SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Awareness: Appendix 3

Appendix 3

Silent Mind Meditation Program: Yoga for Awareness

1.     Advanced Pranayam:

Chapter 14: Breath Work: Advanced Pranayam: As described for 5 minutes     

2.     Energy Rising Yoga Set:

(This set has an updated version you can find here: Kundalini Awakening Raja Yoga Set.  Please use this new version as it is better designed to help you build up slowly).

a.      Description: This set is going to use all 3 yogic locks (Bandhas) to channel energy from the lower energy centers of the body upward towards the higher centers, specially to the brain region which is the seat of awareness.  More details regarding the Kundalini and Chakra system is available in the Kundalini Yoga section.                                                                

 i.      Sit in Sukh Asan.  Inhale first then exhale.  While holding your breath out squeeze and release root lock 16 times.  Root lock (Mula bandh) is the pulling up and in of the 3 lower muscles;  the anus, the perineum, and the naval.  Squeeze and release root lock 16 times then inhale, exhale, hold breath out and repeat squeezing and releasing root lock 16 times.  Continue cycle for 5 minutes.                                                            

 ii.      Continue to sit in Sukh Asan.  Now squeeze root lock and diaphragm lock (Uddiyana Bandh) together 16 times with the breath held out as before.  Diaphragm lock  is the pulling up and in of the abdominal muscles.  Once done with 16 squeezes inhale, then exhale and repeat cycle for 5 minutes.                                                          

 iii.      Continue to sit in Sukh Asan, now squeeze root lock, diaphragm lock and neck lock (Jalandhara Bandh) 16 times with the breath held out.  Neck lock is pulling the neck back and the chin slightly down towards the chest.  You should feel tension in the back of the neck.  After 16 squeezes of all 3 locks together inhale, then exhale and repeat the cycle for 5 minutes.

b.      Breath:  As described above. Inhale, then exhale and hold breath out while squeezing the appropriate lock(s), then release, inhale and repeat.

c.      Duration:  15 minutes total.  5 minutes per segment.

d.      Benefit:  This is a very powerful set.  It activates all the primary energy vortexes (chakras) of the body, bringing balance and awareness to the system.  The set awakens primal potential energy (Kundalini) stored at the base of the spine and draws it up to the brain.  It builds the digestive system, the respiratory system, circulatory system and nervous system. 

e.      Cautions:  If you find this set difficult, reduce the number of squeezes to 8 per cycle.  You can also reduce the intensity of the squeeze to a level that is comfortable and build up slowly.

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6 replies
  1. Casey
    Casey says:

    This is a very potent set! Is there a particular place the eyes should be focusing in this set? Also, does this set utilize sexual energy, similar to Sat Kriya, or another form of biochemical energy?

  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    I am very happy to hear you are on your way to mastering this difficult set and it is being of benefit to you.

    Yes practicing a meditation afterwards is perfectly fine. I suggest, if you are inclined to Insight Meditation, to try the following meditation technique. It is the most advanced form of Jyana Yoga and is the meditation that I favor. It is not easy but is most direct, immediate and profound. If you have issues or questions w/ it let me know and we will go forward from there…

    The Silent Mind Meditations:

    Best Wishes,

  3. Sanjay Rewatkar
    Sanjay Rewatkar says:

    Dear Anmol

    Thanks for the tips. I am almost able to perform the 16 repetitions as advised. Oh what a feeling one gets after finishing the last cycle. After finishing this set I feel like going in to meditation and I immediately take up one of the medittations detailed by you. Is it alright.

    Please advise any specific meditation you want to suggest after performing the Energy Rising Yoga Set.

    with regards


  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    (Below is my response to a reader who was looking for additional guidance on this set, which I think is worth sharing with others trying to practice this advanced set).

    The set can be practiced in the following progression as well, which I think you will find useful in developing your capacity and is equally effective.

    1. Inhale – Exhale – squeeze mula bandha 4 times
    2. Inhale – Exhale – sqeeze mula bandha + uddiyana bandha 4 times
    3. Inhale – Exhale – squeeze mula bandha + uddiyana bandha + jalandhara bandha 4 times
    4. Inhale – Exhale squeeze mula bandha 5 times
    5. Inhale – Exhale squeeze mula bandha + uddiyana bandha 5 times
    6. Inhale – Exhale squeeze mula bandha + uddiyana bandha + jalandhara bandha 5 times
    7. Continue to increase this count up over time Without Too Much Strain up to 16.

    Take a few extra breaths in between each step as well as required.

    Please pay special attention to what your heart, mind and body tell you and not try and do too much too soon. You should not be straining excessively specially when doing pranayama that requires breath retention on inhale or exhale.

  5. sanjay
    sanjay says:

    very well done . a beautiful compilation of information useful progressing on path of spirituality,

    please continue doing it.



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