to help me discriminate. Modern world education only aims at more and more information to increase my intelligence. So a journey within, means understanding, assimilating higher knowledge of myself and the material world. So in the meanwhile I can stimulate my ability to discriminate and analyse my life and living.

This means intelligent living.

 About Dr. Bina Nangia


Dr. Nangia currently works with special kids. This is her calling and she has been working in this field for 20 years.

A grandmother of two boys, Dr. Nangia has been practising yoga since her younger days. Her keen interest in spirituality over many years has got her in touch with many masters. They have contributed to her growth tremendously. She shares her thoughts in magazines and newspaper articles.

Dr. Nangia is the author of Dyslexia Decoded, a handbook for special educators, which was recently published by Penguin and Hayhouse.

She shares her experiences about special education on various social networking sites, and is a trained therapist and family networker.

Dr. Nangia lives in Delhi, India. 

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