Three Reasons Why I Blame Vinyasa Yoga for My Lifestyle

Different styles of yoga can have different effects on our bodies, mind and lifestyle. Here guest author Vanessa Roberts, who blogs on how to stay healthy while travelling, shares the difference vinyasa yoga has made to her life. 

Three Ways Vinyasa Flow Changed My Life, Head to Toe 

by guest author Vanessa Roberts

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Kara-Leah Grant

I live an unconventional life. I traipse the world with my husband all while working online.

It can be a ton of fun but mostly it’s challenging and frustrating – which is actually what I like most about it.

I know I probably sound a little bonkers, I mean, why would I prefer to live a life that is challenging and frustrating over fun and carefree?

I blame yoga, and more specifically, Vinyasa yoga for my new perspective.

You see, I have been practicing yoga inconsistently for about 10 years now and only recently have I chosen to make Vinyasa yoga a part of my regular routine.

Well wouldn’t you know, that little decision of mine has altered all my preconceived notions, life preferences and views on what I (and my husband) value in our business and life.

How is Vinyasa responsible? Read on, friends.

1. I Sweat Out All My Stress

That might be a little bit of an exaggeration but each time I am feeling stressed – whether that be due to sales, traffic or a creative block – I hit my local yoga studio and breathe and sweat my frustrations away.

I often saunter into class all distracted and fidgety, wishing someone would just do the hard work for me. And then class starts.

Almost immediately I am out of my head and in my body, focusing on my breathing, balance and alignment.

My worries melt away and by the time those 90 minutes are up I am refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to attack my most pressing task with the riotous fury of a Pitbull. But, you know, in a nice, loving, centred way.

2. I Feel Strong…Like Bull!

I just can’t help myself with these animal analogies!

But I digress.

In the past I had always opted for a more relaxed style of yoga. I appreciated my improved flexibility and my focused breathing.

These days however, I’m all about the strength, baby!

Because Vinyasa is quite a rigorous practice, within only 2 months I was hovering inches off the floor in Chaturanga like it was my job. 

No longer was I quivering and begging the teacher to move us into Upwards Dog; I was relishing in the strength I had found to just be there and enjoy it. 

Now instead of resenting my shaky poses, I leave the class feeling stronger than when I arrived that day and grateful that my attitude has changed from one of frustration to one of blissed-out acceptance. 

3. I’m Healthier Than Ever Before

I don’t know if it’s maybe the Thai food, the green juices I’ve been making lately or my Vinyasa sessions but I’m finding it downright impossible to be sick lately. *knocks on wood, just in case*

Maybe that is due to the fact that I sweat out buckets of toxins (TMI? Nah.), helping to cleanse my body but I’m also delivering crucial nutrients and glorious oxygen straight to my organs and tissues with every deep breath I take, or every pose I settle into.

Heck, my skin even glows after class…and no, that’s not just because of said sweat!

It’s a lovely and unexpected bi-product of my practice and one I happily embrace.

And there it is: The three ways Vinyasa yoga took my life, gave it a vigorous shake and left it in better shape than it ever has been – leaving me happier, my business thriving and my husband breathing a big sigh of relief. 

How has getting your om on changed your life? Share your story with me in the comment section below. 

About Vanessa

Vanessa Roberts

V is the cheeky creator of where she blogs and vlogs on how to stay healthy while travelling. From an easy-to-make protein pancakes recipe to short-burst workouts you can take with you anywhere, her goal is to help fellow globetrotters looks as good as they feel while wandering the world. Hit her up on Facebook or shoot her a tweet but be warned, she’s a talker!

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3 replies
  1. Casey
    Casey says:

    Good for you! Like you, Vinyasa yoga has given me the energy to work on my goals :) Currently, I’m doing a kind of crossfit routine, and one thing I’ve always had a dilemma with was muscle control and relaxation after strenuous workouts. Performing this was very relaxing and it really helped me spot my body in the world surrounding me. Thank you for the share. Glad to learn someone benefiting from the exercise as well.

  2. V
    V says:

    I’m happy to hear you found the post useful Sandy! Gotta love Vinyasa…it always helps me work through my stress and anxiety :-)

  3. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I feel quite similar. I experience a lot of anxiety. And all it is-is energy. So I move it with it through vinyasa. I feel grounded in my body and sweat all the anxiety stuff. I tried kundalini and love it but its too intense for me at this time. I experience pain in my third eye and usually end up crying. Again thank you.


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