The Brilliance of God and the Mystery of Death

Anmol’s Journal – 1-8-2016

A poem describing a recent experience of God, Death, Purpose and the Beyond.

Beyond Life and Death

It came upon sweetly,
an oh so familiar sight.
Patterns of brilliant shapes,
all made of splendid light.

The symmetry was bewildering,
the mathematics of God.
Moving in every direction,
leaving one dazed and awed.

The patterns took on colors,
red, white, yellow and blue.
Was that an Angel that I spotted,
amongst the spectacular hue?

The beauty of the Angel,
was a sight to behold.
Unmeasurable and almost painful
more than a heart can hold.

Then came the white light,
pure, clear and blinding.
Remind myself I did,
that there was no reason for hiding.

The bliss was also flowing,
a smile emerging from within.
So much, so much pleasure,
it had to be a sin.

Then he appeared,
as intelligence personified.
My questions burst forth,
I had my own personal guide.

The ocean of lights,
an awesome awesome sight.
A million perfect patterns,
made perfectly right.

What’s my purpose in life?
What must I do?
Just tell me my master,
and also… who are you?

There is no other.
I am only you.
There is no other,
there is only one, not two.

Then he paused and he smiled,
as I gazed into the sea.
Then I realized,
there was no you or me.

So now to the question,
it made sense no more.
If there was no me,
purpose is whom for?

This world was so real,
it was here it was there.
It certainly existed,
although it was nowhere.

There seemed to be space,
but no trace of time.
Everything merged into each other,
nothing was yours, nothing was mine.

The next question arose,
it had to do with dying.
But without time and the me,
Is an answer worth trying?

I stared into the streams,
it’s secret I finally got.
This was a place beyond reason,
not a place for man and thought.

It was mystery, it was mystic,
it was meant to be that way.
It was not about the answers,
what it was about, I cannot say.

He understood my question,
he enjoyed my bewilderment.
This is just existence,
this is exactly what was meant.

There is an Isness Here,
there are lights and patterns of glee.
There is an Isness Here,
I AM, I AM that’s it says he.

I worry this too will stale,
as everything does with man.
Even if it’s bliss and joy,
I still suspect the plan.

The worrying was undone,
by showcasing what came next.
My friends “empty” and “nothing”,
thus no need to be vexed.

It had already been some time,
in the world I’d left behind.
And I wondered if I continued,
if I would lose my mind.

I thought it would be best,
to get back to my body in bed.
I though it would be best,
to get back into my head.

Had I strayed away too far?
I could not find my bed.
Had I strayed away too far?
I could not find my head.

Would it be so bad I thought,
given I was soaked in bliss.
If I never returned at all,
what life would I miss?

Back to bed I said,
things were getting a little scary.
Back to bed I said,
things were getting kinda hairy.

I concentrated hard,
and managed my way back.
Be careful what you play with,
or you could end up a quack.

My heart was racing on,
I pulled myself together.
The panic was a storm,
but I had practice how to weather.

Soon I closed my eyes again,
and took another trip.
I still wanted to see more,
I hoped I would not flip.

This time the patterns came in black,
still beautiful and right.
There was no trace of light,
but it was oh still such a sight.

I looked deeper this time,
beyond the sea, beyond the essence.
And there I finally encountered,
thunderous silence, silent presence.


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  1. sharita
    sharita says:

    Thanks Anmol. I really enjoyed the poem. This is my second day of Yoga using your videos. I thoroughly enjoy them and find the information you provide extremely useful. Thanks again.


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