Flowering of Goodness

Jiddu Krishnamurti On the Flowering of Goodness

Jiddu Krishnamurti On Being Good

It has been some time since I added to this series, which I think, at minimum, is very valuable for the following 2 reasons:  It can be very inspiring and it can provide explosive insight.  Having said that let us explore the following quote for Master Meditator, Jiddu Krishnamurti.

From:             Krishnamurti – The Wholeness of Life
Author:           J Krishnamurti
Chapter:         Part II – Chapter V – Pages 176-177
Published By:   HarperSanFrancisco

Quote From J. Krishnamurti:

Flowering of Goodness

“In consciousness there is the good and the bad; the bad is increasing; it is increasing because the good has become static, the good is not flowering.  One has accepted certain patterns of what is thought to be good and one lives according to those patterns.  So, the good, instead of flowering, is withering and thereby giving strength to the bad.  There is more violence, more hatred, there are more national and religious divisions; there is every form of antagonism, right through the world.  It is on the increase because the good is not flowering.  Now, be aware of this fact without any effort; the moment one makes effort one gives importance to the self, which is bad.  Just observe the actual fact of the bad without any effort, observe it without any choice — because choice is a distorting factor.  When one observes so openly, so freely, then the good begins to flower.  It is not that one pursues the good and thereby gives it strength to flower but when the bad, the evil, the ugly, is understood, completely, the other naturally flowers.”

This particular quote gives a very nice framework from which one can understand meditation and spiritual growth.  The essence here is that you cannot do anything more than master the Art of Observation.  Once you master this art, your progress is automatic.  Goodness is not sought, it just flows.  You job is simply to develop the ability to see without distortion.  That’s all.  See things exactly as they are through and through.  For this one must approach the fact without any bias or motive.  One must just simply look carefully.

Let’s try it right now.  Let’s not just discuss endlessly.  Close your eyes and look right now at the thoughts that are moving in your mind.  Without judgment, just observe what is going on.  See yourself making the effort to watch your thoughts.  See yourself getting lost for a few moments and then recovering and regaining attention.  See the desire to witness taking shape and being indulged in.  Guess what, goodness is starting to flow.  That’s right, awareness is the arch enemy of the “bad”.  Why?  Because it is the one thing you can do that does not feed it, and unfed, It starts to wither.  So the framework for spiritual growth is simple, either you attend and allow goodness to flower or you don’t and instead strengthen the “bad”.  The direction to go is a no-brainer.


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