The Great Cosmic Joke – Insights from Deep Meditation Practice

Realizations from Deep Meditation Practice

The Great Cosmic Joke

In this ongoing series on Insights from Advanced Meditation Practice, I am sharing the realizations which occur with the practice of the Silent Mind Meditation Technique, Gyan Yoga or Zen Meditation.  The insights are the notes that I put down after any such deep meditation session, and their content is a reflection of that which was realized when encountering certain states of consciousness or perceiving directly the facts of our internal reality.

These entries tend to be very direct and uncompromising, and are unedited in order to preserve the impact and state of mind which produced the message.

Here is the one such entry after a deep meditation session.  I called it, The Great Cosmic Joke.

The Great Cosmic Joke

The Great Cosmic Joke:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your life.  This is absolutely nothing for you to do.  What you feel is important is irrelevant – your mind and you are irrelevant.  The pursuit is stupid.  The content of the pursuit is irrelevant.  The movement is just an interference.  You cannot achieve anything from it.  It cannot take you anywhere, it is not going to solve anything, it is not going to deliver you to the promised land.  It is only, as mentioned, an interference, a vibration.

All your so called effort is a huge, big, hilarious, JOKE.  There was never any need to do anything- in fact by creating “something to do” you have created a problem.  Nothing you do is important in ANY way. 

One had better develop a sense of humor or one will lose one’s sanity.

Analysis of The Great Cosmic Joke:

This insight is very similar to the famous saying from Gangaji, which goes something like, “Stop doing what you think you need to do, to get where you think you need to go.” 

The whole problem is that we think we are doing something important, which is going to make our life better.  We buy into this goal in a big way, make it personal, attach to it and pursue it like mad… at what expense?  At the expense of our real life.

In deep meditation, during enlightened phases in our lives or during certain spiritual experiences (example: The Time I Met God – Good News and Bad News) the inherent perfection of the moment is realized and a much needed break from the endless chase takes place.  In those moments, at those times, one is just at complete ease… with everything.  The senseless pursuit ends.

One final note about this great cosmic joke, is the need for us to be able to laugh at our predicament.  Everything is perfect, but our ego just doesn’t get that and so creates a problem with wanting something different (more).  It’s very important to be able to laugh at this situation and have a sense of humor with regard to the antics of our ever seeking petty mind.  Getting judgmental is likely to get your depressed, or worse, land you in the psychiatric ward.  The universe is playing a joke, we might as well get the last laugh.


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5 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Karthik,

    Life is fabulous. The joke is that we create problems by thinking we need to do something more, until we realize that this sense of incompleteness is false.

    Interesting phase you are going though. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences with us.


  2. karthik
    karthik says:

    I don’t know if life is a big cosmic joke, I mean, it’s difficult to look at life that way. But I am getting to be sure of one thing(through my current life experience) – having expectations on life will only result in misery. In that sense, nothing matters, since you can always enjoy life irrespective of the state your life is currently at. And there will always be atleast one or two things in life that you can always go back to enjoy (e.g. a hobby or physical activity or sightseeing, etc). Anyway nice post, I didn’t comment on this post earlier since I haven’t really had the experience of “nothing matters” in my life but it seems like I am having one right now.


  3. shobha
    shobha says:

    You help people to get load off their back in this highly wired and competitive world.  It is a sense of relief to read your words.  It gives one permission to take it easy and let life be.  Thanks again and again for this amazing insight. 


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