SM Meditation Program: Honesty: Chapter 6

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Silent Mind Meditation Program: Honesty

In the previous chapter regarding confidence we have also asked you to develop and demonstrate courage.  This courage is needed to face yourself as you really, currently are.  SM meditation is a journey back to your natural self but to get there you have to pass through all the false personas that you have embellished.  To do this demands absolute and complete sincerity and such sincerity demands courage, as you may not like what you start to uncover as you press on.  There are 3 primary benefits of complete honesty.  These are as follows… 

SM Meditation

1. Honesty is going to play a pivotal role in helping you establish your practice by making you face the weaknesses that inevitably end up disrupting your progress.  The admittance of these weaknesses is essential if you are going to overcome them.  Deep honesty will not allow you to make false excuses for not doing the needed work and this same honesty will give you the opportunity to challenge the weaknesses and overcome them. 

2. Honesty is going to free up all the energy that is wasted in trying to keep up false faces.  All the endless, inward dialogue that takes place in trying to keep up an image. What you are going to say, how you are going to behave, how you are going to be looked upon, etc, etc, is no longer needed as you are simply going to say what is true, and be who you are.  In other words, you will not waste time and effort in determining what is the image you wish to portray and what it is that others think of it. Play today at the best kizi games.   Instead, just be yourself. Be sincere and true and let the energy instead be used to keep an eye on your mind to ensure that you do not revert back to your old tricks of being false and pretentious. 

3. The requirement of honesty is paramount when you start participating in the SM meditations.  The mind, you will learn, in very cunning and elusive.  It will easily deceive you and in order to catch it in the act you will have to be brutally honest and sharp.   

The need for honesty and sincerity cannot be over-emphasized.  In the early stages it is recommended, to break the habit of unconscious lying and self-deception, even white lies and diplomacy ought to be abandoned and complete forthrightness be embraced.

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