Powerful Meditation

Powerful Meditation for Making Money & Success

Meditation for Manifesting Money

Creating Wealth & Success

Recently, perhaps due to the recent economic downturn, I have received several requests from spiritual practitioners and businessmen on help on how to make money and achieve success during these difficult times.  For those interested, my general views on money and it’s role in spirituality can be found in the following 2 articles, Money Money Money & the Path to Enlightenment and The Role of Money, Pleasure & Career in Spirituality.  In this article, I will teach you a fundamental technique designed to help you manifest money, success, power or anything else that you deeply desire. 

Powerful MeditationOne final thought before jumping into the details of this beautiful technique, is that if your desire to make money is spiritually aligned, your chances of success increase greatly.  The article, 4 Key Laws for Manifesting Desire, will give you the framework for how this works and help you understand material and spiritual manifestation in general.

Meditation for Money & Success will be the 15th entry in our ongoing and popular Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-book.  As it is also considered a Kundalini Yoga Exercise, I will include it in the Free Illustrated Kundalini Yoga Poses E-Book as well.  Another powerful technique for manifesting money, wealth and more is the Infinite Energy & Prosperity Meditation Technique.

Meditation for Creating Money & Success:

Although this meditation is often used to help you manifest wealth, money, power and success, it certainly is not limited to just these material aspects of life.  This is a fundamental technique for helping you create your life just the way you would like it to be.  It can be used for restoring health, healing others, improving relationships, spiritual evolution or anything else you really want in your life.  In other words, this meditation is the key to unlocking the power of manifestation and visualization, and can help you create the Reality you want most.

Benefits of Meditation for Making Money, Success & More:

  1. Manifest your deepest desires.
  2. Help create money, success & power.
  3. Help with spiritual growth & enlightenment.
  4. Develop mind power and concentration.
  5. Promote peace & tranquility.

Cautions for Meditation for Success & Making Money:

  • Do not hold the eye position (Shambhavi Mudra) for longer than it is comfortable.  If the eyes tire, just release them and reapply the position when ready.

Meditation for Making Money & Success – Illustration

Money Making Meditation Technique Picture

Meditation for Making Money, Success & More:

  • Sit in any cross legged posture.  You can also do this meditation sitting on a chair if you prefer.
  • Bring your hands together in prayer pose as shown in the illustration above.  Now bring your hands up towards your forehead and let the middle thumb joint press lightly into the center of your forehead right between the eyebrows.
  • Turn your eyes upwards such that you are looking through this point of contact.  In other words your eyes are closed, but you are looking up and towards the center of your forehead (Shambhavi Mudra).  This is the location of the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) and is an important center which helps you manifest that which you visualize.  As indicated in the cautions section, if your eye tires, release this eye position and then reapply it when you feel ready.  Continue with the visualization though throughout the duration of the meditation.
  • Next bring your attention to your breathing and allow it to slow naturally.  Remain with your breath for at least the first 1 or 2 minutes before moving on the visualization portion of this technique.
  • As you feel your breath relax and slow down, you will find that your mind has become calmer and quieter as well.  At this point being to visualize the desire of your choice coming true.  If it is to make money or have other material success, visualize that happening.  Visualize yourself wealthy and rich.  If it is health you desire, visualize yourself healthy and fit.  If you are looking for spiritual transformation, visualize that taking place.  See yourself as a great Yogi or Zen Master.  The way I put it when I teach the class is, “Visualize your life exactly how you want it to be.”
  • Continue this meditation from 3 to 11 minutes.

Meditation for Making Money & Success Summary:

From a spiritual perspective money is looked upon as nothing more than another form of energy and the highest use of energy is for spiritual transformation.  If you feel that at this time in your life, you really need more money, then feel free to use this technique to help you manifest it, but eventually it is best to reach the point where your focus is aimed less at money, wealth, power, success, etc, and more at God instead.  Here’s to your success .

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  1. Sunitha
    Sunitha says:

    I have just started doing this mudra and noticed a kind of burning sensation in the left hand for the three fingers. I was not holding tight or pressing tight. Is this normal feeling or am i experiencing something more? Can you please explain?

  2. Chandra Kala
    Chandra Kala says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all those techniques with us…first of all I want to do yoga for the money making and Health….God is always before behind all those things…because without
    God bless ,….noting will sucessess…God is great…Thank you Lord who has carrying me of all the way of my creater path….First is God .after that wealth..Health and the success….Before i do something, anythig, My first step is always to pray for the God…so I pray for the wealth and health and the success,happiness and do greate things for others…Thank you….Want to join for the dissision.


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