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Free Tantra Yoga Video for Mastering Sex Energy

Free Tantra Video

Tantric Technique for Raising Sexual Energy

The tantra yoga exercise in this article is a video demonstration of the technique which is fully detailed in the article Tantric Technique for Raising Sexual Energy.  As you will notice in the comments section of that article, there were many yogis who had questions regarding this wonderful technique, which could only really by solved by making a video demonstration.  So here it is for all of you, a video instructing you on how to practice Sat Kriya step by step.

Let me briefly give you an overview of Sat Kriya here, and highlight some of it’s most important benefits.  Sat Kriya is a powerful tantric exercise to raise the vibration of your sexual energy so that it can be used for higher purposes.  It uses the “SAT NAM” seed mantra, which means True Identity, along with navel pulsations to coax Kundalini energy, which lies as pure potential at the base of the spine, to awaken and rise.  In addition, this technique works on all three of the lower chakras and helps brings them into balance and harmony.

Tantra Yoga

The three lower chakras, the Root Chakra, the Sex Chakra, and the Navel Chakra are often responsible for phobias and other such derangements, so  this technique is very helpful in helping one overcome such issues.  In addition, this tantric technique is excellent for solving sexual dysfunctions and reproductive problems.  And finally, by raising the vibration of sexual energy, it allows the body to use this concentrated form of energy for spiritual evolution.

This video will become part of the free online video libraries that we have here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga.  As Sat Kriya is a meditation technique, as well as a single Kundalini Yoga exercise, this video will be part of both, the Free Guided Meditation Videos for Daily Practice series, as well as the Free Yoga Exercise Videos.  Sat Kriya is already part of Free Online Yoga and Meditation Classes, and specifically it is part of the Free Online Tantra Yoga Sex Chakra Program.  


Once again please do refer to the main article on Sat Kriya to get all the details.  Also, one more important note is that there are going to be 3 videos for Sat Kriya.  The one below is the basic technique, in the next video I will teach how to do Sat Kriya with Maha Bandha (triple lock), and then finally in a final video I will teach an even more advanced version of this technique.  So be on the lookout for those videos as well.

Here are some quick highlights of what this video covers:

  • Demonstration of the right posture and mudra to take in order to practice Sat Kriya.
  • Discussion of how this Tantric Technique works.
  • Demonstration and detailed instructions on how to practice this exercise.  Including how to vocalize the SAT NAM mantra, and what rhythm to go at.

Learn it, enjoy it, master it & benefit from it .

Free Tantra Yoga Video for Mastering Sex Energy

Kundalini Yoga Sat Kriya Video – Part 1

YouTube Direct Link –> Tantric Yoga Video for Sexual Health

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