Insight Meditation Tips

Insight Meditation Tips – The Power of Urgency

Insight Meditation Tips

The Power of Urgency

Without a doubt, abiding passion is a cornerstone of a successful, longterm meditation practice, but not far behind in the list of requirements is the need for urgency as well.  It is almost as if the abiding passion creates the atmosphere for meditation to be practiced and then urgency, provides the necessary catalyst for insight to explode.

I have been sharing the insights that take place during my meditation session in the series “Insights from Advanced Meditation Practice”, and below is another such insight which I noted after a deep meditation session.  The particular technique I practice, for those interested, is along the lines of Insight Meditation (Gyan Yoga or Zen Meditation) and I have gone into it in some detail in the following article Silent Mind Meditation Technique.

Insight Meditation Tips

Here is the insight I noted regarding the requirement of urgency on the path to enlightenment.

Insight Meditation Tips – The Need for Urgency

We are dying.  That is a fact.  Slowly, despite what the New Age pundits preach, we are physically deteriorating.  It is the way of that which is physical.  We must feel this urgency.  We must be almost desperate – and yet be composed.

As a human we are capable of encountering the True nature of things, and this opportunity is very much precious.  It ought to be optimized for the true discovery of things real.   Do whatever is necessary to break free from complacency-  there is no time for laziness.

It is best not to get into situations that distract us, than to get in and then try to get out.  At the end one has to not worry about survival, one has to only worry about applying oneself totally to the discovery of one’s True nature.

Consider yourself on death row and the only escape is meditation.

Analysis of Urgency During Insight Meditation

All the great masters of meditation recognize this need for urgency.  It is what allows for the total commitment to awaken.  This total commitment then gives them the necessary energy needed to penetrate the dualistic mind and see the Oneness, which is the True Reality that lies beyond.  The key to this urgency is to realize that the clock is ticking.

Many traditions use various means to spur this sense of urgency onwards.  In some schools of yoga, human birth is considered an immeasurably rare opportunity and the students are constantly reminded of that by the teachers to keep them focused.  In Buddhism, one of the realizations which led the Buddha to pursue meditation was the fact of age, illness and death.  In similar fashion, other masters such as Gurdjieff & Krishnamurti, remind us of the paramount importance of applying ourselves passionately towards our freedom right now.

Scattered throughout this blog are such reminders and below is my favorite zen quote pointing out the importance of our  meditation practice and how urgent the situation is…

Let me respectfully remind you, life & death are of supreme importance.  Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost.  Each of us must strive to awaken.  Awaken!  Take heed, do not squander your lives.

For those new to meditation, you may be interested in the Free Online Classes here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  Here is the link to the Free Online Beginner’s Meditation Class.

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6 replies
  1. Dig Deeper
    Dig Deeper says:

    Thanks Anmol,

    It makes perfect sense.

    Use what is useful when and where it is useful!

    And your rambling is greatly appreciated!

    Keep smiling,


  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Ben,

    Perfect! Yes this leads to a very important point which I have found to be very liberating. All these theories, attitudes to embrace, etc and nothing but tools to help one evolve. The wise teacher is one who knows when to apply which tool to which student.

    In other words, a student who is already obsessed with enlightenment might need to be told, there is no rush, eventually all will remerge with the Source, while a student who is just plain lazy, might need to be told, time is of essence, get busy boy.

    And, as you have pointed out, at different stages of our journey we need to apply the tool appropriately. Hope this makes sense. In fact I will probably put together an article about it, as it might help a lot of people from realizing it’s not about trying to prove these various theories and attitudes, but about learning how to apply them towards spiritual growth which is important.

    Thanks for opening this door for me to ramble :-D.


  3. Dig Deeper
    Dig Deeper says:

    Hey Anmol,

    Nice Post!

    This is one of my challenges. I’ve studied schools of thought that are right inline with what you are saying, and schools of thought that imply this attitude will get the way of acceptance (equanimity). On occasion, I struggle with which way to go.

    I suspect I typically fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I am occasionally passionately devoted to my practice (whether it’s martial arts, meditation, energy work, etc.)… and occasionally I am very relaxed and casual about it. I have enjoyed some interesting insights and experiences on both sides of the coin.

    Have you ever had a similar challenge?

    keep smiling,



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