Dangers of Kundalini Yoga

Dangers of Kundalini Yoga

Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous?

Dangers of Kundalini Awakening

Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous?  Ah yes, the question I get asked more and more as people learn about Kundalini Yoga is general or discover this website.  Kundalini Yoga is certainly a powerful science and if not approached with intelligence and respect it can produce some challenges and difficulties for the practitioners.  That is not meant to discourage you from taking up it’s practice, it is meant to help guide you so that you undertake Kundalini Yoga practice safely and thus, enjoy the enormous benefits that this form of yoga bestows (See Rapid Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Practice & Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga Practice for more details on the benefits of yoga).

Kundalini Yoga is favored over other forms of yoga, because of the rapid gains that can be made by those who practice it sincerely.  What this means in practical terms, is that Kundalini Yoga can more quickly purify your energetic channels, charge and balance your chakras (energy centers) and awaken in you greater and greater flow on kundalini shakti (energy), than other forms of yoga.  Thus, it is the fast track to spiritual growth and enlightenment.  This is great, but herein also lies the danger.  Improper Kundalini Yoga, coupled with incorrect lifestyle and preparation, can unleash more energy in you than you are ready for.

Dangers of Kundalini Yoga

This premature awakening of kundalini or excessive flow of shakti (energy), before the body is ready to handle it, is the danger with improper Kundalini Yoga practice, or with kundalini shakti in general.  The reasons for kundalini awakening are vast and varied, and sometimes have nothing to do with yoga practice at all.  You can read about the difficulties that sometimes arise with such kundalini awakening in the popular article Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening

Ideally, you want kundalini to awaken as per your body’s capacity to handle her and to that end, there is no better approach to preparing the body than intelligent yoga practice, and specifically intelligent Kundalini Yoga practice.

So what is intelligent Kundalini Yoga practice and how do we go about awakening kundalini safely and wisely?  In many articles on this blog I have provided such important safety guidelines and in this article I would like to put all that wisdom together so that it’s easily accessible for all who are interested. 

Below are these important guidelines to help you minimize the danger of premature kundalini awakening and thus, avoid the problems that this condition can sometimes cause.

Guidelines for Safe Kundalini Yoga Practice:

1. Don’t Over Strain:

This is rule number one for minimizing the danger of premature kundalini awakening by ensuring you are not going further than what your body is ready for.  This applies to the practice of all forms of yoga.  Weather you are doing yoga breathing exercises (pranayama), yoga poses (asans) or kundalini yoga sets (kriyas), you should not push excessively.  Of course some challenge is good, but you are looking to develop your capacity systematically, so keep that in mind and aim for steady progress.  Remember, the turtle beat the hare.

Two more important safety notes when it comes to doing your Kundalini Yoga practice.  First, be sure to warm up before doing any difficult kriyas (sets) or asanas (postures).  Second, be sure to work around injuries and use modifications for advanced poses whenever necessary. 

2. Don’t Do Excessive Chakra Meditations:

I constantly have yogis reaching out to me, both online and at my studio, who have focused exclusively on Chakra Meditations and thus, created imbalances for themselves.  I have given some powerful Chakra Meditation techniques in the following 2 articles, The Top 3 Chakra Meditation Techniques and the very popular AUM Mantra Meditation for Opening the Third Eye Chakra, and although, I expect you to learn and use these techniques, I have advised that they should not be the only focus of your Kundalini Yoga practice.

Chakra Meditation techniques, directly stimulate and open the chakra points, which then creates the greater flow of kundalini to take place in the respective regions.  The danger of course, is if the nerves, glands, organs, psychic pathways (nadis), etc, are not strong enough to handle this flow. As thhen it can create imbalances and issues for you.  So the advice is to practice such direct techniques only after you have sufficiently developed your level of fitness, health and strength of internal systems.  This of course you can accomplish by practicing Kundalini Yoga Kriyas Sets, Hatha Yoga Asanas and/or Yoga Breathing Exercises (Pranayamas), regularly and sincerely.

3. Danger of Using Drugs:

Unless you are a wandering naked sadhu (Naga Yogi) or a developed Aghori (see article Nude Yoga Exposed), it is very unlikely you are a master of how to use narcotics.  The techniques of how to prepare, mix and use narcotics (and certain rare herbs) for awakening kundalini, is still held in great secrecy and if you want to learn this alchemy, you are going to have to take a trip to India and get initiated.  There are other ancient religions that also know some of these secrets (like the varied use of tobacco by the American Indians, etc.), but most of that knowledge is also not easily available.  So, I suggest you just stay away from drugs all-together.

Besides recreational drugs and tobacco, even alcohol, which has a strong affect on kundalini can be dangerous to a practicing yogi and therefore, should be approached with care.  Overall, I am not an advocate of the use of chemicals to facilitate kundalini awakening as more often than not, the end result of such attempts is bad.

4. Get Healthy First:

Before jumping into any advanced Kundalini Yoga practice, you should first try to heal yourself from any serious diseases or illnesses.  Of course, yoga itself is very helpful in this matter, but what I am saying here is that you should not jump ahead to doing advanced yoga if you are suffering from serious health issues.  Resolving the health issues should be a priority and during this healing phase, only use gentle yoga techniques instead.  This will minimize the danger of complicating your health issues with kundalini imbalances.

In addition to practicing gentle yoga to help heal yourself, you should employ Ayurvedic treatments as well.  Ayurveda is the ancient science of health and healing, and goes hand in hand with Kundalini Yoga practice.  You can get more information on Ayurveda via the following links: Introduction to Ayurveda – The Science of Self-Healing and Ayurveda Category Articles

You will find Ayurveda to be an invaluable resource on the path to enlightenment and healthy living.  It will not only help you achieve optimum physical health, but will also help you find emotional and mental balance, both of which are also prerequisites to advanced Kundalini Yoga practice.

5. Make Time & Space:

Kundalini awakening is not a predicable process.  It affects each of us differently and it is advisable to give yourself time and space to allow this process to run it’s course when required.  I am not suggesting here that you need to join an ashram, but I am saying that if you have awakened kundalini, then there will be times you need to just rest, relax and be alone.  By not providing such down times, you increase the danger of imbalances as kundalini is not able to complete the work she is doing within you.

6. Attitude of Gratitude & Prayer:

Don’t underestimate the value of right attitude when it comes to eliminating the danger that kundalini shakti can pose as she awakens.  It is perhaps the best tool at your disposal, to help you make safe and graceful progress on the path of full kundalini awakening.  Be respectful, appreciative, devoted and humble and the great Shakti, as well as the Universe, will cooperate with you.  Here is a nice vedic mantra to express your love and devotion, but feel free to use your own methods as well:  Greatest Vedic Mantra to Express Gratitude.

In addition, before doing your Kundalini Yoga practice always start by asking for protection, guidance and inspiration.  This ensures you are approaching these cosmic forces with the correct state of mind and heart.  Here are 2 articles detailing how to do this: AUM Mantra Video for Starting Kundalini Yoga Class & Can a Guru Help with Enlightenment.

Summary of Danger of Kundalini Yoga Practice:


Life is dangerous.  There is no getting around it.  You can, if you wish, hide in a cave and play it safe until Yama Raj (Lord of Death) comes knocking, or you can choose to embrace the adventure.  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice are doors to infinity and they are an exploration of the unknown.  In fact, they finally take you to the doorway to the Great Void, at which point knowledge and mind end, and to enter requires the faith and courage to just let go. 

Kundalini Shakti is the wave you ride on this journey to the beyond.  There are certainly dangers on the way, but if you follow the guidelines above it will go along way in making your journey safer and smoother.  My best wishes are always with you.

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  1. anne
    anne says:

    I tried kundalini nostril breathing at a conscious camp (ie no drugs or alcohol, vegan food). I knew nothing about it, and just expected it to be relaxing. Soon unto it I started tripping…and it scared me! We were told to keep our eyes closed, and I tried to go with the flow, sticking with it to the end. I saw egyptian pyramids, eyes, snakes and then it was like i ws moving forward down a long road or wide tunnel and faces all looking at me. ..one after another, loads of them. Creepy. I felt i had been ‘seen’ by so many faces and I didnt like it. What the hell happened??? I privately told the class instructor afterward, and she just gave me a big smile like a cheshire cat… she gave me no answers. I wish someone could tell me because ever since then i have hever been the same. I tell yiu what..i dont trust yoga now one bit! No idea what i opened or connected with…. and it felt evil

    • Monica
      Monica says:

      You always have to follow your intuition. You were right, it was evil reaching out to you! Watch out. I would suggest you never practicing this again and to learn more about the teachings of Gid and his son jesus. So many people are looking for answers for their unhappiness, etc. All you have to do is follow Gid’s teachings! Simple as that!

  2. Jon
    Jon says:

    I done kundalini yoga for a while then seen jesus the si guru nammak dev the elephant god with 8 arms smoking a pipe and i thougt i was a t rex diono saur after i took acid and 2 cb at a desert rave then smoked dmt and my spirit almost left my body :) :) then seen the devil and god at once ahah with the eye of ra

  3. Frenzy D
    Frenzy D says:

    Hello Sir,

    Is there any way to consult you or the teachers if we have to know which kind of meditation is appropriate as per the persons mental health. Basically i just want consultation with regards to meditation.

  4. Rajesh
    Rajesh says:

    That’s a very interesting article, but i’m not really sure about my opinion because i think yoga is very good but sure you have te be careful in order to not get hurt.

  5. Pete
    Pete says:

    I have been doing Sahaja, (kundalini) meditation for 5 years, and during that time, a curious side affect, is that, my penis has ‘curled’ upwards …. it is not painful, in any way … but I’m hesitant to engage in sexual intercourse …. it doesn’t overly concern me, I’m 67 years old, but I’m wondering if this is ‘normal’?? …. Otherwise, the benefits of my daily meditations are many and fulfilling, i,e, an increased and deeper, inner/outer awareness, with some precognition, artistic creativety, good/lucid, dream recall, and a good sense of general wellbeing, ect, ect … Q- Are you able to advise me regarding, the penis issue ??

  6. ramarao sadhu
    ramarao sadhu says:

    i had 31years expearyans of kundalini yoga,once hu reach the sahasrara they can becom superpowerfullman/women ,they can know past, present, futer .godess kundalinisakti gives training toreach the god,

  7. Evie
    Evie says:

    I am new to yoga and I tried Kundalini Yoga on several occasions. While I did enjoy it for the most part, I also felt like I was going a bit crazy and had to stop. I felt really grounded and centered, but I noticed that after the first time I was being visited by spirits that were not my guides. I was having really intense dreams, and having really profound and intense spiritual experiences that I wasn’t quite ready for as this point in my life. Has anyone else experienced this? I read that some people practice this everyday. How do these people do it without going completely mental? I’m gonna try other forms of yoga, and leave the kundalini for the monks who dwell on the mountains of tibet.

  8. Secrets of Kundalini Yoga
    Secrets of Kundalini Yoga says:

    Kundalini literally means “coiled” and is represented by a metaphorical coiled snake at the base of your spine. The purpose of Kundalini practice is to uncoil your snake and release that energy within. Health, strength, fitness and overall happiness benefits are included.

  9. Zen
    Zen says:

    Hi Lightning, is your friend very stubborn and get attached to things easily. I think she needs to learn how to let go. Kundalini forces you to face the truth and if you can’t face it, you will go crazy. I think she has been fighting with her ego but she lost so she ended up crazy.

  10. Lightning
    Lightning says:

    Hi, a friend of mine who experienced kundalini lost control and ended up in the mental hospital. Is there any way to save her?

    • Beoz
      Beoz says:

      Hello, this is an old post but If this message anyhow gets to you, I would like to know if you found any solution ? And what happened with youre friend?
      I am asking because my unt got in the same trouvle, still not in mental hospital, but he is not far from it

  11. don smith
    don smith says:

    I am 60 years old ,am going to start yoga and mediaton for beginers in the morning. will let you know how its going after I establish a routine,this may take awhile former smoker and not in real good physical condition.may take awhile to see progress.

  12. Elle
    Elle says:

    Things like this make me worry sometimes and confuse me. You see, I’m am spiritually awakening and while I’m enjoying it, I’m not sure about Kundalini. I am overweight right now and not physically fit at all (I am making an effort to change that though) so I worry about Kundalini Yoga for myself just because I worry that I’m not ready for Kundalini to start rising. Will she rise on her own when I’m ready? Do the asanas prepare the body for her or do they directly stimulate her? What else should I do to prepare?

  13. walter
    walter says:

    i have experienced a white light filling my entire chest and running into my arms and abdomen. i can send chills and white light up and in my spine on command. i do not practice yoga. can you give me information about this and your opinion, thanks doctor walter

  14. Ramesh
    Ramesh says:

    Happy Moments..
    If you keep searching for the unknown,better sit alone and touch with your silence.you will probably get the solution for all the questions which lies in your mind.

  15. baag
    baag says:

    Yoga is dangerous, in a way, gurus controls adepts w/ 3 kinds of different stuff-
    – w/ an entity connected inthe back of the spine (toallow the connection w/ the guru), but in fact, to avoid the adept toevolve and become liberated. THis kind of technics exist since more than 4000 years, It was working w/ some races, but this does not work for people from western societies. Beware
    – w/ mind injonctions. There are some subliminal sentencs. That’s why , when indians gurus know immediatly the failure of someone, they are able to abuse of the sef freedom of the people
    – byegregore, that means, a collective spirit is around a guru, to push people always think their master isa true and liberated one. In fact, most of gurus are there only to win money. very often, they move in USA, becoz, they got a bad reputation in their own village, and of course, in USA, there do notpay TAXES!

    Gurus, all bastards, Beware


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