Easy Yoga Pose

Easy Yoga Pose Excellent for Stretching and Warming Up

Easy Yoga Posture

Simple Yoga for Stretching

During my Kundalini Yoga teacher’s training course, we were required to take yoga classes from different types of yoga, as well as yoga classes taught by other teachers.  One such class was a Hatha Yoga Class, with an excellent teacher.  During this class, one of the poses we practiced was a very simple and easy looking pose, designed to stretch the entire body.  Sure it was an easy yoga pose, but boy did this simple posture end up giving us a great sweat and workout.  Today’s yoga pose is a variation of this very pose and I am sure you too will learn how to use this simple exercise as a great full body stretch.  The pose is called the Palm Tree Pose in Hatha Yoga and the variation we practiced was called Mountain Pose.

Easy Yoga Pose

One of the first rules of of doing yoga is to make sure you do easy poses first and then after you are nicely warmed up move onto more difficult poses and sets.  Palm Tree Pose is perfect for the warm-up section of your practice.  Since it is a very simple exercise, it is also very safe to do, and in addition, it helps to stretch the entire body nicely, thus preparing it for the tougher yoga that is to come.  For more guidelines on doing yoga properly please refer to the following to articles:

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I noticed recently that although we have many yoga poses in our Free Online Hatha Yoga Book, our Standing Poses Section needs to be beefed up a little.  Palm Tree pose will contribute nicely towards this section and I will be adding some more standing poses in the near future as well.  In general, the standing yoga postures tend to be easier and simpler than poses from the other categories.  Palm Tree pose will also be added to our Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises e-book.   

Below you will find an illustration of this posture, along with practice details, benefits and other related information.



Easy Yoga Pose – Palm Tree Pose

Illustration of Palm Tree Pose

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Palm Tree Pose – Easy Yoga Pose:

A. How to Do Palm Tree Pose: 

  • Stand straight up with feet about shoulder width apart.


  • Keep your eyes open and focus on a point in front of you to help you keep your balance.  Advanced practitioners can also look upwards.
  • Interlace your finger, stretch your arms up and have your palms facing UP.



  • Now slowly slowly rise up onto your toes and STRETCH UPWARDS.



  • Breathe normally and hold this pose for the duration of the exercise.  Keep STRETCHING.  The key to getting the most out of this pose, is to keep stretching upwards.  This aspect makes the pose very effective.



  • This pose has a few variations to this exercise and below I give 2 good ones.



  • Variation 1:  After you reach up, bend to the left and hold, then come back to center.  Then bend to the right and hold.  Repeat stretching gently from side to side for the remainder of the exercise. This is called Swaying Palm Tree, and is also a nice easy way to stretch and warm-up.



  • Variation 2:  In the version I referred to above, called Mountain Pose, you don’t interlace your fingers.  Instead keep the palm wide open, facing forward with the fingers all stretched and pointing upwards.  Then STRETCH upwards, consciously stretching every joint and reaching towards the sky.  In this pose, you can also stretch left and right if you like.


B. Duration for Palm Tree Pose: 15 seconds – 3 minutes.

C. Benefits of Palm Tree Pose:  

  • Great easy stretch for the entire body.
  • Helps stretch and strengthen up the joints.
  • Helps stretch the ligaments as well.
  • Stretches the side abdominal muscles and back as well.
  • Good for your back and spine.
  • Good way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Helps build balance and mental focus.

D. Practice Tips and Cautions for Palm Tree Pose:

  • This is a nice easy pose which almost everyone can practice without any problems.
  • If you really stretch well, you will be able to break a sweat even while doing such a simple pose.

Here are some more simple and easy yoga poses to help you develop your practice.

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