9 Day Spiritual Test

Comprehesive 9 Day Spiritual Test I Challenge You to Take

Test Your Spirituality

A few months ago I had written the popular post Test to Determine Your Spiritual Growth, which provided a simple technique with which to determine your spiritual state and progress.  This article, however, is going to provide a far more comprehensive and challenging test to determine your level of spiritual evolution.   This 9 day program is actually designed to destroy Karma and is considered one of the greatest programs to accomplish that, but, another way to approach this program is to see it as a true test of your spiritual progress.

9 Day Spiritual Test

This test emerges from the South Indian Schools of Yoga and was designed by Maharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri.  I came upon it first in the Karma Manual written by Dr. Jonn Mumford.  The official name for this spiritual test is Karma Shakta Kriya. Here is Dr. Mumford’s quote regarding the passing of this profound examination…

9 Days to Change Your Life: Karma Manual
Dr. Jonn Mumford
Chapter 12: 9 Day Karma Clearing Program

“If you can do this for nine days, you will experience nine days of amazing unconscious material – you will prevent Agami Karma (un-sprouted Karamic seeds) from being watered and converted to Prarabdha Karma (sprouted unavoidable Karmic consequences).  Best of all you will emerge, like a butterfly from a cocoon, a more powerful, sensitive, insightful human with an increased sense of purpose, destiny, self-mastery, and satisfaction!

Need I say more?  A word of advice though.  This test is not easy!  It is rare that anyone is able to pass it perfectly.  I challenge you to take it if you feel ready.  I will start it myself in the near future and maintain it for the 9 days required.  I will record my progress in the comment section below and invite you to do the same if you like.

9 Day Test of Your Spiritual Evolution (aka: 9 Day Karma Clearing Program)

The test comprises of the following 11 disciplines to be done daily for each of the 9 days.  My version is only slightly different from the original.

1. No media news input for the entire 9 days:  Take a break from global gossip.

  • No newspapers
  • No internet news
  • No radio
  • For Television see #2 below

2. No Television of any kind:  Take a break from staring at the box and escaping from yourself and your life.

3. No communication of dissatisfaction:  You may do anything you wish to try to bring about the changes you need to, but, you may not express any dissatisfaction regarding any aspect of your life during these 9 days.

4. No Criticism of any kind:  Very similar to discipline #3 is this requirement – no criticizing anything… person, object or activity.

5. Witness Thoughts & Actions:   This will actually start to happen naturally as a consequence of the above disciplines (which build up immense psychic pressure).  Don’t allow anything to happen without awareness.  Many articles on this website explain this art of witnessing in greater detail.  To read more about it you are check out The True Meaning of Laziness.

6. Wake up Earlier:  You are to wake up 1 hour earlier than you normally do.  To help you with that and understand its benefits you can read the following article The Secret of How to Become an Early Riser.

7. One Major Meal Only:  This requirement in conjunction with the above disciplines is designed to cause deep seated emotions to surface, thus giving you a rare chance to observe deeper aspects of your being.  This one meal should also only be a vegetarian meal.

8. Daily Mediatation:  Meditate everyday for minimum of 20 minutes between dawn and dusk.  I suggest choosing Zen Meditation Technique, Ajna Chakra Meditation Technique or So Hum Meditation Technique all of which are available on this website.

9. Do Something That you Dislike:  The important aspect of this discipline is that the activity which you pick to do, is not just something you dislike, but, is also something that is not essential for you to do.  This will help you build willpower.

10. Selfless Act:  The act of kindness should be done without anyone having any knowledge of the source.  So you are not getting any overt credit for your goodness.

11. Review & Recall: Review your day entire either backwards or forwards and pay special attention to emotional situations and decisions you made.  Study yourself in this way and reflect on the actions you took.  See where you would have done things differently had you applied your higher self.  This activity is item #7 in the article 10 Things Your Should Do Everyday for a Happy, Meaningful and Good life, which you will find has many of the elements that are also a part of this test.   In fact, once you take this test you will incorporate many of these disciplines into your daily life and find you are meeting most of the requirements set out to help have a Happy, Meaningful & Good life. 

Conclusion: This test is a real opportunity for you to not just evaluate your spiritual prowess, but, also to make incredible progress on the spiritual path.  Often we end up just reading about things, this test is a chance to really act and do something very unique and beneficial.  So take up my challenge and go for it.  I want to wish you the very best on this 9 day adventure of yours. 

Feel free to post your experiences with this test in the comments section below, I think that would help and inspire others trying this difficult test as well.

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  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Diane,

    Great to hear you are going to take up this challenge.

    Great monks and spiritual giants are aware of their patterns, so they are mostly amused by these aspects of their personality/ego. Similarly, your adding awareness into the mix, thus makes these patterns of yours more transparent. That itself weakens them and prevents them from influencing your behavior beyond a brief lapse.

    In other words, once you catch yourself, you don’t continue down that stream of thought, this in itself means you are transforming into a conscious person.

    Keep the light of awareness lit, all else will fall into place.


  2. Diane
    Diane says:

    Hi Anmol…

    I am wanting to start this soon and right now I am practicing some of the exercises in preparation for the 9 days. I am having the most difficult not complaining and not criticizing. I catch myself right after I say it but then it is already said. Do you have any suggestions for this?

    Thanks for the amazing website and for this challenge!!

    All my best to you,

  3. Trupti Mehta
    Trupti Mehta says:


    Thank you for sharing.
    This just shows that Yoga has been around … and around… and… :-)

    Great to know that you have found the way you want to live – it takes most people a lifetime!


  4. Kristó
    Kristó says:

    I started this program today, but i was thinking of adding one item called “the seed exercise”. I read about it in Paulo Coelho’s “The Pilgrimage”.
    The Seed Exercise:

    Kneel on the ground. Then seat yourself on your heels and bend forward so that your head touches your knees. Stretch your arms behind you. You are now in a fetal position. Relax, releasing all of your tensions. Breathe calmly and deeply. Little by little you will perceive that you are a tiny seed, cradled in the comfort of the earth. Everything around you is warm and delicious. You are in a deep, restful sleep.

    Suddenly, a finger moves. The shoot no longer wants to be a seed, it wants to grow. Slowly you begin to move your arms, and then your body will begin to rise, straightening up until you are seated on your heels. Now you begin to lift your body up, and slowly, slowly you become erect, still kneeling on the ground.

    The moment has come to break completely through the earth. You begin to rise slowly, placing one foot on the ground, then the other, fighting against the disequilibrium just as a shoot battles to make its own space, until finally you are standing. Imagine the area about you, the sun, the water, the wind, and the birds now you are a shoot that is beginning to grow. Slowly raise your arms toward the sky. Then stretch yourself more and more, more and more as if you want to grasp the enormous sun that shines above you, giving you strength and attracting you. Your body begins to become more and more rigid; all of your muscles strain, and you feel yourself to be growing, growing, growing – until you become huge. The tension increases more and more until it becomes painful, unbearable. When you can no longer stand it, scream and open your eyes.

    Repeat this exercise for seven consecutive days, always at the same time.”
    Thanks for this program.. It’s already helped me alot to commit myself to live the way I know I want to live!
    Namaste :)

  5. J
    J says:

    Hi Anmol, I listen to the radio whilst working during the day – it is only music no news, would that be classified as a distraction? I feel I can still observe my thoughts with a nice tune going on…

  6. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Vicky,

    This system will help burn old Karma as well, but to really do that is what Yoga is all about. Another way to look at the practice of Kundalini Yoga, is as a system to burn Karma, so that one does not have to live it out. Same goes for meditation.

    So best is to do both :-). Online class #101, introduced you to Kundalini Yoga as well as Meditation.


  7. vicky
    vicky says:

    Hi Anmol, quite perfect one!! this system i think will keep you away from generating new karmas, however what about the karmas generated from past millions of incarnations?? is there any system to follow, which can burn past karmas due to which there are either sufferings or poverty etc happens in one’s life?? our birth in the highly spiritual, or totally ignorant, or poor family is decided by the karmas, what could we do in this birth, which saves one from such sufferings??

    i hope to get your learned answer in few days!! vikram.

  8. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Jay,

    Yes you can have some healthy snacks to keep going.

    I would suggest limit the escape/entertainment channels for these nine days and see what happens. A little entertainment (reading fiction) for about 1-2 hours a day should be max. This will give you a deeper experience for sure.

    Let me know how it goes.


  9. Jay
    Jay says:

    Hi i’d just like to double check a couple of things, i have some time off and feel ready to give this a go, when you say one major meal a day is that it or can i eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep me going. Also is it acceptable to read non-news items like works of fiction. Thanks in advance for sending me a reply.

  10. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Dear Marc,

    My experience is very similar to yours. When I first began reading any spiritual texts I felt like it was something I had written and it certainly felt like it was coming from inside rather than outside.

    If you feel you are ready for “more enlightened knowledge”, then please apply yourself to the Silent Mind Meditation Techniques found in this article: The Silent Mind Meditation Techniques – Chapter 12. They are an advanced form on Insight/Zen Meditation and require 100% energy and devotion for success.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or run across any issues.


  11. marc
    marc says:

    I have just started to research what i think i am, what i am connected to, i am now overpowered with slight fear of already knowing and already doing for a long time all the things that are on the 9 day test, and nearly all the other ones i have read, on other sites in all books like 23 i knew of this without any research, what i am asking if you are listening to put me in the direction of more enlightening knowledge i other places, I am not insane or watched to many films and i dont think i am the one i am just trying to help you understand my frustration of knowing all these things anyway but not knowing where or how to use what i am and how to look.

  12. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Rod,

    I am mostly vegetarian. Buddha and many other Saints as well were not considered vegetarian and actually the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali makes no requirement for vegetarianism either. That said this is a complex topic and you may find eating meat difficult emotionally as you progress deeper into your meditation practice. I will probably put together a more thorough article on this topic as its been brought up to me several time now.


  13. Rod
    Rod says:

    Anmol are you vegetarian? I was for two years at university when I cooked for myself, but then it got difficult.

    I’m bothered now when I kill flies, and I’d like to try doing without meat again, but that’s a tough one for my family to swallow.

    My Japanese book of Buddhist scripture suggests that the Buddha died from food poisoning from ‘either mushrooms or pork’. Bit of koan that, I reckon.

  14. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Always great to get your input here on Mastery of Meditation. You are spot on in that material objects assist in meeting practicalities. The article Money Money Money Mantra on the Path to Enlightenment goes into this concept more.

    Also, I agree that as inner pathways are cleared due to psychic or pranic pressures one’s life pathways automatically start to open up as well. This is certainly a teaching that one needs to experience for oneself to validate.

    Getting the environment for this test can be a challenge and so I have suggested to those who can’t fulfill all the disciplines required to try just a few. That too, I feel, would be very valuable as Chris has also pointed out above.

    Thanks for your comments.


  15. Matthew Pyrke
    Matthew Pyrke says:

    Hi Anmol,

    In experiencing this technique building up your psychic pressure, did you find that afterward a feeling of ‘free’ elation resulted?

    When I did something similar I found outer obstacles mysteriously dissolved. It seemed my ‘elation’ crossed boundaries I did not expect to.

    Also, I believe this kind of practise to be a ritual for manifestation of worldly consolidation. Whilst worldly things are often elusive to those whose true priorities are in other areas such as Self-knowledge, the tendency is to end such a period with more of a grasp of the things needed and thus more of them.

    Whilst the pursuit of the sensory pleasures will not bring freedom of itself, some practicalities are more easily met.

    Seems like a fun thing if you have the environment for it.

  16. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:


    Thats an excellent point and I want to emphasize it to all. Even if you don’t take on the entire test, pick a few of the items on it and incorporate those into your life, either short term to explore the benefits or long term to elevate your being. Embracing any parts of this list will prove to be significant in your spiritual evolution.

    Thanks for your feedback on this.


  17. Chris Cade
    Chris Cade says:

    Interesting list – I can see how even just giving these things a try could have an invaluable impact on somebody’s life.

    Laura and I have been “news free” for several years, and we’ve been TV free for 4 (since we moved we gave away our TV). Although we do still watch movies on our computer sometimes, still the difference of not having a TV is profound.

    Some of the others I’m still trying to incorporate into my life – meditation and waking up earlier, specifically. Those will come when the time is right, and I suspect that time is coming soon… particularly with our move into a more nature-oriented community.

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ll definitely be coming back to reference it again.


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