Meditation for Success

Why Meditation Brings Success

The greatest key to success, regardless of which field you are in, is the ability to do the hard things when the moment demands it.  We all know in our hearts what needs to be done, the problem is that we are unwilling to do these difficult things in a timely manner and that then makes it impossible for us to succeed.  And this is where the practice of meditation is so incredibly beneficial.  

Meditation requires you to sit through physical pain, boredom, emotional trauma and anything else that comes up during your sessions.  This training, the strength to sit through and endure in the moment physical, mental or emotional distress, then translates into a super human ability to do what is necessary, regardless of how hard it is, when it is necessary.  This lays the foundation for success.

Anmol Gold Medal

As you sit through discomfort during meditation, the mind and body, learn that they cannot have their way all the time.  They learn that they are subject to intelligence and then when intelligence demands that something needs to be done, the mind and body don’t resist.  They become the tools they were meant to be and help facilitate what needs to done, instead of being obstacles in the way.

Meditation essentially breaks the pleasure/pain cycle which dictates most of our behavior.  Hard things are… well hard.  They are not easy, and are often painful or at best boring to do.  Whether that is exercising, studying, eating healthy, doing your chores, practicing your skills, or anything else not brimming with pleasure.  Meditation makes you able to do them with minimal resistance.  That then leads to success after success.  

In fact, you will soon realize, that results are not the ultimate measure of success, but being able to do the necessary things at the right time is success in itself.

If you have been avoiding doing hard things for a while and procrastination and laziness have taken hold, then it will take some time break out of this destructive pattern.  Our digital lifestyles with iPhones, social media, web browsing and endless streaming content has made it very easy to become dependent on constant stimulation, thus making it much harder to do boring or difficult things.  So to break this pattern, meditation is going to be critical.  In addition to meditation though there is one more tip I would like to share with you which has proven to be helpful as well in building up your inner strength.

Tip to Build Your Meditative Mind:

That tip is to start doing the little things that need to be done right away.  This can be as simple as putting away the dirty dish, taking your vitamins in time, getting up with your alarm, putting away the phone when in conversation, turning off the TV when its bedtime, just small things like this.  Do them right away, immediately when the moment demands.  Don’t think or delay.  So soon as the moment demands, just immediately do it.

This will start to break the unhealthy cycle of procrastination and you will start to build momentum.  This momentum coupled with meditation is a very powerful combination.  It attracts success.

How Long to Meditate:

Now you may ask, but how am I to meditate, when meditation itself is hard and I am not able to do hard things?  Isn’t that a catch 22.  To break the habit of laziness I need to meditate, but I am already too lazy to meditate :-).  The solution to this is to start small.

Don’t try to meditate for 1 hour straight.  Start with just 5 minutes.  Follow the general rule that you will meditate for 5 minutes more than you are comfortable doing.  Now you know why this is the rule in the first place.  It is so you practice and train your mind and body to endure some discomfort and develop your inner strength.  You train yourself to be “Ok” with whatever life brings.

So just start with 5 minutes and build up from there.  At 20 minutes meditation will start to transform you and then… sky’s the limit.  You will be able to rise to your highest potential in life.  You will be able to fulfill your destiny.

Meditations to Begin With:

As for which meditation to begin with, try the following….

Zen Meditation Technique

So Hum Meditation Technique

For Advanced Meditators try…

Silent Mind Meditation

PS: Yes that is a picture of me winning the Gold Medal at the 2022 National Senior Olympic Games in Pickleball.  Meditation does work :-).

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