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Of all the mantras in the Vedas, the most revered and powerful is the Gayatri Mantra.  This mantra is certainly the most recited and also, perhaps has the widest range of applications.  It is not just used to express one’s devotion to the Lord, but is also used for jap meditation (mantra chanting), chakra meditation, naad yoga, putting the kids to sleep , etc.  In addition to Hindus, the Gayatri mantra is embraced by Buddhists as well.

Another powerful Vedic mantra is the Lord Shiva Mahamritunjay Mantra and you will find details and free MP3 of this great mantra on the following page: Lord Shiva Mahamritunjay Mantra MP3 Download

Gayatri Mantra

You will find a video of the Gayatri Mantra being recited by my son Shivum in the article, 3 Easy Kids Meditation Techniques, and in this article I want to give you some additional recitations of this terrific mantra.  Below you will also find a MP3 version of the Gayatri Mantra, chanted by my wife Trupti, which you are free to download.  Before I jump ahead to all that though, here is the written text of the mantra, as well as an English translation.

Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhur Buvaha Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayath

Although there are several interpretations of this mantra, with subtle differences between each, the one that I find most suitable is the following…

Gayatri Mantra English Translation

O Supreme Creator, Thou art the giver of life, the remover of pain and sorrow and the bestower of happiness; O Creator of the Universe, may we receive Thy supreme sin-destroying light; may Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.

You can get more information and translations at the Gayatri Mantra Wiki Page as well.

Gayatri Mantra Third Eye Chakra Meditation:

As I had mentioned above, there are many application for this wonderful mantra.  One particular application that I would like to present to you, is the use of the Gayatri Mantra to awaken Ajna Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra.  To use the Gayatri Mantra to do this, you would follow the steps laid out in the AUM Mantra Meditation article, except use the Gayatri Mantra instead of the primordial sound AUM, to do the meditation.

So you would sit up comfortably, close your eyes and turn them upwards to look through your forehead (only hold this eye position as long as comfortable) and then chant the Gayatri Mantra, visualizing it emanating from the Third Eye (center of the forehead).  As always, please don’t over do such potent meditations, start slowly and build up your capacity gently over time.

For Yoga and Meditation Certification Program Students:

For students enrolled in the Online Yoga Instructor Certification Program or Online Meditation Teacher’s Certification Program, this meditation is part of the bonus and optional material in your manuals.  You will find the  complete details of the above meditation in the new article Gayatri Mantra Meditation to Open Third Eye Chakra  (Yoga Training Manual –> Chapter 120.  Meditation Training Manual –> Chapter 35).

Gayatri Mantra Meditation Video

Direct YouTube Link –>  Gayatri Mantra for Opening the Third Eye



1. Gayatri Mantra MP3 Download:

Here is the Gayatri Mantra chanted by my wife Trupti.  I can hear her sing it even now as I write this since it’s bedtime for the little ones.  Thanks Trups !  Right click link below and chose “Save Link As…” to save to your computer.

Free Gayatri Mantra MP3 Download

2. Gayatri Mantra Videos:

There are also 2 excellent Gayatri Mantra videos on YouTube which I really like, so here are those videos for you to enjoy as well.

Gayatri Mantra Videos



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  1. dani
    dani says:

    the pronunciation of this mantra i still cant get it, some videos do it in a way other videos in other way your mp3 is in a way…… i am like???????? especially on the word swaha or svaha, the v is like valentine or w like water….. and Dhiyo Yonaha or dhiyo yonah……

  2. dani
    dani says:

    in the youtube video u recomand we can fint the wor suvha wich u prononce it swaha i am a litle in a dilema….

  3. Krishna
    Krishna says:

    Hi ,
    I have been reciting Gayathri mantra from childhood.

    However only recently I was able to understand the its amazing benefits,when I decided to listen to Gayahtri mantra[by downloading from net] at work as background. so I could focus better without getting affected by the noise around me.

    It helped but I was not happy with all the Gayathri downloads[from internet] with music.So I decided to record myself chanting it and hear it all through the day at work.

    To my pleasant surprise, when I heard the mantra chanting in my own voice over a day, I am able to feel all the Chakras[Particularly Agna and Sahasra Chakra] in my body vibrating to the Mantra.This is an amazing feeling, having all your body chakras activated all through the day. I started this for totally something else but got this huge benefit.

    So I feel compelled to share this find with everyone



  4. Raman
    Raman says:

    Divine blog with very informative articles. Anyone who wants to live a healthy way by mentally and physically has to follow your blog.

  5. rakesh talwar
    rakesh talwar says:

    i have severe gas problem and other digestive problems my diet is very normal no medicine will effect i tried a lot tell me what should i do


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