Kundalini & Enlightenment Experiences Being Reported by Reader Like You

Real Kundalini Experiences

Real Enlightenment Experiences

The objective of yoga and meditation is to help you connect.  To help you realize that the underlying Truth of Reality is a Oneness, and that all that you see is actually a part of you, in fact all that you see is actually you.  This is the Truth.  Me and my father are One.  Having tasted this Reality, I hope to provide you will tools and encouragement to take this profound journey and discover for yourself this great Truth.

On this great journey to Self-Realization, many fascinating experiences take place as you start to crack the shell of the ego and the ordinary, dualistic mind.  Such cracks allow the light of Truth to shine through and give you glimpses of what lies beyond.  These experiences, I call enlightenment experiences or Kundalini Awakening Experiences, and they offer evidence that there is more to life that what meets the eye, and they offer inspiration and motivation as well.

Kundalini & Enlightenment Experiences

Such experiences come in infinite variety and can be unique to just you.  Below I have selected a few samples of such feedback, that show breakthroughs happening as aspirants devote themselves to their daily spiritual practice.  In the past I have provided testimonials which validate the great benefits of yoga and meditation to health and well-being, and in this article, I want to provide the feedback which shows that such practice can indeed help in cracking the egotistical shell and allow Infinity start to flowing through.

Experiencing Divine Light & the Radiation of the Lord:

Kathleen writes, “Hello, Anmol, I am so happy to have found your website. I have always considered myself a spiritual person and since I have started practicing kundalini yoga and zen meditation around a month ago, I have become much more calm and relaxed. I have to tell you that this morning, as I was meditating I was focusing on my breathing and felt my mind going still as if i was in a empty dark room and it felt so peaceful and then this light started to appear and become brighter like a white light and it felt beautiful and then it was gone. and I couldn’t seem to bring it back.”

Andrew writes, “Hi Anmol! Thank you for such a good advise, I’ll follow it and try to reveal my potential at 100 percent! I have a question about meditation, when I’m meditating I must stop my breath? Because, when I’ve meditated two-three days ago, suddenly, after 15-25 minutes of meditation, with eyes closed and thoughts wiped out, I’ve noticed that somehow, my eyes were at the same level with my nose, and in the next moment I felt a light, that came from above into my head! That was WOW feeling – calm, peaceful, and other… very good it was, but light as I think come down to my head, and after that somehow stopped (or not) at the neck region.”

Experiencing Kundalini Shakti & Prana:

Dagmar writes, “This morning during BOF (Breath of Fire Kundalini Yoga Pranayama), as I could feel the energy moving in my body, around my body, and on the top of my head (?!), I did not want to stop. INCREDIBLE FEELING! I did BOF for 13 min; after I stopped (as I was sitting motionless), I still could feel the energy moving for some time. AWESOME!”

Alythia writes, “This is my first day doing this yoga set (week 1). It was amazing. I am practicing at the beginner level and I found the most difficult pose was the eagle pose when suddenly my consciousness opened a little and I realized that I could be “like” the eagle and imagined that I was soaring and that I was being held up by the air, this changed my frown of concentration into a smile and gave me just enough endurance to finish the minute. After I completed the meditation, my body began to feel balanced and warm, I had a slight, pleasant tingling in the back of my cervical vertebrae, from the tuck pose, I think. All in all, very enlightening.”

Experiencing Tao, Spontaneous Natural Living or Life Opening Up:

Reader writes, “Today something amazing happened. Long story short, I was able to facilitate something, to make something happen for someone else that was extremely unlikely to succeed. It’s as though every single door that needed to open simply opened without much more than a nudge when, normally, these doors should have remained shut tight. Because of this, I helped create a genuinely happy moment for my mother, and I can’t get over how easy it was to find just the right words and the right attitude to adopt, naturally, without even thinking about it. It was more than luck.”

Julia writes, “Hi Anmol, Thank you so much for this site!  I am entering my fourth week and feel fabulous.  I not only have more energy, but I feel as if I am more aware of everything and become more efficient (doing the smart way, not the long way)  I am just starting the 3rd eye opening, course 103, and can’t wait!  Thank you again for all the work you’ve put into this site,  I love it!!”

Mysterious Kundalini & Enlightenment Experiences

Marc write, “I’m not sure what I did, but after completely spacing out and breathing really oddly well, to the point where there was nothing restricting or obstructing the evenly paced airflow, I released something that, at the moment, I can only describe as “The most terrifying and wonderful experience you could never imagine.””

Ed writes, “I believe that I had my first vision last night. it wasn’t a dream since I was awake but the the vision was very weird and a little disorienting.”

How to Approch Kundalini & Enlightenment Experiences:

Below I would like to share a few insights regarding Enlightenment Experiences, which should help you understand how to deal with them better.

1. Don’t Compare Enlightenment Experiences:

Don’t try to judge your progress based on the experiences other have had.  Especially, don’t try to compare or hope for experiences you read certain Masters having.  Hoping “You see yourself as the dancer” (UG Krishnamurti), “Experience unearthly beatitude” (J Krishnamurti), “Hours of no thought and just being” (Master Tolle), “Seeing the cycle of birth & death” (Lord Buddha),  etc, etc, is pointless.  Your path is unique and you may have such experiences or you may not have any “mind-blowing” experiences at all.  Your responsibility is to just keep doing your practice.  Leave the rest in God’s good hands.

2. Don’t Crave Enlightenment Experiences:

This is a common problem with those who have “advanced” experiences early in their practice.  During the early phases, energy pathways tend to open and profound experiences can be had.  The aspirant then starts to crave these experiences and is disappointed when they can’t recreate them.  Enlightenment experiences cannot be captured and put in the refrigerator for future consumption.  Nope, sorry.  They come and go as they please.  Your responsibility… yes that’s right, just keep doing your practice.

Read J. Krishnamurti’s thoughts on this topic here regarding this very topic: J. Krishnamurti Ponders on His Enlightenment & Kundalini Awakening.

3. Kundalini Awakening Signs are Sometimes Subtle:

If you are not having such “mind blowing” experiences, it does not mean that Kundalini is not awakening in you.  Some of the most important signs of Kundalini Awakening have to do with subtle psychological symptoms and not physical ones.  The very urge to Awaken is perhaps the greatest indication that Kundalini is working within you, urging you to discover the Truth.  So if you are here, reading this article, that in itself is a sign that you are being pulled by your Divine Aspect to get busy with your spiritual evolution.

4. Kundalini & Enlightenment Experiences Span All Varieties:

Above I tried to provide a wide range of experiences that readers are having to demonstrate the incredible variety of such experiences.  The descriptions above indicate the experience of Kundalini as energy in various parts of the body, seeing glimpses of Infinity in the from of pure white light, which I call the Radiation of the Lord, experiences with having your life start to open up and “miraculous” things start to happen spontaneously, and then there are also the mysterious and unexplainable experiences that can happen due to such awakenings.


The purpose of this article is to inspire you to do your practice and to be open to life and the infinite possibilities she offers.  As I indicated in the article, Top 5 Obstacles to Spiritual Enlightenment, the highest goal of human birth is God Realization and I am happy the tools and techniques on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga are proving to he helpful to you all in this greatest of adventures.

For those looking for where to get started.  You may want to consider the following free online yoga and meditation classes.

Beginner’s Yoga Class

Beginner’s Meditation Class | Learn How to Meditate

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class

Be Good, Do Good .

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12 replies
  1. Alok G
    Alok G says:

    Hey Anmol,

    while reciting some mantras,

    I am experiencing very high vibration and sensation in my body,A circular sensation/vibration goes from head till knees ,

    what does it mean ? Is it kundalini awaking or Mantra Siddhi ?

  2. Shaina
    Shaina says:

    What do you consider seeing bright glowing lights/orbs after waking up in the middle of the night? I’ve experienced this several times.

    I also have heard chanting from a man and woman in the middle of the night one time and 3 “OM”s another time.

    I’ve also had an outer body experience before.

  3. Autumn
    Autumn says:

    I have been practicing chakras meditation for about a month now, each day about one hour. For the last 5 days, when my meditation went deep and my mind is completely quiet, I felt energy started to come up from my feet, up and up to the upper parts, covered the brain then the whole body, stayed for a couple of minutes, then came down, just like ocean beach or flood, then withdrawing, few minutes later, it comes again, from the feet, and then also from other parts of the body (from the stomach etc…) like water spreading in all directions, one time, I heard a cracking sound (from outside), I felt the energy being just like a stone dropping into the water, it formed a circle, then came back, if a slight thought comes, the water (energy) stops spreading, the thought goes, water continues to spread fully everywhere, I feel tingling all over, then withdraw again back to the feet. On and on as long as my mind is totally quiet. However, for a couple of days now, after meditation, I felt so tired, looks like some energy was dispersed and lost. I felt hungry, I ate, then ate. I feel better now, but I wonder if I did something wrong? Is anyone tired and hungry after meditation like me? I have a little headache as well. If you have any opinion, please advise. Thank you in advance. Autumn.

  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Ed,

    Great to read about your experiences and insights. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Sa Ta Na Ma, Wahey Guru, is certainly a very potent mantra.


  5. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Sonia,

    Great to have your presence and input here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

    Also, lovely website on meditation. I am sure you will find me visiting often :-).


  6. Sonia Gallagher
    Sonia Gallagher says:

    I went to a spiritual retreat session two days ago where I had the most intense spiritual experience I’ve ever had in my life. After reading up on it, I now understand that I experienced a movement of Kundalini energy in my body. It went all the way from under my knees to on top of my head right above the eyes.. got stuck there and gave me the biggest migraine Ive had in my whole life. My body was moving by itself and I could not control my movements. I wrote about my Kundalini meditation experience in my blog. You are welcome to visit it and I would love to hear about your experience as well.

    All the best,

    Sonia Gallagher

  7. ed
    ed says:

    I will stress that everyone take heed of Anmol’s words below:

    2. Don’t Crave Enlightenment Experiences:

    This is a common problem with those who have “advanced” experiences early in their practice. During the early phases, energy pathways tend to open and profound experiences can be had. The aspirant then starts to crave these experiences and is disappointed when they can’t recreate them. Enlightenment experiences cannot be captured and put in the refrigerator for future consumption. Nope, sorry. They come and go as they please. Your responsibility… yes that’s right, just keep doing your practice.

    when I try to focus on recreating my experiences when in meditation, nothing happens. when I don’t focus on anything, the mysteries unfold.

    chasing after these experiences will throw a practitioner into a never ending desire of having them where nothing unfolds and your time is wasted in the pursuit of something that shouldn’t be your focus and thus wasting your meditation instead of achieving union with your higher self.

    I find that focusing on thoughtless meditation (silent mind) is the path that provides advancement in my mediation practice.

    practice daily and sincerely and the mysteries will show themselves along with the bliss that we cherish!

    I also do not fail in including a prayer at the start of my silent mind mediation sessions.

    i hope that everyone finds what they seek!

  8. ed
    ed says:

    I’d like to add a couple more of my experiences….a few days after I had my first vision (as listed on Anmol’s article) I had another weird vision. as I was meditating, I was in total darkness and a small circle appeared, inside the circle was a line that is spinning inside (like a hand of a clock) moving counter clockwise and changin into different colors of the rainbow as it moved. this went on for a couple of minutes then the whole field of my vision (even though my eyes were closed) turned into a blurry of different colors much like the same as a TV screen with static (no signal) except that the static snow where different specs of rainbow colors. this is accompanied by noises like crackling noise of static TV only it is very loud.

    I did some research on this and found that some super psychics have the ability to view their surroundings (and other places or event) like watching a computer screen with different “picture in picture” screens. google Drunvalo Malchizedek and his study of super psychic children. Drunvalo explains this as the pineal gland receiving signals from the ether and the super psychics channels this signal into cohesive thoughts and is presented to them as a monitor screen. is this the beginning of a siddhi? I absolutely have no idea what it means.

    another experience I’ve been having is hearing trumpets and voices (just voices wailing in the background, male and femal, and sometimes groups). the trumpets are not that alarming, the voices however are a little disconcerting and can be a little frightful at times.

    these visions and experiences do not come often, but they do come in waves and only during intense focus within my meditation sessions.

    as for my practice, I backed off the amount of time a little where I used to do 50 minutes to a couple of hours, I now limit it to 30 minutes to give myself time to assimilate the energies I’m feeling.

    another noticable sensation is an undulating energy that rises from my lower back (very slowly). the energy is whirling and warm (sometimes intensely hot, it makes me sweat). after a few minutes of feeling this energy I find my body rocking as if the energy is inducing my body to follow the spiraling movement of it (counterclockwise). I believe this to be kundalini, but it hasn’t risen past my solar plexus. I am however, starting to get sensations of pressure in the chest when this happens.

    these started when I added a chakra opening mantra I’ve learned from another website – “Om ah hum vajra padme siddhi guru hum.” (have you heard of this mantra Anmol?)

    I use a combination of mantras that I’ve learned from Anmol and other websites I’ve found and they have helped me in silencing the mind and advancing my meditation practice. Anmol’s “Sa ta na ma, wahe guru” mantra is a very powerful mantra and I feel anahata and ajna chakra being strengthened by it.

    use mantras at your own risk and don’t be surprised of the results nor fear them.

    all intense sensations and experiences that I’m sure is part of kundalini rising and I have to remind myself that any siddhis resulting from this is not the goal and I have to keep striving for a connection to my higher self instead of focusing on any mysterious events while in meditation.

    I am still practicing the bow pose, crow pose, crown chakra healing, corpse pose (all chakra healing poses), prosperity meditation, and eagle pose before doing silent mind meditation of a half hour when these visions or siddhis start. I do the poses once a day and silent mind meditation twice a day (just a half hour each).


  9. AlexH
    AlexH says:

    Hey Anmol, keep making more of these! Hearing other people’s stories is really inspiring and motivating, especially when you’re being lazy.
    Keep it up!

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    i had an interesting experience when i’ve sstarted yoga.After i’ve finished my set i was relaxing and then something extraordanary happend: i forgot who i am, i was not thinking and i felt like i am in the body and outside the body at the same time. It was like i was everything, infinit.


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