Yoga and Meditation Remain

Did Yoga and Meditation Remain #1 In 2010 Resolution Survery? Results Posted…

Yoga and Meditation Still #1

Top 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Here the results of the Top New Year’s Resolutions for 2010 Survey.  Also posted below are the results from the same survey taken in 2009.  The results are quite similar, with “Spiritual, Yoga and Meditation Practice” holding the #1 spot and getting even more votes and also “Service, Help Others” gaining some steam.  Nice trends.  I think we will hit 100% for “Spiritual, Yoga and Meditation” in 2012 .

Since more than one answer was allowed, the percentages are calculated against the total number of participants.  So 85% means that 85% of those of you who responded to the survey said that “Spiritual, Meditation & Yoga” was a resolution you had made.

Yoga and Meditation Remain

To help you realize your resolutions here is one of the most popular articles from 2008 – 10 Keys for Turning Ideas Into Reality.  I do recommend reading that article as it was very inspirational to many.  In fact, some local businesses in the area actually picked up on this article and used it in their staff meetings to motivate and inspire their employees .

What Are Your 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Survey Results 2010
Value Count Percent %
Spiritual, Meditation & Yoga 57 85.07%
Health, Fitness & Weight Loss 45 67.16%
Relationship, Family & Friends 39 58.21%
Financial, Money & Career 30 44.78%
Service, Help Others 30 44.78%
Other Personal Development 19 28.36%
Break an Addiction 16 23.88%
No New Year’s Resolution 5 7.46%


What Are Your 2009 New Year’s Resolutions


Survey Results 2009
Value Count Percent %
Spiritual, Meditation & Yoga 41 80.39%
Health, Fitness & Weight Loss 28 54.90%
Financial, Money & Career 27 52.94%
Relationship, Family & Friends 22 43.14%
Service, Help Others 15 29.41%
Other Personal Development 9 17.65%
Break an Addiction 5 9.80%
No New Year’s Resolution 5 9.80%


More Useful Resources:

Here are some more popular resources to help you accomplish your goals and resolutions.


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