Curing Severe Anxiety and Depression

Naturally Curing Severe Anxiety and Depression with Yoga – A True Story

Natural Cure for Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression Cured with Yoga and Meditation

A few months ago, I shared with you the remarkable story of Ray, who using natural treatments and yoga was able to recover from a very dire prognosis of Brain Cancer.  You can read that article here, Yoga and Cancer, A True Cancer Recovery Story.  Today, I would like to share with you another inspirational and uplifting story.  This one is about a person’s fight against depression and severe anxiety, and how yoga and meditation were instrumental in helping her recover and regain her life.

There are several articles on the website regarding natural cures for anxiety and treatments for depression.  There are also articles, which discuss recent studies validating the power of yoga and meditation to naturally cure these disorders, but sometimes a personal story of success is even more powerful than scientific proof.

Curing Severe Anxiety and Depression

The story below is that of Ashley’s, who suffered a nervous breakdown a year ago.  This was followed by severe depression and paralyzing anxiety.  The journey back ultimately brought her to yoga and meditation, which were then instrumental in helping her treat and recover from these conditions.

Ray is a graduate of my Online Yoga Teacher’s Training Program, while Ashley is a graduate from the Meditation Instructor’s Certification Program, and I am very happy that these programs have helped them and others overcome immense odds and take back their lives.  Finally, though these are testimonials not to the power of the programs only, but also to the great power of the human spirit, and it’s incredible ability to survive and thrive against all odds.

Below you will find Ashley’s Story of how yoga and meditation, step by step, helped her overcome her anxiety and cure her depression.  I think the month by month progress that she details below, will be very helpful to those who are also suffering from these disorders and need to see a road map to recovery.

Below this letter, I have listed articles which detail for you the techniques to help cure anxiety and depression naturally.  Also, in Ashley’s story I have created links to the techniques that she herself used in her treatment of these disorders.

Thank you Ashely for sharing your story with us.

Ashley’s Fight with Anxiety and Depression:

Ashley Writes:

Well Anmol, where do I begin? Since before I can remember (probably like age 6), I knew about meditation because of my mother. I always thought about how cool it would be if I was a “Master Meditator” and all the neat “powers” I’d have. I thought I’d be like one of the Masters of the Far East in the Himalayas. At least that’s what I hoped. Anyway, I always thought about meditating but never did it. Until last year I had what can be likened to a nervous breakdown.

There was a point where I couldn’t do anything. I could not eat. My body would not eat and I was so anxious the thought of leaving my house was scary (I think I e-mailed you about this). I also lost my job and could not work. There was literally nothing else for me to do. There was nowhere else I could turn. I could either get my anxiety and depression under control or I would die. I thought about death a lot during this time.

I began by meditating about 15 minutes sitting on a bed upstairs in my parents’ house in a room that was never used. It was very hard for me to focus. I think I was counting up to 50 or something I don’t remember. But I tried doing it everyday. I then enrolled in both a Yoga and a Meditation class. I didn’t miss a class of either. The yoga was difficult at first and my legs shook, but I loved it after only a couple weeks. I was excited to finally be in a class about meditation. In addition to the classes I was taking I would do Yoga everyday myself at the same time each day.

Then I found your website. I don’t remember how, but I think I stumbled upon it. What a miracle. I inhaled many of the articles on your website in a matter of days. It quickly became one of my favorites. The first meditation I did on your site was Zazen. I did it everyday and then twice a day for 30 minutes each time. There was some lessening of anxiety I believe. My dreams were certainly more vivid, but what was most exciting for me was when I felt my first flush of Kundalini Shakti come up through my legs and rush through the left side of my body. It was so real and so vivid I don’t think I’ll ever forget I even wrote about it in my journal.

After doing Zazen and So Hum for a couple of weeks, I decided to dive into the Silent Mind Meditation Program. The kind of discipline I devoted to my yoga and meditation I’ve never had for anything else in my life ever. I got up and did it every day for the entire three months. At the beginning of the 2nd month, I felt my depression lift.  And it does literally lift out of you. I continued taking a mild dose of antidepressants for a couple more months just to be on the safe side though. 

During this time period, I also got a job at a pet boutique. After completing the Silent Mind Program, I started the Meditation Certification Program. During this time period, I became the manager where I work and I got a dog. Now that I walk my dog, work out and do yoga and meditation every day, the changes in my lifestyle have been truly transformational and I hope to keep these habits for the rest of my life. 

At the end of every month, I record what yoga and meditation have done for me. Here are some of the benefits I’ve noticed:

Month 1:

1. I am able to determine better what I am feeling.

2. I have something that keeps me focused to gain steady progress over time, thus achieving self-confidence.

3. I am excited about it.

4. Dramatic decrease in anxiety.

5. Lessened menstrual pain

Month 2-3:

1. More flexible.

2. Body reacts less to stressful events.

3. Mind is more focused.

4. I’m making steady “progress” because I ‘m sticking with it

5. Felt flush of kundalini shakti which is exciting

Month 4:

1. Heart Rate is slower.

2. Breathing is slower.

3. It’s a valuable coping skill for me.

Month 5:

1. Barely react at all now to panicked thoughts.

2.Thinking about possibly teaching yoga in the future.

3. I get compliments in yoga class.

4. Increased awareness that I’m constantly striving and that I see myself in terms of what others think of me

6th Month:

1. I have breathing exercises which I can use at absolutely any time whenever I feel stressed.

2. Calmer in stressful work situations.

3. More confident in life

4. I’m witnessing a transformation in my life take place

7th Month:

1. Greater lung capacity.

2. Feeling more in control.

3. Clearer thought process.

Today marks the end of my 8th month of daily yoga and meditation practice and I can’t wait to write down what I’ve noticed this month! =)

Natural Cure for Anxiety and Depression Summary:

As you can see from the testimonial above, significant anxiety relief was experienced by Ashley in the first month itself.  Also, her depression lifted in just the second month.  Also, the techniques she was starting to master became part of her tool box and she was able to summon them whenever needed to help deal with stressful situations or panic inducing thoughts.

Below are some articles which details and summarize the best techniques from yoga and meditation to help you treat and recover from anxiety and depression naturally.

If you have had experience with these difficult disorders and have found success with other natural treatments, please do share your experiences with us so others can benefit as well.

Anxiety and Depression Help | 4 Effective Treatments

Best Treatments for Stress and Anxiety Disorder

If you find any the above treatments useful, or have found this story to be inspirations, please do share it with others.

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  1. Malick
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    Tension and depression or any kind of pressure are one of the reasons of anxiety. With all such experience and a true story stands for great help for the people going through.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  2. Scott Wolfe
    Scott Wolfe says:

    I’m glad that Ashley no longer experiences depression and anxiety, or vice-versa. Not a fan of yoga or meditation. When Ashley says she is “Feeling more in control”, that’s just how I see it, a feeling. The control part is putting it in one side of the room to another, in this case, under yoga’s control. Still not in control, right? My opinion, that’s all.


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