What is a Right Question?

The article, The Most Critical Tool for Progressing On Your Spiritual Journey, pointed out that one of the most essential tools in helping you with your spiritual evolution was – Asking the Right Questions.  The post investigated this concept and explained that, Irrelevant Questions Lead to Unimportant Answers.  In response to this article Kara-Leah Masina, who authors the terrific blog Be Conscious Now, asked the following question, “What is a right question?”  Her question was so good that it has prompted me to write this article to discuss it.

I indicated to her that her question is the right kind of question.  The following example will provide a good analogy for us to work off as we look to investigate this concept…


Imagine yourself to be a terrific warrior.  A master with the sword and imagine Suffering to be a terribly powerful 5 headed Hydra.  You have located the Hydra and are now engaging in a fierce battle with this great beast.  You are expertly wielding your vorpal weapon and with great skill are successfully beheading its various heads.  The problem that you start to notice is that as you chop off one or two heads, while battling the remaining heads, the ones that you chopped off Grow Back!  You persist keenly, but, each step forward is followed by the disappointment of an inevitable step back as well.  So there is no end in sight and defeat seems imminent. Finally, weary of the battle you seek advise from your inner Self, who informs you that to kill the Hydra stop messing with the heads and attack the heart instead.

This example will illuminate many important points I want to make and will lead us towards our answer.  Unimportant questions are like battling the heads, while the right question is like piecing the heart.  First and foremost, the very fact that you are battling the Hydra means you have come a long way and have discovered the true enemy.  So this is not to be overlooked.  Next, if you are battling the heads, at least you are asking questions, which is also good and means you are on your way.  Finally, when you get to the point of forming and asking the right questions you have gone deep into the root of the problem and are ready to strike the fatal blow.  So what I am saying here is that I don’t want to dissuade dialogue on the topic of spirituality, even if the questions are not quite perfect.  Sometimes battling many heads is part of the process of getting to the heart, even though it won’t kill the beast.  Having said that, one has to eventually get to asking the Right Question(s) and here is the nature of what a right question is.

The right question is one which when thoroughly answered, answers all questions.  This is not a clever answer, a cool play on words or a far fetched statement.  This is a fact!

When ANY right question is fully answered, there are no more questions left. 


You are finished.  Seeking is over.  Searching is over.  Groping is over.

You are Done! 

Let me explain this further.  A right question goes deep into the root of the matter.  It penetrates into the heart of the beast.  In order to answer such a question the fundamental components of the ego in action will have to be examined.  These components are psychological time, psychological self and psychological pleasure/security.  They are the common factors in all of suffering and once properly understood, one has the insight to answer all important questions.  This is really worth understanding well.  Let me give some examples of right questions to help…

How does Desire Cause Suffering?

What is ambition and can it end?

What is fear?

What is effort? 

What is the difference between action and reaction?

What is innocence?

What is attachment?

Who am I?

How can I solve my problems?

What is the right way to live?

What is hope?

What is the true meaning of life?

What is freedom?

Is there free will?

What is attention?

All the questions above are examples of right questions.  In answering any one of them and understanding it through and through, you will answer all the other questions automatically.  Look at it like this.  When you answer a right question fully, it’s like climbing to the top of the mountain.  From there you can see the answer to all the other questions that are seeking to climb the mountain.  Asking unimportant questions is like tinkering about, while asking the right question is like performing surgery.  You get rid of the root cause, thus eliminating all the problems in one fell swoop.  So ask the right questions and be a Light Unto Yourself.

This understanding is one of the corner stones of the Silent Mind Meditation System, which you can delve into further by heading over to The Silent Mind Meditations: Chapter 12 (Please be warned, this chapter is not light reading and is for those serious about enlightenment).  

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9 replies
  1. Candy
    Candy says:

    This article really made me think. I keep falling into a certain trap and do not know how to avoid it. It hurts then it hurts those around me. When I begin to feel unloved, inferior, and just in the dumps, I hold it in which makes me feel so awful. I know the Fact but getting at the heart is difficult. I have been striking at the heads for far too long wondering why I cannot conquer this dragon. Now I know why. The Heart!
    But can I do this? I feel lost with this one…

  2. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    You are correct. Once you have become consciously aware of the inner workings of your mind then you get a brief moment of true inner peace. I find I must remind myself to stay aware or I will fall back into the same place of believing the creations of my mind.

  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey KL,

    You continue to greatly inspire me with your feedback!

    Tantra is certainly one of my favorite topics, so stay tuned… there sure is more to come regarding it :-D

  4. K-L Masina | What is Consciousness?
    K-L Masina | What is Consciousness? says:

    Great post! I just love your blog Anmol – so, so wonderful. And yes, you’re right – we do seem to be on a cosmic mind thing at the moment!

    I would love to know more about sex and spirituality from you, when it’s not concerned with making babies!

    Much joy

  5. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Krishan,

    I love your spirit. It is certainly that of Kundalini Yogi. Am glad to have your presence and energy on the Mastery of Meditation website. I enjoy your Kundalini Yoga website as well :-)

    To answer your question you may want to check out this article on my experience with the Who Am I meditation, which seeks to answer this very question…

    Keep Rocking.

  6. Krishan Singh
    Krishan Singh says:

    I believe the correct answer to the Hydra question is to uproot the hydra from the ground and throw it into the Sun ;-)

    Here is a good question:

    How can I come to know myself?


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