Effective Visualization Technique

Effective Visualization Technique to Manifest Your Desires and Dreams

Visualization Technique

How to Manifest Your Dreams & Desires

As we are about to ring in the new year, for many it is time to evaluate their life and make resolutions to help bring about positive change.  This is a very healthy process and, if done correctly, can be instrumental in helping you uplift your life and bring about the changes you desire and dream about.

I have often pointed out the power of the mind when it comes to manifesting your desires and creating the reality you wish for.  In addition, in the very popular article, 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desire if You Absolutely Must, I detailed the guidelines to use in the event you have desires and dreams you wish to manifest.  What I would like to do in this article, is give you a very practical visualization technique to help you manifest these desires that you have settled upon.

Effective Visualization Technique

There are many powerful visualization techniques and visualization meditations which you can wield to help you create your reality, and the one I will discuss below is one of the simplest, yet most effective techniques out of all these.

Simple Visualization Technique to Manifest Desires:

Write down your desires and goals on a piece of paper and keep it handy for review, first thing in the morning, as much as possible throughout the day, and last thing at night.  That’s the core aspect of this technique.

This visualization technique has many advantages.

1. Clarify Your Desires & Help You Visualize:

In having to contemplate and write down your desires, you will have to spend some time digging into them more deeply.  This process is very helpful in helping you see exactly what it is that you want.  Then having to articulate it and write it down, will help you further refine and define the desires, thus giving the mind a very clear picture of what it needs to manifest for you.  That is correct.  Once the mind knows and sees what it is that you want, it will help make that dream a reality.

2. Enforce Your Desires & Give You Willpower:

Writing down your desires and keeping them handy for review, helps re-enforce what it is you want to accomplish.  This will serve as a constant reminder to you as you go through your day and help you make choices that promote the accomplishment of these goals.  This is very handy in helping you prioritize your tasks and giving you the willpower to overcome past obstacles and pitfalls.  In addition, the mind, being well aware of what it is that you are looking to realize, will work with life to help you.

3. Help You Stick to It:

That piece of paper will not only serve as a daily reminder, but it will also help keep you on track after the initial passion starts to wane.

4. Allow the Mind to Meditate & Contemplate the Desires:

Without making it an obsession, reviewing your desires from time to time gives the mind a chance to contemplate and visualize what it is that your are looking to manifest.  This contemplation and meditation on the desires are key in sending a clear message to your mind about what it is that you wish to have manifest in your life.

Example of My List of Desires:

Here is the list of goals and desires I put together some time ago.  The list is to help serve as an example for you.

1. Establish a strong personal yoga and meditation practice.

2. Have excellent and vibrant health.

3. Enjoy a happy relationship with my wife, family and friends.

4. Continue to develop Mastery of Meditation & Yoga and align my career with it more.

5. Have the freedom and courage to live my true life.

Final Thoughts:

I want to take this opportunity to wish all the readers who have already entered 2009 a very happy and healthy new year.  I wish the new year helps you realize all your dreams and desires .

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17 replies
  1. geeta
    geeta says:

    hello sir,
    I find your teachings interesting. I want to ask you if visualization tecnnique can help me heal from hyperpigmentation on my face.
    I have this disease after following a series of allopathy medecines to cure acne since my teenage. I was prescribed with antibiotics and later on hormones. Lastly, i was given an exfoliating cream to remove scars. I already started feeling sun-sensitive at the start of the hormones administered before using the cream but as I live in Mauritius I thought it is the climate. After using the cream I cannot go out in the sun even for few seconds. My face burns. I have tried many treatments topical and oral but nothing worked and I cannot apply anything on my face except my sunscreen and coconut oil. I also suffer from vaginal candidiasis which is painful as my menses approach. However, since I have started reiki and fermented foods like kefir ( yogurt- like) and sauerkraut (fermented vegetables) my health condition has improved but hyperpigmentation is spreading with very small dark spots cleared. I have started the 20 mins yoga which I perform at least 5 days a week since 4 months. PLease, help me to get healed from hyper-sunsensivity and hyperpigmentation. I will be grateful to you. THanks

  2. aboli
    aboli says:

    hi anmol,
    i hav red ur articles.i want to know about manifestation.can i manifest my husband having 6 packs abs,good health?as he has no interest in yoga or gim.

  3. charuya naniwadekar
    charuya naniwadekar says:

    dear anmol , i tried the technique advised by you . but it had an exactly opposite effect. what could have gone wrong? pl. help. love, charu.

  4. Anup
    Anup says:

    Hello Anmol,

    In the above article you mention “Without making it an obsession”
    Would that hinder the manifestation?

  5. Bea
    Bea says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to say a few things. I just came across your web site today and keep reading and reading and can’t stop it.It’s a very useful web site, so far I like every article you wrote.
    Thanks again.
    A yogi.

  6. nb
    nb says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Happy new year to you. I am looking for kundalini yoga classes in mumbai would you please help me with some suggestions?

  7. Michael
    Michael says:

    I wish a happy new year 2009. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for a log time. This article reminds me of the stuff I read about cause and effect theory. Thanks !

  8. shobha
    shobha says:

    It is a nice guidance to start our new year resolutions and promises. Half the time we are scared of not getting there, so we do not commit in writing. It is very tough to be accountable to yourself.


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