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How to End Endless Desire

Effortless Effort and the Ending of Desire

Desire is root cause for suffering, that becomes obvious to those who deeply inspect and understand the human mind, but how is one to go about and end desire?  How is one to be free from seeking and the feeling of constant insufficiency that it brings.  If you observe carefully you will notice that even if you achieve the goal set forth by desire, the satisfaction it brings inevitably fades and you are back chasing anew.

This dissatisfaction and feeling of incompleteness results from constantly being trapped in the web of desire, but alas breaking free is no easy task.  So what is one to do?

First and foremost one has to understand Effortless Effort, if one is going to tackle this great challenge of desire and all that it entails.  In the video below, this often confusing concept is explained so you can understand how to use the energy of desire to your advantage, so that it can become the catalyst for setting you free.

How to End Effort and Endless Desire

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Transcript of Effortless Effort – Ending Desire

Namaste My Friends,

Today we are going to discuss a very interesting question that often comes up. It has to do with effortless effort in meditation and in life.  As you have undoubtedly read or heard, that effort or a constant seeking or desire is the root cause for the movement that takes place within the mind. And that it is the mind which continuously generates this dualistic reality and interferes with “what is” that keeps us deluded.

The Yogic MindSo there is the question of bringing the mind to stillness. And that implies an absence of effort taking place within; an absence of seeking or desire. But in order to go ahead and practice and participate in meditation, you need to have this desire or this effort. So this appears to be a contradiction, where well, you need the effort to then end all efforts. And therein lies the understanding of effortless effort.

It is the consolidation of all your desires, all your seeking, all your various efforts into one big wave, one big tsunami.  And then you sit with this one great intention to end all efforts.  And that then brings you the necessary energy to be able to perceive the problem of effort, in that it is effort that continuously generates in you this cycle of seeking.

So this energy allows you to have the awareness and the intelligence to see seeking as the root cause of your suffering and that intelligence and that awareness is invoked by the consolidation of all your desires into one big desire, one big demand.  So you sit with all your energy for one purpose to go ahead and see the true nature of desire. So it is almost like saying that the one desire is going to bring about the end to all of desire.

Now you, you don’t have to believe what is being said here or just agree or disagree.

What is being suggested is that this is a capability that you have.  What is important is that you go ahead and try this for yourself.  If you have at all a calling from within towards spirituality, you have a question about whether this is all there is to life.  If you are, you are starting to doubt all that society has told you is the purpose of life. That means you have an invitation.  That invitation is precious, right?  So don’t squander that opportunity.  Find out for yourself. 

Conclusion of How to End Desire

You have the capability to find out for yourself, and no one can walk this path for you. You must walk it yourself.  So if you have that invitation, you have that small desire.  Gather all your energies together into one big desire, one big tsunami. Sit, observe, and discover the Truth for yourself.  Thank you everybody.  God bless you all.

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