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The Free Meditation Music MP3s is a on-going project and today I am delighted to add six new tracks to our collection, Awaken The Soul Sessions Six MP3s

The Higher Self Free Meditation Music

This is excellent music for relaxation and inspiration, and I would like to thank Vladimir Sabev for providing these MP3 to add to our free collection.  

Vladimar runs the great site The High Self, which offers an excellent collection of music for meditation, yoga, relaxation, awakening the soul and the road to enlightenment.  Each of these tracks is several minutes which gives you an hour in total of soul awakening sounds.

Meditation Music can be great for relaxing and stress reduction.  It can also be used as music therapy for self healing and, of course, can be very inspiring as it directs your mind and heart towards the sublime.  Below are some ways in which to use these MP3s to enhance your life and practice.

Meditation Music to Awaken the Soul:

Vladimir writes beautifully about the power of music to touch our souls.

“Of all the arts which serve our enjoyment, music is the loftiest. It brings us closer to truth than any other art. Music speaks a language which is universally acknowledged throughout the world.

When we try to understand this peculiar power which resides in music, we find that it is the most transient of all the others. The sounds which delight our ears have appeared suddenly out of the absolute silence which envelops the world and they disappear almost instantaneously into that same silence.

Music carries with it something of the divine power which lives in that great silence. It is an ambassador sent by God to remind us wandering mortals of our real home.”

Awaken Your Soul Part One – Six MP3s for Free:

You will find all the music MP3s currently available on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga listed on the following page, Free Meditation Music Downloads.  

I am continuing to provide more music for meditation and also music for yoga.  If you are a musician and would like to help us expand our collection, please go ahead and email me at

Please go ahead and download the MP3 using the link below.  To download, simply right click the link and choose “Save As…” or “Save Link As…”, depending on your browser.  Please don’t play the track directly from the link repeatedly, as that will consume my bandwidth and slow down the website :-).  Thanks!

Awaken Your Soul Meditation Music

Awaken Your Soul Part One – Six MP3s Download (Zipped File)

(Please note the MP3 is 73MB, so it might take a few minutes to download)

Once again, thanks to Vladimir for providing this great mp3 for meditation, and do visit his site, Awaken Your Soul, to check out the other great tracks he has there.  


You will find another great mp3 to download free for meditation and yoga in the following article: Free Downloadable Meditation Music for Relaxation | Gayatri MP3.

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