Best Treatments for Stress and Anxiety Disorder

Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Treatments for Stress and Anxiety

Looking to reduce stress and treat your anxiety disorder?  Well you could not have come to a better place for doing just that .   A large study just completed at the University of West Virginia concluded that one of the best treatment for treating stress and anxiety is the combination of meditation, yoga and breathing exercises!  They might as well have just said, that the best treatment for stress and anxiety is to regularly visit Mastery of Meditation & Yoga and practice the free techniques that are available there .

Specifically, the study looked at how effective mindfulness (being in the present) was to the reduction of everyday and workplace stress.  In doing so, the research also looked at which were the best techniques for cultivating such mindfulness and found that answer to be, meditation, yoga and breathing exercises.  The research showed that living mindfully, and using these techniques, drastically helped reduce stress, and cure anxiety problems as well.  Here are some of the amazing health benefits reported by the research.

Stress and Anxiety Disorder

Stress, Anxiety and More Treated by Mindfulness Technique:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Treated Anxiety Disorder
  • Improved functioning of Internal Systems (Digestive, Immune, Nervous, etc) and better overall health
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Spontaneously cured physical disorders
  • Better Pain Management
  • Relaxed & Calmed the mind
  • Led to higher levels of happiness and peace

How Stress & Anxiety Were Treated:

In this study the participants were required to practice and learn mindfulness techniques and incorporate them into their life for a period of eight weeks.  This is of course not the first study into the health benefits of meditation and yoga, and also, we know that the benefits of these sciences extends far beyond just the treatment of stress and anxiety.  Two articles right here on the website detail other research that have also indicated the marvelous benefits of these sciences (Brain Health Benefits of Meditation and Amazing Benefits of Meditation for Young People & Students).  To enjoy such benefits, it is necessary to learn and practice these techniques though and a 2 month period is a pretty good time frame for that.

Above I mentioned that this website is full of techniques which will help you develop exactly what the research indicated to treat stress and help with anxiety disorders, so let me point out the best of these techniques for you now.

Best Meditation Technique to Treat Stress & Anxiety:

At the heart of mindful living lies the practice of meditation, and the very best meditation to develop mindfulness is Zen Meditation.  Mindfulness comes from the teaching of the Buddha, and this is Buddha’s meditation.  So to drastically reduce stress and fight anxiety, establish a 20 minute daily practice of this meditation.  In fact, for the purpose of anxiety and stress reduction, treat meditation like a therapy, for that is exactly what it is if you are suffering from these disorders.  And just as you would not skip an important treatment for a disease you are inflicted with, similarly, don’t skip your meditation therapy session either .

Here is a detailed article which will teach you this technique and has a video instructions and demonstrations as well.

Zen Meditation for Treating Stress & Anxiety Disorder

Best Breathing Exercise for Treating Stress & Anxiety:

Breathing techniques are wonderful therapies for treating stress and anxiety as well, and the one technique that has been known through the ages to help with these 2 disorders is Alternate Nostril Breathing.  So if you are really serious about reducing stress in your life, and eliminating all it’s harmful affects, include this technique into your treatment program is a must.  In addition, you will find a drastic reduction is anxiety as well, with the small added bonus of significant spiritual growth .

Here is a video instruction and demonstration of this technique along with details on how to practice it safely and effectively.

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Stress & Anxiety Treatment

Here is the video from the above article:


Best Yoga Pose for Reducing Stress & Anxiety:

In the Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Practice, I stressed the importance of awareness when doing your practice, and this awareness is key to building mindfulness and the ability to live in the present.  So in general, all yoga done correctly is going to be good for you, but I want to point out a few poses that I feel will be especially effective for stress and anxiety reduction.

The titles are links to the articles which have the details you need.

1. Corpse Pose for Relaxation & Stress Reduction:

Of course, corpse pose is yoga’s answer to stress and anxiety.  It is an excellent pose with which to relax the entire mind/body complex and dissolve stress from your system.  The ability of this pose to generate tranquility, calmness and relaxation for the mind and body are unsurpassed.  So certainly include this exercise into your treatment program.  It can be done individually, or as part of a set.

2. Relaxation Meditation for Immediate Stress Reduction:

Another great technique for immediate stress reduction comes from the school of Kundalini Yoga and is called Relaxation Meditation Technique.  This is a simple and effective treatment to help you deal with anxiety, panic attacks and stress.  The article includes a video demonstration of this neat little technique.

Here is the video for this Relaxation Meditation Technique:


Treating Stress & Anxiety Disorders Summary:

The research showed that the combination of meditation, yoga and breathing were a great combination to help you reduce stress and anxiety from your life, by cultivating mindfulness.  There 3 sciences are the building blocks for the free online classes offered here on this website.  So if you are serious about eliminating stress and reducing anxiety, then I strongly recommend taking these classes.  After all, they are free and they will do a lot more for you as well.

Of all the classes that are available, I feel the following 3 will be great as treatments for these difficult disorders.

Beginner’s Yoga & Breathing

Beginner’s Meditation

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

The classes above contain many of the techniques I mentioned in this article which are best for treating stress and anxiety, and they are also a great way to cultivate joy, compassion and wisdom.

Finally, I want to point you to some more articles here on the website, which have also detailed treatments to reduce stress and help with anxiety disorder.

Anxiety and Depression Help | 4 Effective Treatments

Sheetali Breathing Exercise for Stress Management

Your True Stories About Stress & Anxiety Reduction w/ Yoga

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  1. John James
    John James says:

    Being stressed is very difficult because it can surely affect your behavior. There are a lot of ways to cope up with it. Just try to relax, one way is to join boot camps , here there are a lot of things you can do that will surely enjoy for sure. You can even develop relationships with other people.

  2. inositol anxiety
    inositol anxiety says:

    Awesome information, you haven’t missed much in your article these are great tips for anyone looking to reduce or get rid of anxiety, well done, great info.

  3. Mais
    Mais says:

    Thanks for sharing these great techniques with me! I will definitely have to use them after I get back from my weight loss surgery in mexico.I especially liked the breathing exercise and think it will be very helpful for me!

  4. Nancy
    Nancy says:


    Superb writing! Very helpful information! Love your article!

    – Nancy

    p.s. I just wrote one here as well treatments for anxiety! Take a look!

  5. Ann Marie M at Anxiety Cures Blog
    Ann Marie M at Anxiety Cures Blog says:

    Indeed these are some of the best methods for curing anxiety. I’m starting a yoga class this week and am really excited to see the outcome.

  6. Children with Anxiety Guru
    Children with Anxiety Guru says:

    Breathing skills are so important to teach to children with anxiety, it’s a skill they can use the rest of their life and so simple to learn! It’s amazing how much time we spend teaching them things that are relatively unimportant, while a valuable life skill like breath and meditation gets tossed the “new age” bucket or some other nonsense. What is more important, being healthy and at peace or knowing the date some ancient battle took place???

  7. The Cure Anxiety Attacks Guy
    The Cure Anxiety Attacks Guy says:

    I would have to agree with the University of West Virginia when they say that one of the best treatment for treating stress and anxiety is the combination of meditation, yoga and breathing exercises! Because to cure anxiety attacks without worrying about side effects its best to use all natural methods.

    Why take medication to help cure one problem, but then you start having problems with other things?

  8. Nikhil
    Nikhil says:

    I really appreciate the depth of the article and the video demonstration. So many people hire medical tourism companies and travel to far east for learning meditation. All they need is to visit your website.


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