Detox Your Body

Powerful Yoga to Cleanse & Detox Your Body

Yoga to Detox Your Body

Deep Body Cleansing Yoga Exercise

This particular Kundalini Yoga exercise is excellent for cleansing your body of toxins and helps you to detoxify your entire system.  It can be added to the end of any Kriya and should be done prior to the final relaxation period.

This pose is officially a part of Kundalini Yoga Warrior Kriya, which is an advanced kriya that I will publish in the future, and it uses a powerful breathing technique to help purge and cleanse the system.  As with all yoga techniques, don’t overdo this exercise and build up your capacity slowly.

This particular exercise will be part of the following 3 free e-books here on Mastery of Meditation, as it is a Hatha Yoga pose, a Kundalini Yoga exercise as well as a yoga breathing technique: Free Hatha Yoga Poses, Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises & Free Yoga Breathing Exercises E-book.

Detox Your Body

One last thought before I jump into the details of this terrific pose.  I was once attending a yoga camp in upstate NY, where a Hatha Yoga teacher was teaching the class.  She asked us to do this pose and afterwords commented that she could immediately tell the Kundalini Yoga students apart from the rest, because they are absolutely not shy and seem to have no social inhibitions when asked to do yoga exercises that are a odd, weird, crazy or even downright embarrassing .

I tell my students exactly that when I ask them to do any technique which is strange or embarrassing.  I remind them they are Kundalini Yoga students and they we Kundalini Yogis are fearless and have no inhibitions.  We do whatever is necessary to make spiritual progress.  So remember this if you feel uncomfortable doing the exercise below.  It is cleansing your system of garbage and toxins, don’t worry about how it looks, don’t hold back, just go for it!

Yoga Exercise to Cleanse and Detox Your Body

Direct Link to YouTube Video –> Yoga to Detox and Cleanse the Body Video

Yoga Exercise to Cleanse & Detox Your Body

Illustration #1 Detox Yoga Dog BOF

Illustration #2 Detox Yoga Dog BOF


Yoga Exercise to Cleanse & Detox the Body:

a. Instructions for practicing Detoxifying Panting Dog Breath of Fire:

  • Yes the pose is called Panting Dog Breath of Fire! .
  • As illustrated above, sit up on your heels in Rock pose, except lean forward slightly.  Rest your hands on your knees as shown.
  • Now open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as it will go.  Now begin to pant like a dog.  Remember what I said above and don’t hold back.  You are a Kundalini Yogi, just stick your tongue out and pant like a dog.  All the breathing should be taking place through the mouth.
  • Emphasize the exhalation, and with every exhalation your stomach should be contacting in towards your spine sharply (similar to Kapalbhati Yoga Pranayama in this way).  The pace should be fast, just like a tired dog panting.
  • If you feel a metallic taste emerging on the back of your tongue, this is toxic heavy metals being release and cleansed from deep within your tissue, keep going!

b. Duration for Detoxifying Panting Dog Breath of Fire:

  • 1 – 5 minutes.  If 1 minute is too much you can start with 15 seconds and build up from there as well.

c. Benefits of Detoxifying Panting Dog Breath of Fire:

  • Detoxifies and cleanses your system of garbage, toxins and heavy metals.
  • Strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles.
  • Builds your respiratory capacity.
  • Promotes good health and longevity.

d. Practice Tips for Detoxifying Panting Dog Breath of Fire:

  • Like I mentioned above, you can add this exercise to the end of any Kundalini Yoga Kriya.  It helps your system purge itself of any toxins that have been released into the blood stream as a result of the Kriya.
  • After doing this cleansing exercise, I also recommend drinking plenty of water once your yoga session is completed, to further help wash out any released toxins.
  • Given the amount of pollution in our air and water, we can’t afford not to incorporate Panting Dog Breath of Fire into our routine from time to time.  It really will help cleanse and detoxify your entire system.

Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas Using this Detox Exercise:

  1. Feel free to add this exercise at the end of your yoga session to help cleanse your body of released toxins.

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  1. Margit
    Margit says:

    Hi Anmol,

    Yoga to Detox exercise is wonderful! As someone who has multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, this exercise is highly recommended. The nice thing about it, unlike most detox treatments, it is FREE!

    This is one exercise I will include in my daily sets to keep my levels down.

    Thanks, a bunch for sharing this.



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