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3 Best Mudras for Meditation

In this video we’re going to discuss what are the three best mudras  or hand gestures to use in order to make your meditation more effective and more potent.

In case you are not familiar with mudras here is a quick explanation on Mudras and how they work. Mudras essentially create certain circuits within the body for the subtle flow of energy and prana, and these particular hand positions induce correlating states of consciousness that facilitate your meditation practice.

The mudras used in meditation help one go inward and facilitate the flow of insight.

For more information on Mudras please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Yoga Mudras article.

meditation mudras

3 Best Mudras for Meditation Video

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1. Gyan Mudra for Meditation

Gyan Mudra for Meditation

Gyan Mudra for Meditation

The first mudra that is widely used that you may often see in illustrations or have been taught or read is Gyan Mudra.   To do Gyan Mudra, you would bring your index finger and thumb tips together withy your other three fingers are extended.  Then you rest your wrists just gently on your knees with the elbows slightly bent.

This particular Mudra helps you go inward.  It helps the flow of insight and wisdom and is excellent to use for any meditation you are doing, whether that is Mantra Meditation, Zazen or Breath Awareness Meditation, Sound Meditation, etc..

2. Cosmic Mudra for Meditation

Cosmic Mudra for Meditation

Cosmic Mudra for Meditation

The second mudra that is excellent for meditation comes from the Zen School of Buddhism. That is cosmic Mudra.

To do cosmic mudra you, you’re going to have your  fingers, one on top of the other, and you’re going to bring your thumb tips together, forming an oval.  Then you will rest your hands in your lap.

Again, elbows are bent, and produces no strain if you’re going to sit for long periods of time. In Meditation, you don’t want the muscles to tire. You want to be in a position that’s in perfect equilibrium so the body doesn’t interfere with your meditation, and again, this particular mudra is excellent for the flow of insight.

Cosmic Mudra  helps silence the mind thoughts and it helps you go inwards. One additional note with regard to cosmic mudra is that if during your meditation, your thumb tips come apart, that is a warning that you have drifted away from your object of attention and it is a a trigger to alert you to come back to your meditation practice.  Very helpful for beginner meditators.

3. Drona Mudra for Meditation:

The third mudra for meditation that is a very effective and is especially good for children and beginners. It’s the simplest of the three and creates a very stable feeling when you engage it.  All you will do for Drone Mudra is rest, your hand gently on your knees, your elbows again, are bent so, so as to not put any tension in any of your arm or shoulder muscles and you’re going to simply hold this position through your meditation session.


So there you have the 3 best mudras for meditation.  Try them and see which one works best for you.

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    I like doing the Cosmic mudra for my meditation sessions but sometimes I switch to Drona and back to Cosmic. I suppose that’s okay or is not?


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