Highest form of Intelligence

What is Intelligence – Intelligent Meditation Video

Continuing with the new meditation video series on Mastery of Meditation, this next video delves into what truly is intelligence and what is the highest form of intelligence.  As we continue to explore the depths of meditation and a meditative life, we start to understand ourselves and our purpose in life more deeply.  We also find that this journey can demand from us our very best and in time come to realize the true meaning and purpose of many of our human characteristics and potentials.

One such great potential we have is intelligence and as we walk this path we come to understand the real meaning and use of intelligence.

Highest form of Intelligence

This video will discuss this very interesting topic and hopefully give you a clear and perhaps new way to look at what makes humans so special.  The power of intelligence.

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The three areas we will investigate in this video are…

1. What is intelligence and what intelligence is not?

2. What is the true purpose of intelligence?

3. How to develop and enhance intelligence?

4. How to meditate intelligently?

Please feel free to provide your feedback or ask questions in the comments section below.  Also, stay tuned for the next video of this series coming next week :-).

Direct YouTube Link –> What is Intelligence 


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