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Famous Yoga Workout for a Great Yoga Body – Free Online Course #108

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Yoga Set for Everyday Practice – Online Course #108

Welcome to the Free Online Yoga and Meditation Programs here at Mastery of Meditation and YogaAll the material needed for this Daily Yoga Workout for Yogic Body Program is available via the links on this post and you can start anytime you wish.  For more information on the free online classes, please read the Free Online Yoga and Meditation Classes page. 

Many of you have asked for a yoga workout that is suitable to do everyday and one that will keep your body fit and trim, and for that purpose I have designed this class.  It consists of the most respected and well known yoga routines, the very best yoga breathing exercises and top yoga meditations to help complete your workout.     

Yoga Workout

The course is designed for those who are new to yoga or those looking for a ongoing workout to stay in shape.  One of the best things about yoga is that you do not need any equipment, gym or special location to practice it.  So no matter where you are you can give your body and mind a great workout by following the exercises and techniques detailed in this class.

On this page I will provide the program objectives, details, syllabus and participation guidelines.  Please read through everything carefully so you will be able to get maximum benefit from the class.

Before beginning any fitness program or exercise routine please check with your medical adviser and please read our Legal Disclaimer as well.  

To register please just leave a comment on this post that you are going to start the this Yoga Workout Program, or just send me an email at  This way I know what kind of participation and interest there is. 

PLEASE ALSO READ THE FAQ below.  It addresses many of the common questions about the online classes:

CLICK FOR FAQ for Free Online Meditation & Yoga Classes

Yoga Workout for a Yoga Body Class Objectives:


  1. Gives Your Body a Good Daily Workout.
  2. Improve Flexibility in Upper and Lower Body.
  3. Increase Upper and Lower Body Strength.
  4. Lose Weight and Stay In Shape.
  5. Increase Energy, Vitality and Vigor.
  6. Improve Mood and Create Emotional Balance.
  7. Develop Concentration, Mental Focus and Awareness.
  8. Strengthen the Nervous System, Respiratory System and Digestive System.

Yoga Workout for a Yoga Body Course Details:

Class Structure: 

Each class session consists of 3 sections: Breathing exercises (pranayama), Physical Yoga Workout and Meditation.  These sets and techniques are found in the free online books we host here on the website, and the links below will take you to the relevant chapters.  The three books we will be using for this course are the Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-book, Free Online Yoga Sets E-book and the Free Online Yoga Breathing Exercises E-book.

Yoga can deliver an excellent workout and there is a mountain of evidence that proves just how good yoga is for overall health and well-being.  The workout below is simple for even beginner’s to incorporate and can be easily adjusted to suit your level of proficiency.

The total time for this class is approximately 15-30 minutes / day.  Do the best you can and most importantly, walk the middle path with regard to each session.  DO NOT OVERDO OR OVER STRAIN and at the same time don’t have it be too easy either.

Required Reading:


Suggested Reading:


Course Materials:

Yoga Workout for a Yoga Body Program Syllabus:

The following describes the 3 sections comprising the 20-30 minute daily yoga, pranayama and meditation for this class.  The approximate total times for each section and set are also given.  Take more rest if you need to, and as your capacity develops increase the repetitions and rounds.  Each breathing exercise, yoga workout and meditation below is a link to the article with all the details you need.  Links are in green, please click them to go the article with all the details for that technique or set.  Video demonstrations are included there for free as well.  Here’s to developing and maintaining that great yoga body.

Daily Yoga Workout for Yoga Body at Home Program:

The workout is designed to keep your fit, flexible, strong and balanced.  Each day do the following…

Section 1: Breathing Exercises Section (Pranayama):  Total time 1-5 Minutes

  • 4 Part Deep Breathing for Energy and Vitality: This exercise is a great way to start any yoga workout or other fitness routine.  It will get your energy going and long term will help you increase your lung capacity and respiratory system.  Start with 1 minute and build up from there to 3-5 minutes.

Section 2: Yoga Workout Section:  Total time 5-20 minutes

  • Surya Namaskar – Best Yoga for Stretching:  Even though Surya Namaskar is called the best yoga set for stretching your entire body, it is also excellent for developing your lower and upper body strength.  Surya Namaskar is probably the most famous yoga set of all.  It is a very complete set and if done everyday it will go a long way in helping you develop a toned, fit body.  Start with just 2-3 rounds and build up your capacity till you can do 12 rounds.  From there you can even go further doing as many rounds as you like. Surya Namaskar can be done slowly to help develop flexibility and strength, or it can be done without pausing between poses, to help develop your cardio vascular system.  In addition, as you get in better and better shape, you can reduce or eliminate the rest period between rounds, thus getting an even more intense workout.  All in all this is one of the best yoga sets and as it is so well balanced, it is wonderful to do a daily practice.

Section 3: Yoga Meditation Section:  Total time 5 minutes

  • Yogic Breathing as Relaxation Meditation:  Once you have completed your rounds of Surya Namaskar, lie on your back in Corpse Pose and then start Yogic Breathing.  Just relax completely during this phase and completely let your worries and anxieties go.  Just let go of everything, focus on just the breathing and relax completely. The value of such relaxation is often underestimated, but such conscious relaxation is truly a therapy for your mind and body.  So really incorporate this exercise aspect into your program and reap the benefits. Also, Yogic Breathing is the correct way to normally breathe and being mindful of your breath and insuring that you are breathing correctly throughout the day, will be a huge boon to your overall health and well-being.

Daily Yoga Workout for a Yoga Body Class Participation Guidelines

Following are the guidelines which I suggest we follow…

  • Please post all comments, questions and feedback in the comments section of this post.  This way all will benefit from the discussion.  Feel free to ask questions or discuss issues, as that is one of the main reasons for this particular class format.  Of course, you are free to email me as well if you would like the discussion to not be public.
  • If you like, you can indicate with a comment that you have completed your daily session.  Could be as short as “did it”, or of course could be questions, issues or more detailed feedback.  The hardest part with a daily yoga and exercise practice is establishing consistency and regularity and I think having to acknowledge that you completed your daily practice will help in facilitating that.  In addition, your comments will inspire others as well.
  • Before starting your daily yoga session, take a moment and tune in to your higher self for guidance and protection.  At the end of every session, visualize yourself and the world as you would like it to be.
  • Do the best you can and modify the techniques as required.  It is more important to do something, than be overwhelmed and not do anything at all.
  • I wish you all a wonderful learning and transforming experience and hope this program really helps you get fit and get your body in shape :-).
  • Below, in the related articles and series sections you will find other free yoga and meditation classes; feel free to take advantage of them.
  • If you are interested in a more structured and fully supported yoga program you may wish to sign up for my popular Learn Yoga Online Course.

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