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It’s time to present the daily yoga exercises for February and this month I am going to expand this “Yoga Asana for the Month” concept, and include a Meditation for the month, as well as a Yoga Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) for the month. 

We started this new idea in August of last year and below are the yoga exercises we have practiced so far.   Essentially, the idea is for all of us to include some great exercises and techniques into our daily practice and then to report back our thoughts and feedback regarding them throughout the month.  The goal is to learn from each other, develop our ability to do these techniques better and enjoy the benefits that daily practice brings.

Heal that Back

The feedback I have received is that this has been a useful idea so far and minimally what it does is give you some techniques to do in case you have drifted away from a regular practice.  So, if you have a thriving daily practice then you can include these techniques into your practice, but if you don’t have an established daily yoga routine, then use these exercises to jump start your practice.  In either case, feel free to report back your feedback in the comments section below so we can all learn from each other. 

August:        Learn Yoga | Nauk Asana for the Month (Abs)

September:  Yoga Pose for Thighs – Frog Pose (Thighs/Butt)

October:      Important Hatha Yoga Posture for Healing – Forward Bend (Thighs/Buttocks)

November:   Yoga to Work on Your Aura (Aura and Magnetic Field)

December:   Kundalini Yoga Exercise for Emotional Health – Cat-Cow  (Back and Emotional Balance)

Daily Yoga Exercise for February:

I have been trying to pick the best yoga exercises for a wide range of improvements, so that you can get to experience many different types of yoga exercises.  These exercises are from the schools of Kundalini Yoga as well as Hatha Yoga and for this month I am going to suggest we all practice Cobra Pose together.

Yoga Cobra Exercise for Daily Practice:

Here is the link to the chapter with all the details about Cobra Pose: Cobra Pose for Healthy Back.  Also check out the article on how to do Cobra Pushups, which is a little more advanced: Simple Yoga for Upper Body Training.

Cobra is a great yoga pose and exercise and it is excellent for your arms, shoulder, chest and back muscles.  In addition, it is very good for your digestive system and opening up your Heart Center.  There are many more important benefits for this pose and you will find them in the article I have linked to above.

Cobra Pose Practice Tips:

There are 2 variations on how you can practice this great pose.  You can come into cobra, with straight elbows or bent elbows, and hold the posture, or you can go up and down in cobra pose (cobra push-ups).  Both are great ways to tone and develop your body, as well as massage your internal organs and glands.  So for this month let us practice Cobra Pose daily and report back any thoughts or comments.

Below are some illustrations of Cobra Exercise to help you do this pose correctly.


Yoga Cobra Exercise for Daily Practice (Straight Elbows) 

Yoga Cobra Pose for Daily Practice (Bent Elbows)


In the next part of this series I will give the Meditation Technique and Yoga Breathing Exercise (Pranayama) for daily practice in February.  Stay tuned for that…

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    Thx Anmol again great meditation. But I have a favor to ask, I watched few days ago how human growth hormone has great impact on gaining muscle AND LOSING FAT, but synthetic can cost up for 3500 Euros for men (100 days), so I was wondering have You any good exercise specifically for stimulating pituitary to release more hgh, Thank you.


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