Raise Enlightened Children

How to Raise Enlightened Children

The Key to Raising Enlightened Children

The Right Way to Raise Children 

Children’s Yoga, meditation and spiritual growth is certainly a topic I am eager to explore more here on Mastery of Meditation, and I think there is no better way to kick off this important subject, than by discussing what is the absolute key in raising enlightened, exceptional children.  Children who can fulfill the true purpose of life of Self Realization.

To answer this question, of how best to raise our children such that they will not be dominated by their ego’s and thus, have a deep connection with their True Nature, I found the above quotes of enlightened master Jean Klein very insightful and helpful.

The following excerpt is from his great book, The Ease of Being.  It consists of 2 questions and Jean Klein’s answers to them.

Raise Enlightened Children

The Right Way to Raise Children: 


Q. Can one raise a child in freedom from the “I”?

A. To free the child from an image, you must first be free, free of all qualifications – particularly from the image of being a father.  Preserving the father-image arouses the need to fulfill all that defines a father and, in turn, your child must fulfill all that defines his relationship to you.  Then there is a kind of mutual imprisonment.

Only when the contact is no longer between two images, but between being and being, is communion possible.  Then we speak of love.

Q. If there is complete acceptance, one dosen’t question?

A. If there is acceptance, there is no longer any question.  But acceptance is not a a passive position.  On the contrary, it is highly alert, attentive, active.  You are totally aware of all you accept.  In accepting things there is intelligence, and in this intelligence you are completely appropriate to every situation, to every living being.  You stop adding fuel to your ego, to your fathership.  And then your child is free, for your observation remains constantly fresh.  In this freedom, he grows.

When you are aware of your child, when you are open to him, you know exactly what he needs, for there is immediate understanding of his way of communicating, of his movements, and so on.  In other words, projecting stops.  We can even say this openness is love.


Highlights on How of Raise Enlightened Children:

So the one thing that children need, is your simple, unadulterated egoless presence and attention.  It is the most important thing for them to have, and is the key to providing them the right atmosphere to grow freely and fully.  Here are some important highlights of what this translates into.

  1. No Ego Distortion: Being empty and quiet within means you are going to be all there to act as required by the moment, without any ego related distortions.  So your emphasis is not going to be on yourself, but is going to be on the needs of the children in that given moment. How many times do you see the pressure of a parent’s ego play a role in how they act towards a child?  A simple example is that of an embarrassed parent who needlessly scolds an upset child to be quiet, instead of providing a kind, attentive ear.
  2. Full Attention: A parent’s mind, busy with the petty drama of their own ego, can often simply ignore or disregard a child.  How irritated do we get, when we are ignored?  Why do you think it does not bother the little child?  It is important to be fully present and give the child all the awareness he deserves. In the same way, a parent consumed by the pleasure of their activity, whether that be a TV show, a song they enjoy or a rare quiet moment, can often react harshly towards a child looking to be heard or attended to.  Missing that TV dialogue is no big deal, try not to miss a word your child says. When the child receives this kind of attention and caring, he grows in confidence and the natural flow of his expression is strengthened and encouraged.
  3. Less Anger & Irritation: Very often anger, impatience and irritation towards a child is due to the mood of a parent or various ego related circumstances.  I know it’s hard, but try not to let that happen.  Try to establish yourself in calmness and emptiness as best you can.  Take a few deep breaths (give yourself a timeout if necessary :-).  Your violence, verbal or physical, towards the child, has far reaching affects.  They have very fertile, innocent minds and such traumas leave deep and painful impressions.
  4. No Image Building:  This of course is the crux of what Jean Klein is saying above.  He is saying that the image in the child, of a son, comes as a response to the image of the father projecting on him.  In other words, when you play dad, instead of just being a Witnessing Consciousness, he then is forced to play and build the son image.  These images then grow in influence over the relationship and instead of the relationship being established in openness, love and moment to moment awareness, it becomes an interaction between the two images.  The more the images are in play, the less connected one is to one’s Natural Self and the less communion and love there is.

Conclusion of The Right Way to Raise Children:

I have two little boys, four and a year and a half, and boy am I glad I meditate :-D.  If you have not tried this approach of just being established in the Witnessing Consciousness when interacting with your children, I suggest you experiment with it.  You may notice a radical change in your relationship with them and also in how your children respond to you.  Children are dynamic and the best way to be with them, is to just be with them.  Open, aware, in the moment and without the burden of who you think you are or should be.

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  1. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    While I found this article very interesting, I have to wonder, isn’t it important that parental roles be more defined than this? I don’t have any children, so maybe it’s just my point of view. However, isn’t the parent/child role somewhat important in the long-term, or is this something that eventually establishes itself in more spiritual and non-ego-defined terms?

  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for adding to the discussion. Btw: I love that Ass story on your blog, very true too. Gave me my daily dose of laughter yoga for sure :-D.

    Here is the link for others…

    Ass Goes to Jail in Mexico


  3. Andy
    Andy says:

    It seems that ego is so seductive and yet so devastating, like a drug that makes us feel good but is so bad for us. I can certainly see that an unhealthy dose of ego can be damaging in raising a child as well. Thank you for sharing this post.


  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Susan,

    Thanks for the feedback, glad you are enjoying the articles. Yes more articles, kids meditation and kids yoga techniques are certainly in the works :-D.


  5. JHS
    JHS says:

    Thanks for participating in this week’s very special Memorial Day Edition of the Carnival of Family Life at Colloquium! Stop by and check out some of the other wonderful articles included in this edition!

  6. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Marthi,

    Vivid or Lucid dreams are in indication of progress on the spiritual path. Most of us who have traversed it have found this to be the case.

    In fact, lucid dreams often indicate openings or enlightenment experiences are around the corner or are taking place deep inside.

    The bothersome nature though of your dreams is unusual. That can reflect either unresolved emotions being worked out, or if current life is stressful. Try to let them run their course, without feeding any negativity that arsies.

    Let me know how it goes.


  7. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Tom,

    Yours is how I would like my relationship as well to evolve to with my boys as they grow up. Thanks a bunch for adding your insights and experiences to this topic.


  8. Jonathan Mead
    Jonathan Mead says:

    This is a wonderful article. I think many parents have often pondered this question and while I don’t have children yet, it’s valuable to explore in advance. =)

  9. Marthi
    Marthi says:

    Good day Anmol,

    This is a very interesting and true subject. Ignoring any human being IS in fact the worse thing you can even do to your enemy, so it is important that we don’t do this to our children. It is not easy when we are enjoying ourselves as you’ve stated, but also, nothing is impossible.
    On another note, I have a question for you Anmol. I’ve been practising Kundalini for a good month now and I’m begining to have really vivid dreams lately. I started noticing this about almost one week now. Most of my dreams are bothersome though and I’m wondering if you have any insight on why this might be, and if you have any advise that would help?
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Blessing to you and your family.

  10. Helene
    Helene says:

    My daughter once attended a private primary school on Long Island, New York where the headmaster of the school began each day with yoga and meditation. I definitely think that yoga teaches children relaxation and concentration.

  11. Tom Stine | Living from Consciousness
    Tom Stine | Living from Consciousness says:

    Anmol, you said it very well. My own experience confirms each of your points. As I’ve opened myself more and more, I’ve found a natural ease with my son. He is 7, and we get along better and better each day.

    I’ve found that as my own internal conflicts have lessened, as I live more and more in Consciousness, he and I interact in a really simple, easy manner. We laugh easily, we seem in sync with things. I rarely if ever have to even think about discipline. We just don’t have any problems. He seems to become more and more amazing each day, and my heart at times feels like it can’t contain the love I feel.

    After the first big realization, all of this stuff accelerated. If I react from any place but love, I feel the pain very acutely. Talk about motivation to come from light and love! My system feels geared now to only wanting to react from love.

    When I do need to “discipline” him, it isn’t even remotely like punishment. It is very simply consequences. We need certain things to function well together, and when we don’t have those, we can’t live well. He kind of gets it. If I react from a ego, we feel tense with each other an antagonistic. But if I react from Awareness, things settle quickly. And, interestingly, we now have very few “rules” we need to follow because, well, I dropped a lot of them. :-)

  12. m
    m says:

    hi anmol, really appreciate the post. but what about disciplining a child? is it wrong to do that. do we just accept all behavior as being right? thank you


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