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Advanced Gyan Yoga Technique

The advanced Jyana Yoga (yoga of intelligence and insight) meditation vidoes below are a detailed discussion of the seven steps used by the Silent Mind Meditation Technique to bring about the cessation of thoughts and the explosion of insight.  Another videos series will also be uploaded soon, which is a general discussion of this technique, which can be considered the most advanced form of Jyana (Gyan) Yoga and is based on the Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhist concepts of nomind, end of knowledge and negation (neti).  This technique, as I have pointed out before, is an extension of the work done by J. Krishnamurti and is in my view, the ultimate meditation for Self Realization.

You are going to notice a flurry of activity on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga with regard to meditation, as my long term vision of offering a comprehensive multi-media meditation teacher’s certification program is nearing completion.  Although, I don’t expect mastery of the advanced technique described here as necessary for certification, I do feel it is important for authentic meditation teachers to understand this approach and have a feel for what it entails.  This technique is ultimately a life long practice of moment to moment awareness.

A great many benefits that meditation bestows can be achieved with more basic techniques, that I have already detailed on the website previously, and of course, knowing them is part of the training program.  But to encounter the state of mind described by Sage Patanjali as the still mind or Samadhi, or the Zen state of Satori or Nomind, this technique is the best.  Therefore I consider this one of the highest forms of Gyan Yoga.

Advanced Jyana Yoga

The Silent Mind Meditation (SM for short) is not really complex.  It can be described in one line.  Comprehending the mind is action from moment to moment, via direct perception.  Even doing it is not complicated, but it requires great energy, awareness and tenacity.  In the 2 part video series below, I explain the 7 steps which I wrote about in chapter 12 of the Silent Mind Meditation Program, the Silent Mind Meditations.  What I hope, is for you to once catch a glimpse of the “Fact in Action”.  See the actuality of the beast of desire, the fact of desire.  It is mind blowing when you do.  And if you can do it even one time, you will realize a human potential that you have to comprehending the fact directly, not just intellectually, and this will open up a new way of observing for you.  All us humans have this potential, but very few develop it.  Developing it leads to transcendence.

I expect those taking the certification program, or those who are serious about meditation and Self Realization, to have questions about this technique.  That is natural and healthy and I feel, since this is perhaps a new approach and subtle in nature, discussing it in many different ways is helpful in deepening your understanding regarding it.  Once you understand completely what this technique is all about, you will have understood completely everything there is to understand (see the article Asking the Right Questions for more on this topic).  After such understanding, you will have no more questions left.  For a Gyan Yogi, mastering this technique and approach, should be the highest goal.

Below is a 2 part series where I am discussing the 7 steps needed to practice this most advanced Gyan Yoga meditation, the Silent Mind Meditation technique.  Also, to read how these steps equate to Sage Patanjali’s steps of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, please read the following article Most Advanced Mind Meditation Technique.   For those who have inquired already about getting certified for teaching meditation, please be on the lookout for the teacher’s training program that will be coming online in the next week or so.

The videos regarding the general discussion of Silent Mind Meditations that I allude to in the videos below, will be uploaded soon as well.

7 Steps of How to Do Advanced Jyana Yoga Meditation (SM – Part 1)


7 Steps of How to Do Advanced Jyana Yoga Meditation (SM – Part 2)

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