Aura Power and Energy

November’s Yoga Pose – Aura Magnification with Eagle Pose

Aura Power

How to Work on Your Aura

So far our monthly yoga poses have focused on building physical strength and flexibility, and for the November pose, we are going to continue our strength building work, but in a more subtle way.  This month we are going to practice a pose to help strengthen an energetic aspect of our being, our Aura.  The pose to help us accomplish this important task is going to be the famous Kundalini Yoga Eagle Pose. 

Aura Power and Energy

The aura is a very important aspect of your totality.  According to Kundalini Yoga the aura is the power of your magnetic field, and it protects you from seen and unseen forces.  In addition, more powerful the aura, more is your ability to influence and heal people.  In other words, a clean shinning aura makes you magnetic and charming.  If that was not enough, the aura is also responsible for attracting positive energy towards you and having this aspect in optimum condition, helps put you in the right place at the right time.

From a numerological perspective the aura is the Seventh body of light, of the Ten Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology model, and it’s strength is determined by the prana (life-force) flowing through your nadis (meridians/energy pathways) and your total nerve energy.  So the greater the flow of your prana, the brighter you will shine, and more charisma, magnetism and opportunities you will have.  One of the best poses for building your aura is Eagle Pose, so let us practice that pose for this month, and reap the many benefits yoga for aura illustration.

If you are interested in more information on 10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology or the service that is offered, you can check the following page: 10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology.  The previous yoga poses for the month were the following three:

August:        Learn Yoga | Nauk Asana for the Month (Abs)

September:  Yoga Pose for Thighs – Frog Pose (Thighs/Butt)

October:      Important Hatha Yoga Posture for Healing – Forward Bend (Thighs/Buttocks)

Before jumping ahead to Eagle Pose, let me give you a quick summary of what the yoga challenge of the month is and how it works.  Essentially, the idea is for us all to include a particular exercise into our yoga practice and then to report back our thoughts and progress with that pose throughout the month.  The goal is to learn a great pose together, and experience and enjoy the benefits of that pose.

The article with all the detail on Eagle Pose is Eagle Pose for Powerful Aura, so please read that first.  Here though are some key points and basic guidelines.

Eagle Pose Practice Tips:

  • Beginner’s start with 15-30 seconds and build up from there.
  • Use the Breath of Fire to power your way through this exercise.
  • Don’t give up on the first sign of discomfort.  If you can see it through, it will get easier as your energy pathways open up.

Eagle Pose for Powerful Aura Illustration 


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  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Both are great for the Aura. I will upload an entire set for the Aura in the future which uses the criss-cross arms as part of the set, but if I had to choose I would say do Eagle Pose first and see how that works for you.


  2. Meditation Books
    Meditation Books says:

    This is interesting. I never knew one could stregthen the aura through yogic kriyas, I have been trying to improve my aura through pranayam and other affirmations. This article can be a great booster for people wanting to build a strong aura.


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