A True Cancer Recovery Story

Yoga and Cancer – A True Cancer Recovery Story

Yoga for Cancer

Cancer and Yoga

From time to time I come across people who have overcome remarkable challenges in life and thus are a great inspiration to us all.  Ray, a recent graduate from my Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program, is one such shinning example.  He overcame the incredible difficulties posed by brain cancer and used a wide variety of holistic treatments to help him with his unlikely recovery.

Below is his story of beating a prognosis of no recovery possible, wowing doctors, vanquishing cancer, mastering yoga and finding enlightenment during this process.  I hope it inspires you to overcome your challenges and difficulties as well.

A True Cancer Recovery Story

Letter from Ray, a cancer survivor and living proof of the power of the human spirit, yoga and holistic sciences.

Dear Anmol,

As you know, I have completed the Yoga Training Course.  Now, I enrolled in the Meditation Teaching Course. The results from the short 8 week Yoga course have been awesome, and I am very interested in what the next 8 weeks will bring.

As we discussed during the Yoga course, I had cancer in 2004. I had a year of treatment, followed by brain surgery in 2005, to remove a “massive” tumor, and 5 years of rehabilitation after that.

After the surgery, I was in a wheelchair, partially blind, lacking coordination, and could not speak or eat.  The bit about not eating regular food was the most bothersome!

The prognosis was that I would not recover. I did not accept that. Some of the Doctors, Nurses, PT, speech therapies, etc did not accept.  Their kindness and consideration, and daily help awoke in me, the long forgotten spiritedly side.

So, for five years, I plowed though all the “occupational therapies” a very nice term for relearning how to do the basic functions of life.   But as my sight began to return, I could study. As my coordination returned, I could move and perform what I studied.  I performed EFT, NLP, Tai Chi, Metaphysics and Self-hypnosis.  Each one drew me a little closer to self-realization, and mastery over my injured body.

Half way through the Yoga course, deep in Mediation, I received Enlightenment.   I understood the nature of all these disciplines, and how they fit in Yoga.

I used the technique in the course, in the pattern that was recommended, several times a day.  Last month, I went to the Doctor, and he did not believe the results.  My CT, MRI, EEG, showed no trace of cancer or brain damage, the blood tests all were in the normal range.

I am not a Cancer Survivor; I am, with the help of God and my friends, a Cancer Destroyer.

I realize that I have two things to do.

First, I must show and tell as many people as I can, about the extraordinary power of the Yoga techniques for self-healing and healing of others.

Second, I must thank God, and all of the people that helped me though the most difficult time of my life. So, I end by saying,

Thank you Anmol,


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  1. Manisha
    Manisha says:

    Please reply how you do that. Yoga timing and food diet you have followed. Same thi g I am suffering from
    Please di reply

  2. shobha
    shobha says:

    You have proved the power of self is the best power.Ray, you inspire and uplift many a souls. Thanks & best wishes from us.


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