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In 2010 we added a large number of yoga poses and positions to our free online yoga galleries, and as we come to the end of the year, it is time once again to highlight the best yoga exercises for this year.  Of all the yoga techniques we added to the Free Kundalini Yoga Exercises E-book and the Free Hatha Yoga Picture Galleries, in this article I am going to highlight for you the top 3 which were the most popular and appreciated.

If you want a great list of some of all time great yoga exercises and poses, please check out the following article: Best Yoga Poses – A Free Comprehensive Guide.

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Best 3 Yoga Techniques of 2010:

The 3 poses below were the top yoga exercises of the year.  Each title is a link to the article, which has all the details for that pose, including benefits, cautions, modifications, etc.  

Best Yoga Exercise #1:

More Free Yoga Postures – Bridge Pose for Lower Back

If you are looking to get rid of back troubles and at the same time strengthen your arms, shoulders and legs, the multi-purpose Bridge Pose is the answer for you.  One of the best aspects of this exercise is the number of variations it offers.  The modifications allow both beginners and advanced yogis to benefit from this pose.

This is a very fundamental yoga pose and it ought to an integral part of any yoga program.  Below are 3 illustrations for this pose, showing the easy, moderate and advanced versions.

Yoga Bridge Pose – Easy:

Yoga Bridge Pose

Yoga Bridge Pose – Moderate:

Bridge Pose Moderate


Yoga Bridge Pose – Advanced:

Bridge Pose Advanced - Best Yoga Pose 1

Best Yoga Pose for 2010 #2:

Dynamic Yoga Sit-ups for a Fast Abdominal Workout

Never underestimate the importance of abdominal work, for not just health and overall well-being, but also for emotional strength and willpower.  So making the list as the number 2 best yoga exercise for 2010 is the excellent and complete Dynamic Yoga Situps.  Frankly, I love this exercise and it is a great way to develop your core strength and abs quickly.

Please check the article on this exercise for the important safety tips.

Starting Position for Dynamic Yoga Sit-ups:


Best Yoga Pose #2 - Dynamic Yoga Situps



Ending Position for Dynamic Yoga Sit-ups:

Best Yoga Exercise #2 - Ending Position

Best Yoga Pose for 2010 #3:

Tiger Pose – Post Natal Weight Loss Exercise

Coming into the third spot for the best yoga exercise for the year is the wonderful Yoga Tiger Pose.  This movement is another one of those yoga exercises that, despite it’s simple design, has the ability to work on almost every part of your whole body.  It’s benefits are numerous, and although it is great for those looking to lose the extra weight after giving birth, the exercise is useful to everybody.  Not just will it help you lose weight, it will also help you get fit and flexible.

Starting Position for Tiger Pose:

Best Yoga #3 - Tiger Pose Starting Position

Ending Position for Tiger Pose:

Top Yoga Pose #3 - Ending Position

Best Yoga Summary:

So there you have the top 3 yoga exercises for 2010.  I am looking forward to bringing you more yoga and meditation techniques in 2011.  I have a whole set of new free yoga videos in the works which will be coming online early next year.  Next in this series of best yoga techniques of 2010, I will highlight the best yoga pranayamas and the best meditations from this year.

Currently I am on vacation recharging my batteries and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas as well :-).

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