Top New Year’s Resolutions

Survey: What are Your Top New Year’s Resolutions?


Mastery of Meditation & Yoga now has a worldwide audience and readers span all continents and come from all corners of our beautiful planet. What is interesting about humanity is that regardless of where we live and what culture we belong to, we all share very similar problems, difficulties, desires and goals. This is actually a wonderful fact to contemplate and meditate on, as doing so would lead you to understand the concept of sharing a common human mind and would open the door to compassion and sensitivity, as you realize that basically we are one people.

Top New Year’s Resolutions


One of my favorite articles, The Secret to Compassion, explores this idea in further detail.

In this survey, I am interested in finding out what are the most important personal issues and goals on our minds today, and I think looking closely at our new year’s resolutions would help shed some light on this. So let’s explore a little into our desires and see what it is that humans all over the world are setting their mind to accomplish in 2009.

One additional note, is that recently I wrote an article, Effective Visualization Technique to Manifest Your Desires and for those who have made new year’s resolutions, this technique can be very handy to learn and employ.

In the survey below you can submit what your new year’s resolutions are.  If you have any that I have not listed, please free to share those with us in the comments section below.

Please do participate in the survey, all answers are of course anonymous.  If you receive my posts via email, you may need to visit the website to submit your responses and for the survey to work correctly.  Thank You.

1. What are your New Year’s resolutions? If you have more than one response that applies, you can check off multiple responses and then submit your results.


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  1. My Reiki Guide
    My Reiki Guide says:

    Meditation is a sacred moment when I feel completely connected to my Highest Source. I have found that this sacredness comes from my heart and that I could own this space anywhere I take my intention to. The energy emanates from that place. From there I can share the light I receive in my life to those who are looking for it. We must know the place to go for wisdom is the heart, the gateway to spirituality and the evolution of the soul.

  2. Chris Cade | Spiritual Stories
    Chris Cade | Spiritual Stories says:

    I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I figure if a change is important enough in my life to make, then I might as well make it regardless of whether it’s a new year.

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    I have plans to get better health and fitness. Get more into yoga and meditation. Financial improvement is on priority.


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