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Greed vs. Peace

In the article, 5 Key Principles for Living an Enlightened and Good Life, I listed Relaxation, Witnessing, Affection, Honesty and Courage, as the 5 keys to living at one’s highest level.  These are the 5 principles I fight to adhere to and in this article I will be exercising number four on that list, honesty.

As you might have noticed, I have added a few products for sale on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga recently.  My Amazing Insights E-book for $10, and my latest product, Consciousness Expanding Guided Meditation, also for just $10.  I would like to think that both products are really great ways to not just support my efforts here, but are also excellent for helping you with your spiritual growth .

In the article, My Vision For & Some Additions to Mastery of Meditation, I expressed my desire to align my career with my passion for spirituality, and naturally that meant generating some income to support my family and myself from this blog.  So in case you are wondering about the reasons behind the products, that is it.  Mastery of Meditation & Yoga will still be a free portal, so don’t worry, that is not about to change, but from time to time I will add new products and services to help me get closer to my goal of devoting my life to my passion.

Guided Meditation

I am a pretty big believer that food, clothing and shelter are really all one needs, the rest being just gravy that one should be careful not to get attached to.  And honestly those basic requirements are what I am looking to meet from the advertising on the blog and these products and services.  This point though, of food, clothing and shelter, is worth contemplating deeply.

In today’s consumer driven, more, more, more mentality, is happiness really flourishing?  How much is enough and when do we stop chasing even more material wealth and power?  We see what greed has done on a global level, with the recent collapse of Wall Street and we see the ugliness greed drives people to do, in the shameful scandals of recent times (Madoff, Satyam, etc).  But even more importantly, do we see that greed and peace cannot coexist within us simultaneously?  You will have to drop greed, if you really want peace.

Just try it, not wanting anything and see, it is a remarkably different way to live.  When you are not wanting anything, your whole perception of life changes.  All of a sudden you will be at ease, in the moment, free to listen, able to give, able to forgive and be affectionate…. hmmm… looks like you will be well on your way to meeting the 5 principles of living an enlightened and good life I mentioned at that very beginning .

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