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The Key to Natural Healing

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With the accelerating growth of Mastery of Meditation, I am also receiving a growing number of emails and requests all of which, unfortunately, is difficult for me to keep up with.  I do however try to get to every request, some later than I would like, but the sheer volume makes even that impossible sometimes.  So I appreciate your patience and understanding with regard to this.

Many of the emails and questions I receive, as you can imagine, are health related issues.  Some are quite complex medical problems, which are simply impossible to address adequately over the internet with a simple email response.  So to help all of you with your health and healing process, I want to explain the key aspect of natural healing, as I feel this is the first and most important step to treating the body and helping it cure itself.

I will again use the wise words of enlightened master Jean Klien, from his book the Ease of Being, to help explain this core concept of natural healing.  The most vital aspect of natural healing is being in a state of relaxation and ease.  In other words, not being stressed about your health, illness and body.  I know how hard that can be and the following 2 quotes on the body and natural health, should help you to achieve this peaceful state of mind.

The Key

The Body’s Power to Heal Itself

Q: I find it hard to understand how pain points to the ultimate?

A: […] Another way to express this is to let the body be body.  The body has an organic memory of health.  You have the proof of this in the fact that when you cut your finger, it heals within a week.  The body evidently knows precisely how to heal itself.

Q: Then the natural state of the body is pure health?

A: Yes.  There may be some momentary disturbances, but the fundamental state of the body is health.  The true physician embodies total health because he is health.  He helps health heal the body by going with it.  Many modern medical techniques or medicines oppose health in viewing the body as an enemy.  There must not be any violence.  It is important for you to regard your body as a friend who knows perfect health.


What is the Body? 

Without the thought of being a man there’s no man.  You have an idea of a body but in reality it dosen’t exist.  The body, the man are ways of thinking.

You do not wake up in the morning.  It is the idea of a body which wakes up in you.  What is there before the body wakes up?  You are!


Key to Natural Healing

So the above two insights should help put you at ease with regard to your body and any illness or disease it is facing.  There is monumental empirical evidence now that shows the problems that stress causes to the body, and in the same vein, it is now widely accepted that the ideal state for the body to heal itself is when the patient is positive, aware and relaxed.

Understanding that the body has a built in blue print of perfect health and it will do all it can to heal itself, I feel, is a very reassuring fact.  The human body has enormous intelligence which it has accumulated over centuries, it know exactly what to do and how to do it.  Your job is mostly to listen to it, and assist it with it’s inbuilt healing capabilities.

Many alternative medicine systems embrace and understand the above situation.  They are designed to work with the body to help it heal and also, more and more, Western medicine is acknowledging and aligning with this view.  You can read about Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, and how it models it’s treatment to help restore the natural state of health in the article Introduction to Ayurveda – The Science of Self-Healing.

The second concept of the body as just an idea that awakens in the vast timeless silence which is your True Self, I think is just mind blowing.  I find this view to be very powerful and effective in giving one great freedom from the ebbs and flows of physical health and wellbeing.  Such a view should profoundly relax you and allow you to approach the disease with a peaceful frame of mind.  As a matter of fact, a natural extension of this great insight if you think about it, is the fact that death itself is an outdated and irrelevant concept as well, which can be discarded from your psychology.  So now what is there to worry about?

So whatsoever health issues you are facing, keep in mind that the fantastic human body knows how to heal itself perfectly well and also remember, that you are simply the consciousness within which this drama of life and physical manifestation are being enacted.  Smile, be happy, be brave and enjoy the game.

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    Judy Wilhelm says:

    I asked previously if you could discuss Reiki and its integration with Yoga. I think I have already grasped the answer but would like to hear your opinion. – Namaste


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