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SM Meditation Program: The Silent Mind Meditations for Phase 3: Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Silent Mind Meditations for Phase 3                    

In phase 3 after you do the Yoga for Awareness set, the rest of the time (40 minutes) will be spent entirely on practicing the Silent Mind Meditation for that week.  In the event that you find yourself very distracted and the mind exceedingly restless, switch to the Basic Mediation of your choice until the mind settles down and then return to the SM mediation. The following are the 4 SM meditations for phase 3.  Any of the four can be a catalyst in propelling you to what lies beyond the mind.  Each should be practiced for 1 week sequentially. 

SM Meditation









SM Meditation III: Concept Meditation:  “Thoughts are just concepts.”          

This SM meditation is very effective for disengaging from your thinking mind and breaking its hold on your awareness.  As we mentioned earlier, the concept is not the actual, or put another way, the word is not the thing.  The word or thought is a conceptual representation of the actual, but for us the mind’s projections have become real and the real has become hidden.  This meditation utilizes the fact that every thought is just a thought, it is just a concept – not real – and asks that you see this fact and drop it.  Generally we are always drawn into the thought due to our attachments, but in this mediation seeing the thought as just a concept de-claws it of its power and ends its reign on us.  Any attempt to do anything different is just another concept so don’t buy into it and just drop that as well.  You will know you are getting this when you start to realize the difference between being inside a thought versus being outside a thought. 

SM Meditation IV: Time Meditation:  “Thought requires Time to move.”          

This meditation is a little more subtle than the ones you have been practicing so far.  It is one that justifies the requirement that the fact should be intellectually understood (requirement #3).  For this meditation we will focus on the future component embedded in our every thought from moment to moment.  In every effort, every goal, every attempt there is the assumption of a future time in which the state sought after will come into existence.  Without this assumption no effort or struggle could be born.  The attempt to reproduce a previous state or achieve a new one implicitly requires the future to be a part of one’s reality and the object of this SM meditation is to see that and disallow it.  Without time, there is nowhere for you to travel to.  The meditation will take you from the struggle of becoming into the ease of being.  Remember the key to SM meditation is to see the fact.  So here you must see the fact of time embedded in each effort, doing so and rejecting it will bring about an opportunity for the timeless to be. 

SM Meditation V: Hope Meditation:  “Hope is the constant state of our minds.”            

We are always hoping.  This is closely related to the previous SM meditation in which you were observing the fact of time.  In this meditation, you have to see that you are always hoping, for whatever reason, to get somewhere.  This hope gives rise to your efforts and your exertion of will in an attempt to fulfill.  Remember the object of SM meditation is to start to see the reality of this and drop it from moment to moment.  In the end even hope has to be abandoned if you are interested in the Truth. 

SM Mediation VI: Asleep Meditation: “You are constantly asleep.”            

In this final SM meditation you will look to realize the fact that “You are constantly asleep.”  As soon as a thought sucks you in, you are lost in the story line, asleep to reality.  The only thing you can do is become aware that you are lost.  The instant where you have attended to your inattention is when you are not lost.  As the mind moves again, it will again try to seduce you into its reality and put you to sleep.  Upon seeing that your attention has once again been compromised, you are in alertness.  This is the crux of SM –  to be awake from moment to moment as best as you can.

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6 replies
  1. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    In today’s SM session, I recognized that I am stuck up and that I categorize people in different groups and choose to associate myself with the ones that are beneficial to my ego. I also recognized that my life from age 12 onwards has been dominated by the word “should” and this has likely led to depression. I “should” do this, I “should” go to college and to grad school and so forth.

    Good stuff!


  2. Casey
    Casey says:

    Hello Anmol and everyone.

    I discovered something interesting while doing a silent mind meditation on desire today that I felt would be poignant to share, as I also have some questions about it.

    While meditating after doing the yoga for awareness, I was about an hour and a half or a bit more in, and I was on the brink of mental silence, when I discovered a “bubble” in my mind, subtle as could I, that I felt strongly was my subconscious. Undetected in normal, day-to-day existence, this is the first time I’ve witnessed a literal layer to the mind; the break between conscious awareness and subconscious awareness being a perceivable thing.

    I describe it as a bubble as it seems that when I “looked” closely at it, it was a curved layer, like a spherical cap on a deep level of the mind. Without too much indecision, I penetrated the bubble and found myself immediately in a visual storm of information and thoughts. The mental silence I had realized from the meditation disintegrated quickly as new thoughts, subtle and unknown, flooded the mind. Not knowing exactly what it contained and not ready to dig into it in that particular session, I worked out of the “bubble” and once again had a relatively silent mind.

    The experience was deeply interesting. I have for a few months been practicing SCK, Sat Kriya, and SM, and for about one month the yoga for awareness. Never before have I had an experience with my subconscious like this.

    Anyone else experience anything like it before?

  3. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Hello Anmol! This is Andrew, i`m at the 4th week of SM meditation program, but i want to say some results.
    First result was that all my problems was solved, with parents, with friends, i was able to change myself to the best. I`d revealed what i truly want, what was the reason of all my doubts, i`ve found forces after meditation to finallly show my true nature to my parents and friends. I beacome happy more happy with every single day, but i can`t be fully happy… I discovered that i wish to love, wish to love a girl and i was rejected by her after that.

    I do not know what to do – i wish to love with all my heart, but do not really know who is playing such a terrible joke with me. I have gained already much benefits from meditation – physical strength, more energy and the main thing – i`ve saw that light that i once spoken about again… I`ve looked onto this article and one thing is little insane for me – the crux of SM – to awake from the moment to moment.

    I`ve that question Anmol, i can`t found answer for it as well as my love… I wish to love a girl with all my heart, but something tells me that after my awakening there will be no way back… Something tells me that i`ll lose my love if i will find it, and i do not really know what to do… I`m tored apart between love and progress, something tell me that i`ll be no more able to love and lose it forever…

    Please help me in this situation Anmol, i do not want to lose apportunity to love, love is everything for me, i want to find it again, after my heart was broken by one girl (but i`ve found forces in myself and let her go and i`d followed your advice in article – accept all difficulties with a smile) .

    After i was able to say everyone my true nature and my dream – to be with my loved girl, my soulmate and sit with her on the beach looking on the beautiful sunset, watch it and after that all night spend with loved girl…

    My friends call me romantic and i agree with them now, this is my most strong and clear wish, that is my soul wish – to love and be loved…

    All the best,

  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Paul,

    You are absolutely correct. In fact, in the past, many years would have to first be spent in service of the Guru before being instructed in many of the techniques offered here. I am glad to make this information available to all.

    Thank you for your feedback.


  5. Paul A Tamby
    Paul A Tamby says:

    Times were when one had to search for a guru, thenfollowed acquiringknowledge through books and nowit is available via internet. Advacement in technology does seem to help in the furtherance of these ancient knowledges. Many thanks to you sir,for being a contributor to this activity.


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