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How to Manifest Your Desires | Manifestation Techniques

Desire Manifestation

Techniques to Manifest Desires

With the new year upon us and many of us having forged resolutions and goals, I thought this would be a good time to summarize all the techniques and wisdom from previous articles on how to manifest your desires.  This knowledge and these techniques can be very useful, not just in helping you manifest your intentions, but very useful in helping you determine what indeed is worth manifesting in the first place.

Manifest Your Desires

Below are the best articles on the topic of manifestation from past years.  I have provided a summary of each of these articles below, and you can click the title link to read the articles which are of interest to you.

1. The 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desires:

If you are interested in manifestation, law of attraction and intention manifestation this article is a must read.  It summarizes the topic of desires end to end.  It discusses the mysterious states of desirelessness and witnessing, and also explains what kind of desires one ought to pursue and what kind of desires the Universe helps fulfill.  This is one of the most popular and important articles on the topic of manifestation.

2. Secret to Manifesting Abundance and Wealth:

In this followup article to the 4 Key Laws of Manifestation, I discuss what I consider the fifth law of manifesting desires.  This article goes into the difficult topic of security and how it needs to be approached in order to have the Universe taking care of you and fulfilling your desires. 

3. Relax and Let the Universe Fulfill Your Desires:

Along the lines of the fifth law of manifestation, this article explores the value and practice of “going with the flow”.  The great challenge and benefits of this approach are discussed, and it includes a funny real life event of mine to illustrate the points.

4. Meditation for Making Money and Success:

This article details a visualization meditation often used for manifesting money, success, or anything else you feel you need in your life.  It exploits the power of the Third Eye and the mind to assist with the manifestation.

5. Infinite Energy and Prosperity Meditation:

Here you will find details of the powerful kundalini yoga technique to bring upon you blessings and rewards.  There is also a video demo of how to practice this potent technique.

In addition to the above articles, the following posts also explore manifestation and mind power, and you might find them useful in helping you realize your desires.

Visualization Technique to Manifest Desires

Weight Loss Meditation

Mind Power to Manifest Desires and Intentions

If you have used techniques to help you manifest your desires successfully, please do share them with us in the comments section below.  I am sure everyone will benefit from your feedback.

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