Silent Mind Meditation Program: Index

Silent Mind Meditation Program: Index

• Silent Mind Meditation Program: Author’s Note
• Silent Mind Meditation Program Introduction: Chapter 1
• Silent Mind Meditation Program Overview: Chapter 2
• SM Meditation Program Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice: Chapter 3
• SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Meditation: Chapter 4
• SM Meditation Program: Confidence: Chapter 5
• SM Meditation Program: Honesty: Chapter 6
• SM Meditation Program: Basic Meditations: Chapter 7
• SM Meditation Program Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice: Chapter 8
• SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Energy (Kundalini): Chapter 9
• SM Meditation Program: Passion: Chapter 10
• SM Meditation Program: Urgency: Chapter 11
• Silent Mind Meditation: The SM Meditations: Chapter 12
• SM Meditation Program: Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice for Phase 3: Chapter 13
• Silent Mind Meditation Program: Yoga for Awareness: Chapter 14
• Silent Mind Meditation Program: Sensitivity: Chapter 15
• Silent Mind Meditation Program: Non-attachment: Chapter 16
• SM Meditation Program: The Silent Mind Meditations for Phase 3: Chapter 17
• SM Meditation Program: Practical Hints & Tips: Chapter 18
• SM Meditation Program: 10 Side Benefits of SM: Chapter 19
• Silent Mind Meditation Program: Summary: Chapter 20
• SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Meditation Set: Appendix 1
• SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Energy (Kundalini): Appendix 2
• SM Meditation Program: Yoga for Awareness: Appendix 3

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6 replies
  1. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    I am very new at SM meditation, but look forward to mastering the process. Thank you for this excellent information….I am truly enjoying it.

  2. Trupti Mehta
    Trupti Mehta says:


    SM is the direct path to enlightenment. It will help all those who practice it seriously. Good job with your program keep going and include this meditation now to complete your journey.

    Love and Light,

  3. Sanjay Desai
    Sanjay Desai says:

    Dear Mr. Anmol,
    I have been doing Pranayama for about 45 minutes daily for last 7 months as shown by Shri Ramdevji (Bhastrika-4/5 minutes, Kapalbhati 12/15 minutes, Bahya Prnayam with Tri bandh 5 to 7 times, Anulaom Vilom 12/15 minutes, Bhramari 7 times, Udgit 7 times with concentration on each Chakra and Pranav Dhyan 2/3 minutes. I want to go little ahead in Meditation. Will the silent meditation help me ? And if at all it ishelping how should I go about ? Will it be having different Plan ?

    Hoping for your early guidance in this matter.

    Thanking You,

    Sanjay Desai

  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Marthi,

    I don’t know a meditation to help with hair-loss, but I will say that meditation will certainly help with dealing with the stress that hair loss can cause.

    I hear what you mean about us guys having it be easier. A good college friend of mine was losing his hair so he decided to go with the bald look and…. much to our amazement he never had trouble finding women again :-D.

    Don’t worry about the questions. I enjoy the discussions and feedback.


  5. Marthi
    Marthi says:

    Hi Anmol,
    First I want to thank you for all your quick responses to my questions. Thank you for telling about my vivid dreams situation.
    Secondly, I have another question and hope you don’t get frustrated with me for asking so many of them. My question is that I read about a Meditation technique that is supposedly good for hair; specifically for hairloss prevention and regrowth. Is this true? What do you know about his subject? I’d like to learn what could help my hairloss situation; especially because I am a woman! I think it is more scarry for a woman to lose her locks than for a guy…well, that is just my opinion. At least men can shave it all off and look strickingly sexy right? ;)


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