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Yoga Works True Stories and Testimonials

It’s time to share with you all some of the great stories and feedback I get that clearly shows that yoga works!  In this inspiring edition of the yoga success stories series you will find evidence that yoga works on all dimensions of your being.  You will find testimonials ranging from emotional benefits, to physical healing, all the way to transcending ordinary reality and breaking through to the other side.  If you have any experiences or yoga success stories, please feel free to add them to the comments sections below, or email them to me and I will include them in the next edition of this series.

Yoga Success Stories

For the below testimonials I have also given a link to the yoga technique that was used to obtain the positive results.

Yoga Works to Bestow Wealth and Prosperity:

Wealth and Prosperity Meditation Technique

CEF writes:

I first did this technique back in december and wuz unemployed… sure enough with steady practice I actually acquired a job and favors from people I recently met, like everything wuz workin hand in hand and it wuz then I realized that this technique actually works. It is the patience and perseverance that will take u to that level, but over all my energy wuz boosted :).

Yoga Works to Bestow Joy, Strength and Meaning:

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya – Most Powerful Kundalini Yoga Technique

J Writes:

Hi Anmol

Thanks for all the love and light and guidance you have provided on the website. It has been such a beautiful presence in my life since I started kundalini about 10 months ago. What an amazing journey I have had. I feel like my life has become a technicolour dream of possibilities and joy and calm and love.

Im halfway through 40 days of SCK and like others mentioned I had a sort of depressing start. I was angry and hopeless and teary for about a week and got a head cold which made it difficult to do the breathing. I am feeling quite buoyant and strong now though, and after reading about all the experiences here I am inspired anew to keep going beyond the 40 days. Just wanted you to know it has really made a difference to have this resource. You are so patient!

Yoga Works to Bestow Peace and Serenity:

Vignesh says:

Hi anmol

I visited your website by chance last month through google search.. But I had an amazing experience here… Your website is a real treasure… thanks for doing such a selfless service..

I have been doing basic kundalini yoga exercises for past 3 weeks on a continual basis…I also started sodarsan chakra kriya last week… I did it continuously the 11 min version of it with 48 pumps per cycle for 7 days now…

It gives you amazing peace and serenity…


Yoga Works to Remove Negative Emotions and Stress:

Anger Management with Yoga Therapy

Anna Writes:

I had an argument w my husband and my back started hurting me, like  i’ve slept wrong and neck was stiff! its been for about 5-7 days and I figured out that its just a negative emotion stuck there, so I looked up some exercises and found the anger release exercise, so I figured -where u upset u become angry as well and I did it! it blew my mind, I still cannot believe it! I did it as it said 3 times and the pain was GONE!!!  The pain  that really bothered me for almost a week!!!! Thank You thank you thank you for this wonderful web site and that we can have solutions for our problems at the tips of our fingers and computer! (cause its hard to get for me to the class since I have 2 kids!).

Yoga Works to Heal the Body of Pain:

Yoga Spinal Twists for Lower Back

Anonymous Writes:

Thanks for giving us such a lot information on removing back pains. I had back pain since last 2 years but by doing these exercise now i am feeling much better and feels energized… Thanks a lot.

Yoga Works Towards Uniting You with Infinity:

Kundalni Yoga’s Highest Mantra Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Jesus Pose for Strength and Sacrifice

Daniel Says:

Thank you.  Your website has helped me to new steps in my personal development.  For 12 years I tried to meditate (ages 10-22) but was unable to do so.  I would force myself to concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of others, whether my breath or an image or a visualization or a sound, but, I could never “slip into” the moment and my attention was always divided between the act of focusing and what I was focusing on.  Occasionally, I would feel myself “slip” and experience fear of losing myself, and as soon as that fear arose, my focus would be lost. 

Two years ago, I stopped trying to force myself and instead would ask myself to experience something or to do something and learned to just “go with” whatever arose in my mind.  I can best describe it as commanded spontaneity.  I discovered your website and began to combine my favorite “command”–“attention to the sacred”–with focus on my chakras. I soon had a variety of visualizations combined with physical feelings.  First concrete objects (a river of lava from the second chakra, etc), then wheels, light, and feelings of vibration.  Also a sense of detachment that I feared meant that I had not full “slipped into” this experience. 

My first full “in the moment” experience was while doing jesus pose – a wheel of light appeared between my arms with shadow figures jumping through it.  After that, I was more and more able to slip into the moment, until my consciousness of my body began to dissolve in vibrations, light, and sometimes clockwise, sometimes counter-clockwise, sometimes both at once, feelings/visualizations of circular motion. 

It was while doing your most recent Kirtan Kriya meditation that I experienced the power of mantras and mudras.  Not only did I slip very easily into a sense of the vibration and light, but each combination of sound and finger position produces immediate and distinct effects.  My mood also became more level, which I particularly valued after a period of stress.

I have not consciously embraced any particular spiritual tradition – but the positive effects of practicing (without thinking about) kundalini yoga have been beyond question.  Once again, my sincerest thanks for posting information and acting as a guide.

Yoga Works Summary:

So you can see from above, yoga can be a powerful tool for helping you with your personal and spiritual growth.  The stories above are meant as a source of inspiration and encouragement for you to build you own yoga practice.  If you have any yoga works stories, please do share them with us.

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