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Zen Buddhist Meditation Video – Zazen Practice

The heart of Buddhist meditation is Zazen or Zen meditation technique.  The second instructional video of this Video Series for Daily Meditation Practice is this profound Buddhist Meditation technique.  This video complements the article on Zen Meditation Technique from the Online Guided Meditation Technique Book.  So please reference that article for all the details of this terrific meditation, as the video focuses more on teaching you how to take the right posture and mudra (hand position).

This Buddhist meditation technique is primarily a breath meditation, in that it used the breath as the object for concentration, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this method.  Zazen has enormous benefits and is perhaps one of the best meditation techniques known to man.  Although it has a long list of well know benefits which you can read about in the article, I have found it to do different things for different practitioners.  Zen meditation seems to correct in one, exactly what needs to be corrected, automatically!


Buddhist Meditation Technique Video Contents:

  • Introduction to Buddha’s Meditation.
  • Demonstration of the correct posture, cosmic mudra (hand position) and other details.
  • Review of the meditation tools that help with this Buddhist meditation.

Free Buddhist Meditation Video (Zazen)

Guided Meditation Video #2



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7 replies
    VENKATA says:

    Hi Anmol,
    Where can i purchase that “zoofi” (I m sorry, i m not aware of that), the one that you are sitting on.(red colored small circle shaped thing)
    Thanks a lot for the videos on meditation.


  2. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Rod,

    Thanks a bunch for the insights in fine tuning the posture. Will certainly help those who are new or having trouble.

    Shawl my man, shawl, all part of my extensive meditation equipment :-D… antidote for socks pulling stick man.


  3. Rod
    Rod says:

    Nice demo Anmol.

    There are a couple of refinements suggested by S, Suzuki that I find make a difference. For the mudra, it helps to remember to align the first knuckles of your middle fingers. Until I started doing this, my hands tended to slide about looking for the ‘right’ slottedness, and not finding it.

    Perhaps even more important is holding your arms as if you have eggs lodged in your armpits. This imparts a nice open roundness to the upper body and strangely enough, it seems to aid with concentration. These little things really make a difference.

    ‘Frozen in time…’ – what, like when stick matey has pulled your socks off in the winter zazen hall? I know all about that…

  4. Shobha
    Shobha says:

    We wish you a very happy healthy spiritual 2008. Thanks for this amazing meditation method. I love it. It really calms me down, and I need a lot of it.


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