Test to Determine Your Spiritual Growth

Are you a Saint?  A Zen Master?  How about just a good human being?  How do you know?  What are the qualification?  Are there any tests you can take to find out your spiritual growth?  Yes there are.  There are lots of ways to test your spiritual progress and life is constantly doing just that — giving you tests to help you evaluate yourself in order to make spiritual progress.  There are also many ways to assess your spiritual level proactively and in this article I will provide one such illuminating test.  Human beings are complex and so is life.  I am glad it is so.  The test I propose in this document is to evaluate some aspects of your being and is by no means a comprehensive examination.  Perhaps I will come up with a more complete system down the road, but for now let’s try this one test to get us started.  This test will help you determine if you have the right perspective, the right spiritual attitude towards life or if you have been snared by society and entrapped by the ugly web of attachment.

Your Spiritual Growth

From my experience this one test, although simple, is quite revealing.  It is incisive and cuts deep into your psyche to reveal the conditions under which you are currently operating.  Using it, I can not only keep a sharp eye on if I am slipping into the jaws of ambition, but can also determine the state others are in, with regard to their “spiritual evolution”.  By no means am I suggesting that you start to use this test (or others I might propose) to start judging the world or yourself harshly.  The test is simply to be used as an indicator, to give you insight and help you with your spiritual work.  So here is how the test works.

Test To Determine Your Spiritual Growth & Mental State 

Step 1:  Take a few moments and determine what you are very passionate about.  This can be your career, but, does not necessarily have to be so.  It should be something, though, that you are actively engaged in doing and something that you feel deeply about.  Here are some examples:  Yoga Teacher, Professional Blogger, Health Care Professional, Technology Professional, Businessman, Politician, etc…

Step 2:  In this field that you care very deeply about, think about someone who is enormously successful.  Successful in all ways if possible.  Someone who has made a huge amount of money in that field, become famous and is powerful.  Now one more criteria is important about this person.  If possible, have it be someone who you don’t like, or don’t agree with.  The more you dislike their ways and methods the better, but the test will also work pretty well even if you don’t dislike the person or their systems.

Step 3:  Watch your reaction to when you hear complimentary information about this person, or just hear about the success this person is having in their life.  Be brutally honest, or you will just be cheating yourself.  Does it create any negative wave within you?  Any tinge of jealousy?  Any feeling of irritation?  Any feeling of frustration?  Any feeling of hurt?  Does it cause any ripple, any disturbance, in your psyche?  The greater the disturbance the more the test indicates its time to get busy with your spiritual practice.  Here is a more detailed analysis of the test results.

A negative reaction or disturbance can indicate the following with regard to your spiritual state…

1.  Too Much Ambition:  You are probably focused too much on getting results and are overly ambitious.  These attachments to the results can cause jealousy and ill-will towards those who have already achieved what you so badly seek.  Another way to look at this is you may not be doing what your really love to do in life?  This is the only way to be free of the clutches of society and gain oriented living.  Doing what you love to do, will free you from everything.  If this test produced negative waves, it could mean that you are only doing things to see what you will get out of them, instead of doing things for their own sake.

2. Non-Dual Perception of Reality:  The test could also indicate that you are living excessively in an ego-centric way.  You are seeing the world as full of separate people and focusing on the various personalities, instead of seeing the world in a non-dual light with all of creation being One and having nothing but divine nature.  As Yogi Bhajan points out, “If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all.”  Are you seeing the Divine Nature of he who is getting under your skin?  Are you seeing the Oneness of Reality?

3.  Chasing the Wrong Things in Life:  If you have never thought about it, let me point out an interesting fact about enlightenment.  In society there is so much competition because resources/rewards are limited.  There are only so many top 10 Blogs, there is only 1 winner in the tournaments, there are only limited political seats, there is only 1 CEO, only so much oil, land, etc etc.  This breeds competition and conflict.  But Enlightenment is not limited.  Just because I am enlightened, does not mean you can’t be also.  We can all be enlightened (and are), so this is one of those things you can chase without worrying about having to wrestle it away from anyone else.  There is no need to compete, it is an infinite, inexhaustible resource.  So this test implies that you are not exclusively chasing enlightenment.  You are getting distracted and running around all over the place chasing useless stupid things.  Time to buckle down and get back to the business of going after that which is the highest purpose of man.  Time to fulfill your destiny.

Take this test from time to time, or be aware when life brings it your way.  It is an insightful instrument to gauge your goodness and spiritual understanding.

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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    Anmol!! Simply amazing!!
    I did the test and was able to get a tremendously useful insight into my present day state and from an absolutely unexpected angle!!!! which only proves its usefulness. wow!!! Clear cut and really deep look into what appeared to be my psyche.
    And its simplicity fascinates me – as it should be – all that is true – is simple and beautiful.
    Thank you a lot!
    First time on this website but already a fan.

  2. mark
    mark says:

    Most know about the curse of over ambition. I find the spiritual state to be like a yoyo – which at times seems to have a mind of it’s own. What about stuff that comes out of nowhere? I mean bad omens. I’ve been trying to figure out what the catalyst is. I also find it funny to hear about karma while we in fact live within a food chain.

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I am on day nine. Let me tell you, the results is remarkable. I see and feel things differently. At first, doing this 9 day spiritual test, I said I cannot do that, but I went through with it. And I glad that I did. I cannot describe the sensations I felt. Just the meditation itself was uplifting. This test gave me a reality check and I plan to stick with this in my daily routine. Don’t get me wrong, just doing this test showed me what I need to work on. But I am much happier, don’t worry about tomorrow and my awareness of situation is get better each day. Wow! it just amazing.

  4. s n mukherjee
    s n mukherjee says:

    I strongly agree with the statement & feel that “If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all.”

  5. Madhusudan
    Madhusudan says:

    Yes,wonderful insight to control one’s ego and mind conflict. today’s world of stress, We without our knowledge inflict the poison of miseries into our personnel life. Yoga should be simplified which should help the common man to develop the spiritual growth, without inflicting religous frocity.

  6. Lola
    Lola says:

    Hi Anmol, this is a great article. At first, I thought “a test?!” and immediately wondered how does one develop a test to measure spiritual progress? But here you have done it, clearly. Even before reading this article, I would do this. I always notice when my anger/passion/jealousy is moved by a certain person or thing, and I know as soon as I feel/see these emotions, there is spiritual work to be done. Thank you for sharing your insights. I also want to share spiritual knowledge so we may all grow, evolve, and love one another, bringing harmony to our planet. Namaste.

    ps: please follow me on Facebook and my blog: http://www.dakinisbliss.com and http://www.facebook.com/dakinisblissyoga. Also twitter @DakiniLola. thank you.

  7. salma shah
    salma shah says:

    Hiya, Am so glad Trups led me to your website….amazing. Love the writeups ..especially this particular one….keep up the great work.

  8. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Hira,

    Glad you are enjoying the website. Yes these are signs of Kunalini and energy pathways clearing up. Please don’t overdo your meditation practice and please ensure you are doing physical yoga to stay healthy and fit, to handle such changes.



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