Meditation Power to Discard Aloneness

The Power of Aloneness – Meditation Video Series

One of the most profound and important experiences in life is that of Aloneness, and it is what we will deeply explore in the video below.  Aloneness is an actual state, which should not be confused with loneliness.  Loneliness, which is the result of incessant ego-centric thinking, is a feeling of being completely isolated from the Universe.  Loneliness is a feeling of despair, pain and emptiness, and perhaps what we are actually running from all the time, but Aloneness is something completely different.  It is the feeling of being connected directly with the Universe, Life and Nature with no-one and nothing in between.  As much as Loneliness is a curse, Aloneness is a blessing.

Aloneness is the platform from which true meditation can blossom.  Aloneness allows one to discard all second hand knowledge that we have been filled with and gives one fresh, innocent eyes to see the world as it really is.  This leads to understand and wisdom.  Also, with aloneness one is filled with confidence and impersonal power.  The strength to stand apart and which is essential if one is to take the journey to Enlightenment.

Meditation Power to Discard Aloneness

Having aloneness means one can now work to be a light onto oneself.  No other is needed and one can directly confront life and find the path necessary to end suffering.

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The areas we will investigate in the video below – The Power of Aloneness – are…

1. What is Aloneness?

2. How to come upon this state?

3. Aloneness and Meditation.

4. Aloneness and empowerment.

Please feel free to provide your feedback or ask questions in the comments section below.  Also, stay tuned for the next video of this series coming next week :-).

Direct YouTube Link –> The Power of Aloneness

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