How to Manifest Abundance

Secret to Manifesting Abundance and Wealth

Manifesting Money Secrets

How to Manifest Abundance

In the article Money Money Money and the Path to Enlightenment, I discussed that money can play a role in your journey to enlightenment, as it can help you buy leisure, and leisure or time, is needed for Self Study and Self Knowledge.  It for this reason primarily that wealth and abundance are worth manifesting, for outside of that, all you really need is food, clothing and shelter.  In fact, if those basics were provided to all, I am sure there would be many more people living their passions and many more people awakening the the mind blowing Truth of non-duality.

As I have discussed in the past, money can be thought of as energy and if you have a great deal of it, then like any other energy you possess, hopefully you put it to good use.  Towards this end, there are many techniques to help you manifest wealth and I have provided those on the website already.  Techniques such as Infinite Energy and Prosperity Meditation, Visualization Meditation for Making Money and Visualization Technique to Manifest Dreams and Desires are a few of these techniques.  But, through experience I have noticed something very interesting when it comes to the manifestation of abundance and I want to share that secret with you all today.

How to Manifest Abundance

4 Laws for Manifestation Abundance:

As a prerequisite to this article I think it is worth reviewing the 4 Laws of Intention Manifestation that I discussed in the article 4 Key Laws of Manifesting Desires if You Absolutely Must.  In that article I not just discussed the 4 keys to manifestation, but also discussed the state of desirelessness and witnessing consciousness.  Here is how I summarized the 4 laws for manifesting desires…

To summarize, desires that are strong, spiritually oriented, beneficial to others and which you have worked hard to realize are the one’s that the Universe is most likely to help with. 

So the requirements are to have desires that are meaningful and deep, desires that help you on your journey to awakening, desires that benefit others in the process and desires that you feel you deserve to have fulfilled.  These laws will give you the guidelines for manifesting abundance, but I want to add a 5th law to these, which I have found through experience to be the real secret.  And that is… drum roll please… Detachment.

Secret Fifth Law to Manifesting Wealth and Abundance:

I have noticed a very strange thing with regard to the Universe.  It essentially gives you a choice.  Either you worry about your security or you let life worry about your security.  You cannot have it both ways.  In this subtle law lies the secret for manifesting abundance.  You must truly not be interested in getting it .

That is correct.  Make the wish, send the message to Infinity that this is what you require, this is what you need, and then LIVE the realization that the only thing that matters is enlightenment and not anything associated with the ego or materialism.

You can’t fake it either or it wont work .  You can’t be obsessing about making money and pretending like you really don’t care.  You have to be free of making money and really not caring and then life provides.  Why?  Because if you are simply doing what you need to do, what you are made to do, what you love to do and not worrying about the results, and not worrying about security, then life takes care of your security and results for you.  It is the strangest thing, but time and again, I have found this to be true.

Summary to Manifesting Wealth and Abundance:

So now we have 5 Laws really for manifesting abundance and wealth, and we have techniques with which to send the message to the Universe so it hums and aligns itself with our needs and wants.  Although the 5th law of detachment, is the focus of this article, I want to emphasize the fourth law again and that is First Deserve Then Desire.

That is as much of a key to manifesting as detachment is.  It is very unlikely that great things are going to happen, without great passion and effort.  It is just how life is.  So before you use the many manifestation techniques given on the website, first ask yourself honestly if you deserve that which you are asking for.  Then go ahead and ask, after you send the message, forget about it and just continue to apply yourself to the best of your ability.  The results will start to flow on their own.

If you find yourself having difficulty with detachment, find yourself constantly obsessing on the results, constantly checking your accounts for more sales and more money, then you need to immerse yourself in teachings from the great masters to help you regain your perspective and freedom.  You will find many such teachings right here on the website in the category Spiritual Giants and you will find many good books in the article, Best Spiritual Books.  This is a good way to ensure that you are always aiming for the right target.  As Buzz Lightyear would say, To Infinity and Beyond.  That is where your radar should always point, letting life take care of the rest.

If you have any personal stories or thoughts on manifesting in general or manifesting abundance please feel free to share those with us in the comments section below.

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8 replies
  1. Well niche
    Well niche says:

    I have been watching you from the long time. Really thanks for sharing such an amazing stuff which is a quite helpful for us just keep doing it.
    We do expect you’ll share more information about it.

  2. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Great article Anmol, thank you.

    It’s so true that when you let go, Got or Universe will help you to get the best results and outcomes. It will take care of everything. It happen to me like a magic and I will be grateful for that for ever.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Widom in this article is amazing
    Every thought. Idea and tip is very inspiring
    Thanks lots of love and prayerful Blessings

  4. Marie C. Barrett
    Marie C. Barrett says:

    At last, a positive and empowering direction for manifesting the most important ‘things’ in life. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom and care, Anmol, in this article and on your whole brilliant website.

  5. Attract Abundance
    Attract Abundance says:

    Great article. I enjoyed reading your article and I am glad that you share this. I am a fan of Law of attraction and on how to use it to manifest our desires.I also do use EFT so that I can easily manifest my desires. I also do write articles about this and have a video that you can check out at . Keep it coming!

  6. Vaughan
    Vaughan says:

    Intersting article. The universe operates in a very orderly and precise manner – Universal Law. One of these laws is attraction, we get what we expect. But the reason its so powerful is because its actually a secondary law. The primary law is vibration – everything vibrates at a certain frequency. When you think you emit a frequency – it it is very high you attract very positive things, if it is low you then attract negative things. Our real aim is to keep focus on what we want as much as possible. This is very hard. Yoga is brilliant and keeping you relaxed so you can let go and let god so to speak. One thing that has helped me enormously is making movies of my mind – meaning taking the images of what I truly desire and make a visual movie to cool music. I watch it every day. It may help you, check it out ( Best of luck Yogi’s!!

  7. Kelvin
    Kelvin says:

    I just wanted to say I signed up for your meditation newsletter and I am enjoying every bit of it!

    Kelvin from Manifesting Abundance

  8. Arlene
    Arlene says:


    Great article full of important insights about how to manifest. I especially liked what you wrote about simply doing what you need to do, are made to do, love to do and then not worrying about it. The tricky part is trusting that the Universe is taking care of the details. If we trust when we order in a restaurant that the chef will prepare a delicious meal, then why not trust Source to do the same in our life?




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